Apr 16, 2014

The Final Passover, the First Communion (Luke 22:14-20) John MacArthur


Let's open the Word of God, open your Bible to Luke chapter 22...Luke chapter 22. Of course Jesus said many things that are remarkable, many things that are stirring and stunning, all of them absolutely true. Among the many unforgettable statements that Jesus made, one of them that is so very important is this statement, "No man takes My life from Me. I lay it down by Myself." That is a stunning statement.

You might assume that the Jewish leaders took the life of Jesus. You might assume that the Romans took the life of Jesus. And while the Jewish leaders wanted Him dead and the Romans executed Him, no one took His life from Him. He laid it down by Himself. It was a willing sacrifice in complete submission to and agreement with God the Father. God chose His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be the final Passover Lamb, to pay the penalty for sin for all who would believe.

Our Lord Jesus came to die. He knew He would die. He knew how He would die, on a cross being lifted up. He knew where He would die, in Jerusalem. He knew at whose hands humanly speaking He would die, the leaders of Israel and the Roman soldiers. He knew when He would die, He would die on the Passover day in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday in A.D. 30 in the month of Nissan on the fourteenth day as God's Passover Lamb. He would die at the very same hour Passover lambs by the tens of thousands were being slaughtered. He knew every detail about His coming death.

And so He lived it every day in vivid limitless anticipation. The cross loomed in front of Him every conscious moment of His life. He knew perfectly what the plan was. He knew perfectly where and by whom and when it would happen....

Jesus Christ our Passover Lamb

As we reach that uniquely sacred time for Christians every year, the coming of Passover and the beginning of our very special remembrance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His sufferings on the Cross and His Resurrection and Ascension.  Honor this time in whatever way you feel led to by the Holy Spirit, but set aside these days, special among all other days, to remember the love and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of our souls.  All Praise to the King of Kings!

The Scripture is the witness of the Messiah
Yeshua spoke to the religious leaders “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me” (John 5:39).

John 15:26: “But when the Helper comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify of Me.”

In Jn.8:18: “I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.”
Hebrews 10:7: “Then I said, ‘Behold, I have come -- in the volume of the book it is written of Me-- to do Your will, O God.’” (a Quote of Psalm 40:6-8)

Throughout Yeshua’s (Jesus’)  ministry He used what God gave Israel previously to identify him as their Messiah. Besides certain miracles that only the messiah could do there were numerous other ways to know who the messiah is. The whole Old Testament with its teaching on the Tabernacle and its Feast days were given so that Israel could recognize who the messiah is when He comes. The feasts are found in Lev.23 “These are My appointed feasts, holy seasons of the LORD, which you are to proclaim at their appointed times” These were types of Christ as Paul states in Col.2:17 they are a shadow of things to come. Christ came, He is the substance; the law was the pattern, Christ is the reality, the fulfillment. 7 feasts were part of their calendar that they were to continually keep. Lev. 23:5 “On the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight is the LORD'S Passover. The calendar begins with Passover it ends with tabernacles, Lev. 23:34 “The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days to the LORD.” The seventh feast day lasts for 7 days.
The Jewish calendar was civil and it was a religious, and it was based on agricultural seasons. Many of these were agricultural feasts. In Israel you have two rainy seasons called the former and later rain. At the end of the spring rain you had a harvest that was for grain, at the end of the Autumn season you had a harvest which was for fruit. But you also have a long hot summer in Israel in between both harvests. Agriculturally Israel is reliant on a water supply because it doesn’t rain much in summer.
These feasts are symbolic of Christ.  The feast days were broken up into 2 cycles-- the spring season are 4 feasts grouped together taking place within 50 days--a summer break to prepare for the fall harvest season and the 3 fall feasts. The 4 spring feasts found in Lev.23 were fulfilled in Jesus’ first coming and He fulfills the three autumn holidays in his 2nd coming. This why they are grouped in this order. The fall feasts are, feast of trumpets, Day of atonement, feasts of Booths or gatherings, all to be fulfilled in his 2nd coming (taking place in a 2 week period).

