Apr 6, 2015

While Swords Rattle Over Ukraine, Russia and U.S. to Cooperate on a New Space Station

So what's wrong with this picture?  The U.S. is ready to go to war with Russia (or at least that's what mainstream news is telling us) over the Ukraine, but is also publicly planning not only a new joint-venture space station, but new standards agreed on by both countries for engineering standards on all space craft so their parts will be inter-changeable.  So which story is the lie?  The space station cooperation, or the desire to go to war over the poor Ukrainians?  They can't both be true, can they?


For anyone following the story of Russian-American relations lately, one would have to be almost wilfully blind or ignorant not to see them. Here's the story, as reported by RT:

Russia & US agree to build new space station after ISS, work on joint Mars project

Note that Roscosmos head, Igor Komarov, gave a press conference at the center of the Russian space program, the Baikonur Cosmodrome, and stated that not only would the USA and Russia be cooperating on the construction of a new space station when the current one is retired, but even more importantly, that:
"The two agencies will be unifying their standards and systems of manned space programs, according to Komarov. “This is very important to future missions and stations.”
(Emphasis in the original).
NASA head James Bolden, according to the article, not only corroborated this news, but indicated that the area of cooperation and adopting a uniform standard protocols of missions had specific things in mind:
"Roscosmos and NASA are working with each other and other partners on a global roadmap of space exploration, Bolden said. “Our area of cooperation will be Mars. We are discussing how best to use the resources, the finance, we are setting time frames and distributing efforts in order to avoid duplication.”
(Emphasis in the original)
Additionally, the article goes on to note that Bolden indicated the expansion of the private exploration - read commercialization - of space is also on the long-term NASA agenda.

So what are we possibly looking at here, in terms of the High Octane Speculation of the day?

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