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The Doctrine of Rewards: The Judgment Seat (Bema) of Christ

One of the prominent doctrines of the New Testament is the Doctrine of Rewards and the Judgment Seat of Christ. It is a doctrine often ignored or, when taught, it is misrepresented because of the term “judgment” that is used in translating the Greek text. Commenting on this Samuel Hoyt writes:
Within the church today there exists considerable confusion and debate regarding the exact nature of the examination at the judgment seat of Christ. The expression “the judgment seat of Christ” in the English Bible has tended to cause some to draw the wrong conclusion about the nature and purpose of this evaluation. A common misconception which arises from this English translation is that God will mete out a just retribution for sins in the believer’s life, and some measure of retributive punishment for sins will result.1
As it will be shown below, though it is tremendously serious with eternal ramifications, the judgment seat of Christ is not a place and time when the Lord will mete out punishment for sins committed by the child of God. Rather, it is a place where rewards will be given or lost depending on how one has used his or her life for the Lord.
In 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20, the Apostle Paul drew courage and was motivated by the fact of rewards at the return of the Lord for the church which he mentions in every chapter in this epistle and becomes the primary subject of 2 Thessalonians. The Lord’s return and what this means not only to the world but to us individually is a very prominent subject of the New Testament.
It is significant that among the final words of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, we find these words of the Lord:
Rev. 22:12 Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done.
While salvation is a gift, there are rewards given for faithfulness in the Christian life and loss of rewards for unfaithfulness. Rewards become one of the great motives of the Christian’s life or should. But we need to understand the nature of these rewards to understand the nature of the motivation. Some people are troubled by the doctrine of rewards because this seems to suggest “merit” instead of “grace,” and because, it is pointed out, we should only serve the Lord out of love and for God’s glory.
Of course we should serve the Lord out of love and for God’s glory, and understanding the nature of rewards will help us do that. But the fact still remains that the Bible promises us rewards. God gives us salvation. It is a gift through faith, but He rewards us for good works. God graciously supplies the means by which we may serve Him. Indeed, He works in us both to will and to do as we volitionally appropriate His grace (Phil. 2:12-13), but the decision to serve, and the diligence employed in doing so, are our responsibility and our contribution and God sees this as rewardable. Compare the following passages:
1 Corinthians 15:10 But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me did not prove vain; but I labored even more than all of them, yet not I, but the grace of God with me.
Colossians 1:29 And for this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me.

The Meaning of the
Judgment (Bema) Seat

Both Romans 14:10 and 2 Corinthians 5:9 speak of the “judgment seat.” This is a translation of one Greek word, the word bema. While bema is used in the gospels and Acts of the raised platform where a Roman magistrate or ruler sat to make decisions and pass sentence (Matt. 27:19; John 19:13), its use in the epistles by Paul, because of his many allusions to the Greek athletic contests, is more in keeping with its original use among the Greeks.
This word was taken from Isthmian games where the contestants would compete for the prize under the careful scrutiny of judges who would make sure that every rule of the contest was obeyed (cf. 2 Tim. 2:5). The victor of a given event who participated according to the rules was led by the judge to the platform called the Bema. There the laurel wreath was placed on his head as a symbol of victory (cf. 1 Cor. 9:24-25).
In all of these passages, “Paul was picturing the believer as a competitor in a spiritual contest. As the victorious Grecian athlete appeared before the Bema to receive his perishable award, so the Christian will appear before Christ’s Bema to receive his imperishable award. The judge at the Bema bestowed rewards to the victors. He did not whip the losers.2 We might add, neither did he sentence them to hard labor.
In other words, it is a reward seat and portrays a time of rewards or loss of rewards following examination, but it is not a time of punishment where believers are judged for their sins. Such would be inconsistent with the finished work of Christ on the Cross because He totally paid the penalty for our sins. Chafer and Walvoord have an excellent word on this view:
With reference to sin, Scripture teaches that the child of God under grace shall not come into judgment (John 3:18; 5:24; 6:37; Rom. 5:1; 8:1; 1 Cor. 11:32); in his standing before God, and on the ground that the penalty for all sin—past, present, and future (Col. 2:13)—has been borne by Christ as the perfect Substitute, the believer is not only placed beyond condemnation, but being in Christ is accepted in the perfection of Christ (1 Cor. 1:30; Eph. 1:6; Col. 2:10; Heb. 10:14) and loved of God as Christ is loved (John 17:23).3
Again, Chafer writes concerning the Bema, “It cannot be too strongly emphasized that the judgment is unrelated to the problem of sin, that it is more for the bestowing of rewards than the rejection of failure.”4

The Time of the Bema

This event will occur immediately following the rapture or resurrection of the church after it is caught up to be with the Lord in the air as described in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.
Arguments in support of this view:
(1) In Luke 14:12-14, reward is associated with the resurrection and the rapture is when the church is resurrected.
(2) In Revelation 19:8, when the Lord returns with His bride at the end of the tribulation, she is seen already rewarded. Her reward is described as fine linen, the righteous acts of the saints—undoubtedly the result of rewards.
(3) In 2 Timothy 4:8 and 1 Corinthians 4:5, rewards are associated with “that day” and with the Lord’s coming. Again, for the church this means the event of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.
So the order of events will be (a) the rapture which includes our glorification or resurrection bodies, (b) exaltation into the heavens with the Lord, (c) examination before the Bema, and (d) compensation or rewards.