Jesus fulfilled these feasts by his life and ministry. The unleaven bread- was Christ’ life with no sin. The Passover - Christ sacrificed as the lamb. The first-fruits- His resurrection 3 days after the Passover. Pentecost-Jesus sending the Holy Spirit within 50 days of the Passover. All of these were fulfilled in Jesus’ first coming. Jesus fulfilled the 4 spring holidays in his first coming and fulfills the three autumn feasts in his 2nd coming. The fall feasts are, feast of trumpets, Day of atonement, feasts of Booths or ingatherings, which takes place in a 2 week period

(Leviticus 23:2), their calendar was to be rearranged according to the Passover. 3,500 years ago they were told to remember these feasts days as sacred assemblies, as a memorial. God gave Israel spring feasts are fulfilled in Christs first coming and the fall feats are fulfilled in his second. We are now in the time of summer preparing for the fall harvest which will concentrate on Israel.

John 4:35-36 “Do you not say, 'There are still four months and then comes the harvest'? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” And he who reaps receives wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together.” The harvest continues from the time of Pentecost through the church age.

Besides using literal examples in stories to illustrate truth (such as in parables) types and symbols were often used in his ministry. When He came to be baptized by John to be revealed to Israel John introduced him as the lamb who takes away the sins of the world. Identifying him with Isaiah 53. Four times in the New Testament we are told He is the lamb.

Even though John was not as educated as the Pharisees when he talked about the light of the world he understood Judaism and the Scripture, he meant the shekinah glory of God that appeared in Genesis before the sun or the moon.

In John 8:12 Jesus says “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

He uses the same language for Jesus who tabernacled among us in Jn.1:14. Who took on flesh and dwelt among them and they saw his glory. Relating himself to the light in the tabernacle, the shekinah glory revealed to Israel in the Old Testament.

John 1:4 “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” The lamb is the light of the New Jerusalem that comes down out of heaven after the Millennium (Rev.21:23) the sun is not needed (Rev.22:5) just as it was before it was created in Genesis.

At the temple when they were celebrating the feasts of tabernacles and pouring out the water on the steps. John 7:37-38 “On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” Speaking of the Spirit that would be given

Yeshua (Jesus) draws on the imagery of Ezekiel 47 as it points to the Millennium. Also Isa. 44:3-4 “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessing on your offspring; They will spring up among the grass like willows by the watercourses.” The rain being poured out is a type of the Holy Spirit. In biblical symbology, different liquids represent the Holy spirit in different functions.

Jesus also used the supply of miraculous manna from heaven for Israels traveling the desert to the Promised Land as representing himself. John 6:31-35 “Our fathers ate the manna in the desert; as it is written, 'He gave them bread from heaven to eat.’” Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, Moses did not give you the bread from heaven, but My Father gives you the true bread from heaven. “For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”Then they said to Him, “Lord, give us this bread always.”And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.V:48-50 “I am the bread of life. “Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead.”This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that one may eat of it and not die.”V.51”I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.”

We are told by Paul Jesus is our unleaven bread, leaven is s a symbol of sin.

He said that Abraham saw the meaning of his visitation, and pointed to himself as the one Abraham knew. John 8:56-58 “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad.”Then the Jews said to Him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?” Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.” This happened in Gen 22 when Abraham was going to sacrifice his only son and God called out to stop him and Abraham prophesied that God would provide himself the lamb for a burnt offering.” So the two, Father and Son looked to the future for the fulfillment, as the God the Father would send his only Son to be the lamb. It was on this very mount that Jesus was sacrificed as the Passover lamb, Mt. Moriah. This spans Matthew calculates as 3 X14 generations (42 generations) until Christ came (Mt.1:17).

Read more at - http://www.letusreason.org/Juda8.htm


Christ Our Passover

An oldie but a goodie from the great Charles Spurgeon. So polish up your old English and take in words of life from one of the greatest preachers ever.

A Sermon (No. 54) Delivered on Sabbath Evening, December 2, 1855, by the
REV. C. H. Spurgeon
At New Park Street Chapel, Southwark.
"For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us."—1 Corinthians 5:7.
HE more you read the Bible, and the more you meditate upon it, the more you will be astonished with it. He who is but a casual reader of the Bible, does not know the height, the depth, the length and breadth of the mighty meanings contained in its pages. There are certain times when I discover a new vein of thought, and I put my hand to my head and say in astonishment, "Oh, it is wonderful I never saw this before in the Scriptures." You will find the Scriptures enlarge as you enter them; the more you study them the less you will appear to know of them, for they widen out as we approach them. Especially will you find this the case with the typical parts of God's Word. Most of the historical books were intended to be types either of dispensations, or experiences, or offices of Jesus Christ. Study the Bible with this as a key, and you will not blame Herbert when he calls it "not only the book of God, but the God of books." One of the most interesting points of the Scriptures is their constant tendency to display Christ; and perhaps one of the most beautiful figures under which Jesus Christ is ever exhibited in sacred writ, is the Passover Paschal Lamb. It is Christ of whom we are about to speak to-night.

    Israel was in Egypt, in extreme bondage; the severity of their slavery had continually increased till it was so oppressive that their incessant groans went up to heaven. God who avenges his own elect, though they cry day and night unto him, at last, determined that he would direct a fearful blow against Egypt's king and Egypt's nation, and deliver his own people. We can picture the anxieties and the anticipations of Israel, but we can scarcely sympathize with them, unless we as Christians have had the same deliverance from spiritual Egypt. Let us, brethren, go back to the day in our experience, when we abode in the land of Egypt, working in the brick-kilns of sin, toiling to make ourselves better, and finding it to be of no avail; let us recall that memorable night, the beginning of months, the commencement of a new life in our spirit, and the beginning of an altogether new era in our soul. The Word of God struck the blow at our sin; he gave us Jesus Christ our sacrifice; and in that night we went out of Egypt. Though we have passed through the wilderness since then, and have fought the Amalekites, have trodden on the fiery serpent, have been scorched by the heat and frozen by the snows, yet we have never since that time gone back to Egypt; although our hearts may sometimes have desired the leeks, the onions, and the flesh-pots of Egypt, yet we have never been brought into slavery since then. Come, let us keep the Passover this night, and think of the night when the Lord delivered us out of Egypt. Let us behold our Saviour Jesus as the Paschal Lamb on which we feed; yea, let us not only look at him as such, but let us sit down to-night at his table, let us eat of his flesh and drink of his blood; for his flesh is meat indeed, and his blood is drink indeed. In holy solemnity let our hearts approach that ancient supper; let us go back to Egypt's darkness, and by holy contemplation behold, instead of the destroying angel, the angel of the covenant, at the head of the feast,—"the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world."

    I shall not have time to-night to enter into the whole history and mystery of the Passover; you will not understand me to be to- night preaching concerning the whole of it; but a few prominent points therein as a part of them. It would require a dozen sermons to do so; in fact a book as large as Caryl upon Job—if we could find a divine equally prolix and equally sensible. But we shall first of all look at the Lord Jesus Christ, and show how he corresponds with the Paschal Lamb, and endeavour to bring you to the two points—of having his blood sprinkled on you, and having fed on him.

    I. First, then, JESUS CHRIST IS TYPIFIED HERE UNDER THE PASCHAL LAMB; and should there be one of the seed of Abraham here who has never seen Christ to be the Messiah, I beg his special attention to that which I am to advance, when I speak of the Lord Jesus as none other than the Lamb of God slain for the deliverance of his chosen people. Follow me with your Bibles, and open first at the 12th chapter of Exodus.

    We commence, first of all, with the victim—the lamb. How fine a picture of Christ. No other creature could so well have typified him who was holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners. Being also the emblem of sacrifice, it most sweetly pourtrayed our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Search natural history through, and though you will find other emblems which set forth different characteristics of his nature, and admirably display him to our souls, yet there is none which seems so appropriate to the person of our beloved Lord as that of the Lamb. A child would at once perceive the likeness between a lamb and Jesus Christ, so gentle and innocent, so mild and harmless, neither hurting others, nor seeming to have the power to resent an injury.

"A humble man before his foes, a weary man and full of woes."

What tortures the sheepish race have received from us! how are they, though innocent, continually slaughtered for our food! Their skin is dragged from their backs, their wool is shorn to give us a garment. And so the Lord Jesus Christ, our glorious Master, doth give us his garments that we may be clothed with them; he is rent in sunder for us; his very blood is poured out for our sins; harmless and holy, a glorious sacrifice for the sins of all his children. Thus the Paschal Lamb might well convey to the pious Hebrew the person of a suffering, silent, patient, harmless Messiah.

Read the full sermon at - http://www.spurgeon.org/sermons/0054.htm

4/15/2014 -- Global Earthquake Watch -- MAJOR Unrest -- Another Major 7.0 Strikes

Clearly, the Spring Earthquake season isn't over just yet...

Full post with screenshots and graphic explanations here -- plus earthquake links for you to use : http://dutchsinse.tatoott1009.com/415...