Officials Warn Ebola Crisis 'Unprecedented In Modern Times'
On Tuesday, President Barack Obama is expected to announce that he will be sending 3,000 U.S. military personnel to Liberia in an attempt to help stem the growing Ebola crisis that has already claimed thousands of lives and decimated entire communities in west Africa.

However, public health officials say that the response may amount to 'too little, too late' as new estimates reveal potentially hundreds of thousands may be infected by the end of the year. As the delay in action by the international community has caused the virus to completely overtake the capacity of the public health systems in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, officials warn that the crisis has grown to a level "unparalleled in modern times."

"The nature of response is so far behind the virus, so far behind the scale of need, that it's almost impossible to quantify how we really do need to respond," Laurie Garrett, senior fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations, told Democracy Now! on Monday. As Garrett explains, local hospitals are so completely overfull that "people are literally dying on the sidewalks and in the dirt roads outside the hospitals."

Because of this, she says, most of the people who contract the disease are being treated at home, causing the disease to spread exponentially. She estimates that total number of those infected may be threefold official estimates, and are likely "in the neighborhood of 12,000 to 15,000 cumulative cases."

According to the World Health Organization's latest figures, 2,461 have been killed and 4,985 diagnosed with the deadly virus.

"We either find a way to mobilize on a scale unprecedented in modern time for epidemic response," Garrett continued, "or we will be looking at something like a quarter-million cases by Christmas."

Demonic Event: Man Hit By Truck Sets Himself On Fire

I think this does indeed qualify as the behavior of one who is demonized....


A man hit by a Simi-Truck gets up drinks gas and set's himself on fire also also

B vitamins, your mental health & your wellbeing

(NaturalNews) B vitamins are essential to many functions of the body. They aid in breaking down simple carbohydrates into glucose, the fuel for the brain and the body. They help manufacture new red blood cells and help them carry iron and create hemoglobin. And although these functions are vital to life, the most dramatic benefits of B vitamins are seen in relation to the brain and nervous system.

Deficiencies in B vitamins run the gamut from simple fatigue all the way to death. In between these extremes lie a host of symptoms and diseases including many mental health issues from depression, anxiety, mood swings, and irritability to paranoia, dementia, delusions, and psychosis.

B vitamins help you sleep, calm you down, help you think, and improve your mood.

How to improve mood and mental health with B vitamins

If you are dealing with any of these issues, diet is the first solution. B vitamins in their natural form are destroyed by processing foods. There is no place for processed foods in a truly healthy diet. Processed foods are generally filled with trans fats, GMOs, sugar or high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. If you are dealing with any mental health issue, a clean, healthy diet is the first and most important treatment.

Clean out your cupboard, your pantry, and your freezer. Get rid of your processed foods. Buy real food and buy organic as much as possible. All of your meat should be organic. When you are eating at the top of the food chain, you are ingesting the product of that animal's diet. If the cow was raised on GMO feed, do you really want to eat it? Also, avoid all farm raised fish. Their feed is garbage as well. Animal protein is the only food source for B12, which is vital for the brain and nervous system. Make sure you buy food that is top quality, not from tortured animals raised on adulterated foods and antibiotics.

Fill your refrigerator and pantry with raw, organic fruits and vegetables. Beans and lentils are high in B vitamins. Grains must be whole. White rice, for instance, has had the outer layer removed--the outer layer filled with B vitamins.

Too often we rely on few foods, our favorites, to make up our diet. Experiment. Broaden your horizons and include new, nutrient dense foods. Eighty percent of your diet should consist of raw, organic, fruits and vegetables. This means eating one big salad a day with as many different veggies as you can cram into it or you can snack on lots of cut up veggies. Green smoothies are good, too, as long as they do not replace whole foods. You need the fiber for digestion and for promoting healthy bacteria in the gut.

B vitamins are water soluble, which means we do not store them in our fat tissues the way we store fat soluble vitamins. B12 is the only exception; it is stored in the liver. Since we do not store the other B vitamins, we need to eat good sources of B vitamins each day.

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Now we come to vaccines and depopulation experiments

by Jon Rappoport
“When the State offers and even insists on giving everybody something, you know you’re in trouble. Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Leaving the individual out of the equation. Treating the population like a single Blob.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
Before we get to vaccines, I want to give you a quote about fluorides, just to set the stage.
Stan Freni is a researcher who, in 1994, wrote a paper about fluorides, the substances in many toothpastes, also pumped intentionally into the drinking water of many communities and cities.
Funny thing is, Stan Freni wrote his paper as an employee for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The title of the paper is “Exposure to High Fluoride Concentrations in Drinking Water is Associated With Decreased Birth Rates.”
It was published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health (v.42, pp.109-121, 1994). Freni writes:
“A US database of drinking water systems was used to identify index counties with water systems reporting fluoride levels of at least 3ppm (parts per million)…the annual total fertility rate (TFR) for women in the age range 10-49 yr. was calculated for the period 1970-1988…Most regions showed an association of decreasing TFR with increasing fluoride levels.”
Increasing fluoride levels, lower fertility rates. Depopulation here in the US, right in your water.
So don’t imagine depopulation is an esoteric subject.

Let’s move on.
You have to understand that every promoted so-called “pandemic” is an extended sales pitch for vaccines.
And not just a vaccine against the “killer germ” of the moment. We’re talking about a psyop to condition the population to vaccines in general.
There is much available literature on vaccines used for depopulation experiments. The research is ongoing. Undoubtedly, we only know a fraction of what is happening behind closed laboratory doors.
Depopulation has several objectives. Along one vector, it is an elite strategy designed to get rid of large numbers of people, in key areas of the world, where local revolutions would interfere with outside corporations staging a complete takeover of fertile land and rich natural resources.

An astonishing journal paper. November, 1993. FASEB Journal, volume 7, pp.1381-1385. Authors—Stephan Dirnhofer et al. Dirnhofer was a member of the Institute for Biomedical Aging Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
A quote from the paper: “Our study provides insights into possible modes of action of the birth control vaccine promoted by the Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines of the WHO (World Health Organization).”
A birth control vaccine?
A vaccine whose purpose is to achieve non-pregnancy where it ordinarily could occur. This particular vaccine was apparently just one of several anti-fertility vaccines the Task Force was promoting.
Yes. There is a Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines at WHO. This journal paper focuses on a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin B (hCG). There is a heading in the FASEB paper (p.1382) called “Ability of antibodies to neutralize the biological activity of hCG.” The authors are trying to discover whether a state of non-fertility can be achieved by blocking the normal activity of hCG.

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Jesus' Resurrection: Basis of Our Hope | William Lane Craig

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In 2014 Dr William Lane Craig was approached by Flynn Larsen to speak on the resurrection of Jesus at his funeral. Flynn had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He wanted Dr Craig to speak on how Flynn's faith allowed him to face his impending death. Flynn was a part of Dr Craig's Defenders Class as well as a board member of Reasonable Faith.

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"Respiratory Virus 68" Spreading Among Children 21 States

Back in the day, this was called a "test" of the "system", a type of social experiment, usually done by someone on the government payroll as a way of exploring how their new capabilities would react on the public at large.  Best of all, these tests are done for free, no one is held to blame, and the medial tracks the cases for the government.  Welcome to the new world...


America has been hit with a dangerous respiratory virus 68 sending hundreds of young children to the hospital across America. also also

Hawking Warns About the Higgs: A Deeper Lurking Story?

Fascinating how mainstream science continually gives contradictory statements to the press, but no one calls them on it...


It seems that Stephen Hawking has crunched some numbers and concluded that at a certain threshold the Higgs boson could destroy…well…the entire universe:
Finding the ‘God’ particle could destroy the universe, warns Stephen Hawking
Now, fortunately, Professor Hawkings reassures us that no one has built a planetary-sized particle accelerator big enough to set this boson baking “big bang” into motion:
“The professor did add sarcastically, however, that such an event is unlikely in the near future.
“He said: ‘A particle accelerator that reaches 100bn GeV would be larger than Earth, and is unlikely to be funded in the present economic climate.’”
But there’s a problem here and I hope the reader will have caught it, for a few weeks ago I reported on another development in the wonderful world of fairy tale physics that some physicists have been dismayed over the results of the Large Hadron Collider experiments, and their inability to find not only the Higgs, but several other particles predicted by the theory.
In fact, you’ll recall that some physicists are upset enough that they are starting to propose even more radical theories, by removing dimensionality from their equations, particularly where length and gravity are concerned. Again, imagine removing the four-dimensional Einstein-Minkowski dimensional metric(measure) from General Relativity, or the Planck Length from quantum mechanics, and you get the idea of how radical some of these proposals really are. (see THE HUNT FOR THE HIGGS: REVIEWING THE STANDARD MODEL).
You’ll recall from that blog the following statements:
 “The new scale symmetry approach rewrites the beginning of that story. ‘The idea is that maybe even the Higgs mass is not really there,’ said Alessandro Strumia, a particle physicist at the University of Pisa in Italy. “It can be understood with some dynamics.”
“’The concept seems far-fetched, but it is garnering interest at a time of widespread soul-searching in the field. When the Large Hadron Collider at CERN Laboratory in Geneva closed down for upgrades in early 2013, its collisions had failed to yield any of dozens of particles that many theorists had included in their equations for more than 30 years. The grand flop suggests that researchers may have taken a wrong turn decades ago in their understanding of how to calculate the masses of particles.’”(Emphasis added)
Let’s go further back in LHC history to the period just before they “turned it on.” You’ll recall that some concern was voiced in Germany about the whole experiment, predicting similar dire consequences if they “turned it on.” The concerns were overridden of course, and the device was indeed turned on…
… then just as quickly turned off. We were told at the time that the LHC had experienced a rupture in one of the cooling wraps around the large magnets. At the time, I publicly expressed some doubts about this explanation (on George Ann Hughes’ The Byte Show) and proposed that the LHC scientists may have encountered some phenomenon that starkly challenged some of their assumptions, a view perhaps corroborated to some extent by the developments outlined in my blog THE HUNT FOR THE HIGGS: REVIEWING THE STANDARD MODEL.
So what do we have? It appears at the minimum we have an obfuscated story, one beginning with vaguely expressed misgivings prior to the LHC being activated(see for example If The Large Hadron Collider Produced A Microscopic Black Hole, It Probably Wouldn’t Matter, or an even more strange and bizarre list of pre-activation concerns here: German court rules that Large Hadron Collider cannot produce black holes, physics agrees), then quickly turned on, and then back off, and a story that is obfuscated thereafter: did they find the Higgs, or not? Some say yes, some say no, but even on a “yes’ interpretation, there remains the thorny problem that they have not found a lot of other things predicted by the standard model.
So hence my high octane speculation of the day. What if, for example, Professor Hawking’s threshold of Higgs instability is much lower? Or, as the THE HUNT FOR THE HIGGS: REVIEWING THE STANDARD MODEL story suggests, what if they discovered something (which they’re not yet talking about) which suggests to some scientists that the equations of their standard model need to be recast without things like “dimensionality” and metrics being a factor. What if the “tear” in the coolant mechanism in the LHC that was reported as the reason it was so quickly shut down after its initial activation was a tear of a very different sort? Then there was the strange case of the science fiction series Flash Forward which seems to have been based, in part, on these types of ideas. In the series, a large particle accelerator (and  in the book of the same title upon which the original series is based, precisely the LHC), is turned on, and the entire world population, with a few significant exceptions, blacks out for 137 seconds (fine structure constant enthusiasts take note!), causes chaos and upheaval around the planet, and most people jump forward in time while blacked out to see their future. The series – in this blogger’s opinion an entertaining one – was cancelled after only one year due to low ratings.
These are all “what ifs”… and huge ones at that. The bottom line for me is that the recent stories surrounding the LHC, the Higgs, and the new theories convince me that CERN has clamped a large veil of security over at least some aspects of what they’ve been finding. Either that, or the scientists involved in any degree are not entirely forthcoming, floating this balloon and that theory, while the real concerns may all be being quietly voiced by huddled heads over coffees in the cafeterias. And maybe we’ve been given some glimpses of the concerns from Hawkings et al.
There may be, in other words, a murkier story going on behind the scenes.

Birmingham Blast: Why Children?

Birmingham Blast: Why Children?
It was this day, Sunday, September 15, 1963. The place was 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The lesson for the day was, "The Love that Forgives," based on Matthew 5:43, 44. "You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." A prayer was to accompany the lesson: "Dear God, we are sorry for the times we were unkind."

The lesson would prove to be grimly appropriate. But it was never finished. At 9:22 A.M., before it could be completed, the church exploded.

Ten or fifteen sticks of dynamite planted under the back steps of the building erupted with terrific force. The explosion hurled yellow bricks through cars, shattered nearby businesses and smashed a fist of terror through the church. The rest rooms at the rear of the church absorbed the brunt of the blast. Nonetheless, the shock was sufficient to collapse the church rafters, shred pews and shatter windows. Members of this black congregation--wounded, bleeding, and blinded,--staggered into the street as rescue crews rushed to the scene. In place of hymns, screams and sobs and cries of protest filled the air.

An angry mob of blacks gathered. Black ministers called on them to pray for the men who had perpetrated this outrage. "We must have love in our hearts for these men." But the anguish and bitterness of the moment spoke louder. The mob began to pelt rescue workers and police with stones as they dug into the rubble. Police fired over the head of the crowd to disperse them. Once again hatred prevailed.

Birmingham was no stranger to bombings. Since World War II, fifty had been directed against blacks. But none of the previous bombers had struck against churches. Or targeted children.
Today, children were missing. Fears turned to stark reality as the wreckage was peeled aside from what had been the rest room. One man uncovered the remains of his own granddaughter. Torn and mangled bodies came to light: little bodies, the bodies of four girls.

Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins and Cynthia Wesley died. Seventeen other people were wounded. The death toll could have been much higher. Four hundred people were in the church at the time. Christ could only have grieved. He taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves, and yet the very churches built in his name were segregated and subject to mindless violence as men battled for political control of a race-crazed city. One reporter noted that Christ's head in a stained glass window was blown off.

Klansman Robert Chambliss was convicted of his part in the crime fourteen years after the blast. Two other conspirators, Tommy Blanton and Bobby Cherry were finally brought to justice in 2001 and 2002 respectively.

  1. News reports in Time, Newsweek and other news sources.
  2. Sikora, Frank. Until Justice Rolls Down. Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The University of Alabama Press, 1991.
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They That Dwell On Earth Shall Wonder... When They Behold The Beast That Was...

This is the first book I'm aware of from Mark Flynn, brother of the late Christian-research David Flynn. Having read and studied some of David Flynn's work, I found his research excellent and his ability to connect the dots and find the answers truly amazing. I hope Mark is able to come near that level in his work. The excerpts released so far are quite enticing...

What is the nature of the intelligence behind the controlling power structure of the earth? How and for what purpose does it manipulate world commerce, currency and foment war? The subtle but formerly missing pieces of information gathered along the path that answers these questions will surprise many.
Winston Churchill said, “History is written by the victors.” How very different would history be if men were incapable of ignoring truth or fabricating accounts of events. Language has a peculiar quality in that it absorbs and retains portions of truth. All the words of every language throughout history retain these fragments, despite the best efforts of the best liars that ever lived. It is possible to gather and discern enough of the literature written over the last three thousand years and step back and look at it from a distance. Like looking at a color blindness test image, a subtle picture appears to the ones able to see.
What if all language could be reset and men forced to adopt a new universal tongue, unique from any that existed? The hope of finding truth could be erased as well.
There have been efforts toward this goal. Ludwik Lazarus Zamenhof  (1859 –1917) constructed an entirely new language and called it, Esperanto meaning, “one who hopes.” He explained that a fabricated, politically neutral language would transcend nationality and “foster peace and understanding.”
The precursor organization to the United Nations, The League of Nations proposed the use of Esperanto in the state schools of all its member nations. It is telling that the United Nations would seek to impede the discovery of truth. However, in typical Hermetic fashion, this institution also displays a bit of truth, "in plain sight."
A peculiar oil canvas mural painted by the Norwegian artist,  Per Lasson Krohg (1889 – 1965)  is a central feature of the Security Council room at the UN. Krohg’s mural depicts the same event that has been hoped for by the Illuminated elite for thousands of years. At the base of the painting, an underground dragon slays himself, his jaws still holding a sword.
In mythology, Python was the dragon who guarded the Omphalos of Delphi, the center of the earth. Python was the old name of Delphi and is related to pythein, meaning, “to rot.” The Proto-Indo-European root, dhubhon, from dheub, means “hollow, deep, bottom or depths.” Python was known as the chthonic (Greek: χθόνιος chthonios, “in, under, or beneath the earth”) dragon and was killed by Apollo with the darts given to him by Zeus, becoming the new guard of the Oracle.
Above the dragon in Krohg’s mural, a phoenix rises, casting off his old form. Behind the Phoenix, people emerging from the dark depths of the caves surrounding the dragon approach a door with many golden stars - further identifying the phoenix as the Asterion or “starry one” of myth.
Continuing with the myth of Apollo at Delphi, it was he, as the Nachash, who symbolically changed his image in preparation for his future expression in human form by coming as the slayer of his first manifestation, the serpent-dragon, Python. As Apollo, he plans to create his version of “heaven on earth.” Of course, the center of the earth is not really just a place marker, but it is also a time marker and a concept; it is where the beginning of all that is to come via the knowledge of good and evil sprang forth. Apollo at Delphi is similar to the legend of St. George.”
The understanding of the serpent raising himself up as Apollo was keenly perceived by the late Bill Cooper (whose work Behold a Pale Horse is FREE in the mega-giveaway this Tuesday [click here for more info]). He explains that the international flag of the Scottish Rite is the United Nations Flag and that it depicts the nations of the world encircled by the laurel of Apollo.
From Bill Cooper’s web site: majestyt.htm
“You may verify the goal of the Illuminati by visiting the home page of Freemasonry's Grand Lodge of Scotland. You will notice the flag of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the "Universal" flag of Freemasonry is displayed. The "Universal" flag of Freemasonry is the United Nations Flag. (We thank those of you who responded with affidavits confirming this paragraph.) Since this paragraph has become well known the Grand Lodge of Scotland has replaced the United Nations Flag (Universal Flag of Freemasonry) on their WebPages with a graphic of the earth.”
The whole central image of the phoenix and the activity above is contained by a mandorla within a bright circle. A baby marks the central point of the circle and sits on the grass in a garden above the head of the rising phoenix forming a circumpunct - again representing the sun, i.e. Apollo.
Finally, in the branches of a familiar tree in the garden scene, a Pan-like figure gently hands out one of the tree’s golden fruits to a girl while a man and a red-haired woman kneel together.
Once the genesis and identity of the central character has been exposed, the plan of the people who worship this entity can be comprehended in clear terms.  For many unfortunately, the first and most difficult step is believing that this entity actually exists. Soon, they will not be able to deny it.
EDITOR'S NOTE: To learn more about what this means for the occultists today... and soon the entire world... tune in to the Hagmann & Hagmann Show Monday night with special guests Mark Flynn and Steve Quayle. Then get Mark's astonishing new book on Tuesday with the unparalleled giveaway featured below!

Despite ISIS' Grip, Holy Spirit is at Work: Tent Churches Emerge in Iraqi Refugee Camps

Christian Aid Staff

"They asked us if God even exists for this to be allowed to happen. It was very difficult, but the Lord has given us grace in their sight to represent Jesus and the love of the work, which was shown to be wonderfully accepted among the Yazidis. They asked us to come back and took all our Bibles 'in secret.'"
CA WorkerIn the Kurdish area of Iraq, where people of different beliefs fled atrocities of the Islamic State (ISIS), the Iraqi ministry team supported by Christian Aid Mission found people in need of water, food and medicine. (Christian Aid Worker)

Fatima, an Iraqi woman who fled atrocities committed by the Islamic State, was drawn to the sound of singing in a tent in a refugee camp in Dohuk, in the Kurdish region of Iraq. She approached cautiously.

Though embarrassed when the Christians worshipping inside saw her, she came closer and asked if she could enter and listen to what they were saying. By the time the meeting finished at 4 AM, she was on her way to embracing Christ as Savior and asked if she could bring friends and family to the next meeting.

Fatima, her husband and three daughters put their trust in Jesus for their salvation, and within a few weeks her involvement led to another 60 families making the same commitment, according to an area ministry leader supported by Christian Aid Mission.

"Tent churches are going on everywhere," said the ministry leader. "Last week we had 68 families openly surrender their lives to the Lord. With all their large needs and difficult situations that they are going through, they thank God for the indwelling of Christ in their hearts. Twelve of those families were Muslims."

In addition, 200 children who received Bibles and coloring materials prayed to accept Jesus into their hearts.

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Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3

By: Jay
Downey, Jr kidnapped by ISIS
Downey, Jr kidnapped by ISIS

As our friend, the talented writer Peter Parker pointed out back in May of 2013, the intelligence scripting for the news events surrounding radical Islamic terrorists seem to find their curious parallel in certain Hollywood blockbusters.  Parker explained with precision how the plot of Iron Man 3 in particular demonstrated this obvious correlation with Ben Kingsley’s character, The Mandarin, playing the laughable role of the British actor cum terrorist.  In the plot, the terrorists were fake, kidnapping Iron Man and holding him ransom.  Sound familiar?

As is usual around Jay’s Analysis, this Hollywood meme is again relevant, with a new ISIS “beaheading” today calling to mind the same scene from Iron Man 3, following last week’s theater showing.  In May 2013, Parker wrote:

“Sometime ago this writer made a discovery that was featured here on Jay’s Analysis concerning an episode of the 1990’s Iron Man animated series.  As is the case with numerous films and television shows, this episode contained scenes that seemed to eerily prefigure certain aspects of the 9-11 tragedy.  Interestingly, this particular episode featured not one, but two major parallels to the events of that fateful day, yet surprisingly, at the time, I had never seen this episode featured in any of the internet’s exhaustive lists of ‘9-11 predictive programming.’  I am not suggesting that its absence was due to any conspiracy within a conspiracy, presumably this was merely indicative of the extreme unpopularity of the 90s Iron Man cartoon.  However, its absence from most lists is still in some ways surprising, given how closely it resembled the September 11th terror attacks. Arguably, of all the examples of ‘9-11 semiotic programming,’ perhaps only the infamous Lone Gunmen pilot came as close to mirroring the real life event.

The episode, which originally aired in 1994, was entitled “The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat.”  It opens with a control room of NORAD operatives panicking as the new experimental plane, the Grim Reaper, slips by their defenses and begins raining a volley of missiles on New York City.  Amongst the buildings hit in the attack are the Twin Towers.  Moments later it is revealed that this attack was nothing more than a video simulation being shown to high-ranking military officials, illustrating what might happen should the Grim Reaper, the military’s newest super weapon, fall into the wrong hands.  Unfortunately, fall into the wrong hands it does when the Mandarin, a shadowy super-villain who operates out of a secret base in the mountains of Tibet, has his agents steal the plane.  Viewers are treated to yet another simulated attack when the Mandarin shows his followers exactly how he plans to use the Grim Reaper; he will fly it into the Pentagon, destroying the heart of American military power!  Needless to say, the bad guy’s plans are foiled by Iron Man by the episode’s end.”

“By the time of the second Iron-Man movie in 2010, the Mandarin had yet to appear.  For my own part, I thought the studio might be holding back since the character might be considered an offensive ‘Orientalist’ stereotype by today’s standards.  He had, after all, originally been created during the time of Vietnam War.  Admittedly, I felt a little cheated, that is until several months ago when I started seeing trailers for Iron Man 3, featuring Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, making grandiose bad guy speeches and dramatic super villain poses.  However, upon seeing the movie mere days ago I was both marginally disappointed and yet, at the same time, pleasantly surprised.
Pure theatrics.
Pure theatrics.
Spoiler Alert

As predicted, Iron Man 3 follows through with the groundwork that was laid in the first film, transforming the Mandarin from a Chinese master criminal into a bin Laden-style terrorist leader of indeterminate (presumably Middle Easter or Central Asian) descent.  Like bin Laden, The Mandarin claims responsibility for numerous bombings throughout the world through the release of anti-American diatribes presented in low quality video recordings.  In this sense Iron Man 3 has made the 911 meme in the 90s animated series come full circle.  Now the over-all ‘bin Ladeniness’ of the Mandarin has been fully accentuated, retroactively reinforcing the semiotic resemblance of “The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat,” to the actual events of September 11th.

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CDC Vaccination and Autism: Accepting the "Mercury Challenge"

It’s that time of the year again, the time when I have to rant a bit about the pharmaceutical fictions that plague modern medicine. Why the rant? Well, for one thing, I had to journey out a couple of days ago to one of those large chain stores, and there, boldly emblazoned on its automatic doors was a poster to the effect of “Get your flu shot soon!” with the dates that said store would have smiling drones of big pharma pumping people full of crud. This already put me into a foul mood, as I remembered my many conversations with my mother when she was alive about “getting your flu shot.”  It would usually begin with her asking if I received one, and with me explaining I never get them, because (1) the vaccines are full of crud like mercury and other fun stuff and (2) I never get the flu, while she did get them, and always became sick or at least “under the weather”. I managed to convince her that this was usually all a media-driven scam every year with some new impending epidemic -Sars, swine flu, bird flu… we all know the litany – threatening your very existence if you didn’t rush to Wallberger Mart and get your flu shot.
But wait, there’s more… after being subjected to the poster, and a smiling cashier-lemming reminding me at the checkout to get my flu shot, I informed her I never do, never would, and didn’t like the mercury in vaccines. “What? Mercury in vaccines…?”  I had no time to walk her through it, so I said simply “google it.”
I returned home, and did something I seldom do, I turned on the television news while I put away my various purchases. Within seconds, there was a commercial for some new drug: take this for an erection, take that for depression, take this for shingles, take that for athlete’s foot… and oh, by the way, discontinue use and consult your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath, impaired vision, a pain in your —— (fill in the blank from the appropriate commercial), suicidal thoughts, impaired urinary function, males growing breasts (don’t worry ladies, they’re getting around to you too),  sudden hearing loss, as these can lead to heart attack, stroke, high (or low) blood pressure, diabetes, or terminal flatulence. 
One only has to listen to the commercials to understand that something is terribly wrong with the medical-pharmaceutical system, and to understand that the new drugs are nothing more than a sorcerer’s brew rammed through a weak and compliant regulatory protocol so that big companies can make lots of money making people sick so that they can “cure” them by making them sicker.  If you don’t think this is going on with the drugs, then try an experiment: during one week, watch all those drug commercials, and write down a list of (1) what the magical potion pill is for and (2) what the “side effects” are… you’ll be stunned. 
Now where am I going with all this? Well, like most of you, I’ve been watching that ebola story, and the CDC whistleblower story, and it’s the latter that really has me angry, angry because a “science” that has to be bought, and data that has to be spun or suppressed, is not science at all; in my book, it’s a felony.  If you’ve been following Jon Rappaport’s blogs on the whistleblower story, this should come as no surprise:
Here it is: how the US government admits vaccines cause autism
Alex Jones even covered the story:
Vaccinre Brain-Damage Coverup Implodes
So…gee…. you say that tiny bit of mercury in that form that’s in vaccines has no relationship to children’s brains being affected? that it’s entirely harmless to adults? So you believe your own propaganda, huh? “We’ve been down this autism-mercury link before and there’s nothing to it.” 
Ok, fine. Let’s try “The Mercury Challenge.” (OR, “Pick Your Favorite Vaccine Crud”). Run, don’t walk, to your nearest chemical supply company, get some mercury and a syringe, and suck up just a teeny tiny amount of it, and inject yourself with it. Or you can even have the vaccine variety. 
Just get your seasonal shot of mercury, and have a nice day watching drug commercials of other harmless drugs. And remember what Rappaport quoted:
“The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.”“Official word-play at work.
“Compensation for vaccine-induced autism? No. Compensation for vaccine-induced encephalopathy—“accompanied by” symptoms including autistic behavior and autism? Yes.
“The government is paying compensation for a vaccine-induced “something” that just happens to progress to an array of symptoms which include, well, autistic behavior, and yes, autism.”

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John Chrysostom Died on Forced March

John Chrysostom Died on Forced March
Because he spoke out boldly against the sins of Constantinople, John the Patriarch of Constantinople found himself in exile in the Taurus mountains. Several of the elite had taken offense at his sermons which showed up their shame. Among them was the Empress Eudoxia, who pulled strings to get him banished.

The winter before his death, John suffered dreadfully in the mountains. No amount of wood on the fire and no pile of blankets on his bed kept his shivering body warm. Still he wrote strong letters to the people under his care. Trained as a lawyer, his letters and sermons were masterpieces of religious literature. Although he was absent from them, church folk continued to take direction from him.
To John's enemies, his power still seemed to be too great, his presence still too close. Although he was old and frail, his health undermined by years of stern living, they decided to move him up by the Euxine (Black) Sea.

They promised a reward to the guards who transferred him. The reward would be increased according to how quickly they made the transfer. There could not have been much doubt in the soldiers' minds that the court wanted John walked to death.

And so his guards showed him little mercy. Relentlessly they hurried his tottering legs forward. Movement was torture. Five miles beyond Camona in Pontus (now in Turkey) he spent his last night alive in a church dedicated to another martyr, Bishop Basiliscus.

That night, Basiliscus supposedly appeared to John in a dream, assuring him that on the morrow they would meet.

The soldiers refused permission for him to have his devotions at the shrine the next morning. They hurried him on his way. But they had gone only about three miles when it became apparent John was dying. They took him back to the church.

There, he asked for a white robe, which was given him. He gave away his old clothes and surrounded by monks and nuns, raised himself up, saying, "Glory be to God for all things. Amen." Those were his last words. He died on this day, September 14, 407.

Soon after his death, the title "Chrysostom," (golden mouth) was added to his name. Eventually his remains were brought back to Constantinople where they received honor. He is remembered as one of the greatest orators of all history, a saint honored in many churches. The one ugly blot on Chrysostom's character was his harsh anti-Semitism.

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Mad Science: ‘Genetically Modified Micro Humans’ to be ‘Farmed’ for Drug Testing by 2017


Developers of artificial micro-humans, or ‘mini GM humans,’ are hoping to release their technology on the market by 2017. No this isn’t a sci-fi joke. Scientists are developing artificial humans in the same vein as GM plants with the hope that these creations will replace the need for using animals in laboratory testing.

Artificial humans will be ‘farmed’ with interacting organs that can be used in drug tests, speeding up the process of FDA and other government regulatory approvals, and supposedly without damaging rats or other animals currently used in laboratories. The GM humans will contain smartphone-sized microchips that will be programmed to replicate up to 10 major human organs.

Each GM human will be tiny – roughly the size of a microchip itself, simulating the response of humans to substances inhaled, absorbed in the blood, or exposed to in the intestinal tract.
Early versions comprising an artificial kidney, heart, lung or gut are already being used by the cosmetic industry and to observe the use of chemical drugs on non-GMO humans.

The Times of India reported that researchers said this could replace up to 90 million animals each year in labs. Uwe Marx, a tissue engineer from Technische Universitat Berlin and founder of TissUse, a firm developing the technology said:
“If our system is approved by the regulators, then it will close down most of the animal-testing laboratories worldwide.” said.
Currently, this type of technology is already used on artificial organs like hearts and livers, but the results must be verified on a ‘live’ being – animals in a lab, for instance, to prove that substances are safe when interacting with a living being with real organs.

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U.S. government to buy 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits to prepare for full-blown global pandemic

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
(NaturalNews) The U.S. State Department has just put out a bid for 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits, announced a U.S. manufacturer called "Lakeland Industries." The company's press release, published at Yahoo Finance, reads:

With the U.S. State Department alone putting out a bid for 160,000 suits, we encourage all protective apparel companies to increase their manufacturing capacity for sealed seam garments so that our industry can do its part in addressing this threat to global health.

This is just the latest sign that the U.S. government is now preparing for a full-blown global outbreak of Ebola which would reach U.S. cities.

While the government prepares its front-line emergency workers with hazmat suits, here at Natural News we are preparing the public to survive the pandemic and avoid becoming an additional burden on emergency resources. My widely-shared FREE online course Pandemic Preparedness at has already been viewed by over 50,000 people with more visitors discovering the site each day.

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All audio files in the course are non-copy-protected, easily downloadable, and may be openly shared via torrents or other P2P network. Help us save lives by sharing the truth about the exploding Ebola pandemic.

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Sep 14, 2014

Harvest Moon of Blood Moon, but not How the Media Presents It

Good to see Crrow up and running with the new gear....look forward to more interesting images from the Moon...


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Francis of Assissi Had a Vision

Francis of Assissi Had a Vision
When Francis of Assisi was in his early forties, he gave up leadership of the Franciscans, the great order he had founded. This was not done in pique or bitterness but with a quiet acceptance that events had moved beyond him. His simple and stringent rule was too difficult for the many who had swarmed into the order because of his fame and the powerful preaching of his followers. They wanted the rule relaxed, and relaxed it would be.

If Francis thought he could now be just one of the brothers, he was mistaken. None had such zeal as he. Of none would such legends be told. To none other would such visions come.

He decided to spend some days before the Feast of the Assumption at Mt. Alvernia. In that wilderness a flock of birds settled around and upon him to the astonishment of his few companions and succeeding generations. At Mt. Alvernia, Francis decided he needed more solitude. The sense of his own sin was heavy upon him, and he longed for a taste of heaven in order to bear the pain of his past wrongdoing. He found a lonely spot in the forest across a chasm. Only one man was allowed to approach him in his solitude: his spiritual son Leo; and even Leo was told to call out and receive permission before crossing the limb which served as a bridge to Francis' isolation.

The brothers feared for Francis. He was gravely ill. One night Leo approached the chasm and called out. Francis did not answer. Leo called again. Perhaps the master had taken ill. Fearful of disobedience and yet even more fearful that the holy leader might be dying unattended, Leo crossed the limb.

Francis' cell was empty. Yet the moon was bright. Leo went some way and heard a voice. It was Francis, praying, "Who are you, my dearest Lord? And who am I, a most vile worm and your most unprofitable servant?" Leo saw a light shine down upon Francis and knew that words were spoken to him, although he could not hear them. Francis raised his hands into the light. The light disappeared. Leo turned to creep away, but Francis heard. He challenged him, for he was almost blind. Leo confessed he had broken the command. Francis was gentle. The transgression was from love.

Francis told Leo that he had been commanded to give three gifts, and these three gifts were as golden balls in his bosom: poverty, chastity and obedience. He had held them up to the Lord. The two men then read and prayed together. Then on the morning of this date, September 14, 1224, the day of the Feast of the Holy Cross, as Francis was communing with the Lord, a Seraph appeared to him. The figure of Christ crucified appeared between his wings. Joy and agony suffused Francis. His prayers for forgiveness, to share Christ's sufferings, to be purified had been heard. When the angel left, in what is regarded as one of the classic experiences of Christian history, Francis' hands feet and sides bore five wounds, the marks of the stigmata. Two years later he died.

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Sep 11, 2014

William Lane Craig on Heaven is for Real

In the book Heaven is for Real, a young boy claims to have died in surgery and gone to heaven. William Lane Craig evaluates the popular story biblically and offers some fascinating theories on what may be taking place during Near Death Experiences.

World Health Organisation says Ebola will claim 20,000 lives in next six months

This figure seems low, considering the talk of a global pandemic....

THE World Health Organisation has issued a terrifying warning: Ebola will claim 20,000 lives within the next six months. 
The virus, which is spiralling out of control in Western Africa, has already claimed 2300 lives, the international health body reports. More than half of that figure have died in the past 21 days alone.
Originating in Guinea earlier this year, more than 4200 people have since been sickened in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal.

“As soon as a new Ebola treatment facility is opened, it immediately fills to overflowing with patients, pointing to a large but previously invisible caseload,” WHO said in a statement. “Many thousands of new cases are expected in Liberia over the coming three weeks.”

A Doctors Withour Borders statement was equally blunt, saying the virus was moving “catastrophically through the population much faster than new facilities are being created.”

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Transhumanists Start Taking Workshops To Churches To Help "Religious" People Prepare Selves For A Posthuman Future

Conversations abound about what it means to be human

Call it transhuman, posthuman or digital evolution, technology raises new questions