The Blood Moon Eclipse 2014

I stayed up to see this, but just in case you missed it, the "blood" moon, (or just another lunar eclipse) thanks to DarkSkyWatcher74.

2 telescopes 2 different states confirming flybys live awsome history made, video coming tomorrow. We packed over 300 people in the room tonight and overloaded the server, Thank You everyone who viewed the eclipse with us tonight

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2nd Phase Blood Moon Eclipse Timelapse


Passover, the Temple Mount, and Jewish Sovereignty


Now that the current U.S.-brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations are in trouble, Israelis can expect violent disturbances on the Temple Mount, initiated by angry Palestinians who are not willing to wait for peace with Israel. Palestinian leaders are already re-engaging in a diplomatic war against Israel due to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to apply for the inclusion of “Palestine” in 15 international organizations and treaties. But, those tactics are nothing compared to what may soon happen in Jerusalem.

Jews are preparing for Passover, which begins on the eve of April 14. Last year, Member of the Knesset (MK) Moshe Feiglin was refused access to the Temple Mount on Passover. In previous years, religious Jews wishing to ascend the Mount were also refused access during this holiday. To the dismay of many who want to visit the Mount, Jews are subject to discrimination and humiliation by the Israeli police.

If the Palestinians decide to take out their aggressions this Passover, the Israeli police are guaranteed to remove Jews from the area. When compared with Muslim incitement on the Mount, the Jews are the path of least resistance. The Israeli government wants to keep the status quo, which means quiet at all costs.
Jeff Daube, Israeli Office Director of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) believes that “unfettered access and freedom to pray at a holy site is a basic, universally recognized right, which certainly should be accorded to Jews in the Jewish State of Israel.” Daube sees this as guaranteed under Israeli law. “We have to assert our rights wherever they are threatened. The Temple Mount is the last place on Earth where Jews should tolerate this type of discrimination.”

In February 2014, for the first time in Israel’s history, more than 30 MK’s met to discuss the loss of Israeli sovereignty on the Mount. It stirred up the Arab world. Soon after, there were violent disturbances which Daube believes were provoked and directed by the Palestinian Authority. He says this behavior is “animated and exacerbated by more than four decades of Israel’s refusal to assert its own sovereignty and rights there.”
Israeli citizens have been educated to yearn for engagement with God in prayer at the Western Wall rather than on the Temple Mount. During the week of Passover, thousands of Jews participate in the Birkat Kohanim ceremony at the Wall. The traditional Aaronic Benediction is said and the House of Israel is blessed. Israelis seem satisfied conducting the ceremony at the Wall and not on the Mount.

According to Daube, “There’s a question about exactly where the Jewish Temple’s Holy of Holies had been situated. That is hallowed ground which only the High Priest on Yom Kippur could walk on. Any Jew walking there is in violation, even if unknowingly, and many believe that carries a heavenly death penalty. While the ultra-Orthodox have taken the position that Jews may enter the Temple Mount area only once the Messiah comes, more and more religious nationalist rabbis have suggested Jews are permitted to walk everywhere on the Mount except where the Dome of the Rock stands – which they think is the Holy of Holies site. These rabbis encourage Jews to visit the Temple Mount often.”

Yet, they are not allowed to pray there. They are not even allowed to move their lips in prayer without being ousted by Muslim authorities.

This Passover, Jews, along with Christians, can expect the Israeli police to keep them off the Mount rather than deal with another round of Muslim disturbances..

Sex With Robots: Sodom and Gomorrah Never Dreamed of This Immorality

Jennifer LeClaire 
Yes, humans are having sex with robots. (Reuters/Wolfgang Rattay)
If the sexual equality wars trouble you—if you’re concerned about little boys using the little girls’ restrooms in elementary school or the bigger boys using the bigger girls’ showers in high school or even Facebook’s confusing 51 new gender options—there’s yet another disturbing futuristic reality to consider.

Tauriq Moosa penned an article for United Kingdom paper The Guardian that takes all human limits off sexual identity—and even suggests sexual intercourse with nonhumans. No, I’m not talking about bestiality, another extremely disturbing trend in the immorality scene. I’m talking about sex with robots.

The article, “Robots and Sex: Creepy or Cool?” suggests that “sex with robots may currently be restricted to fiction, but with advances in technology this could eventually change. Despite how some may react, this is something that should be accepted, maybe even embraced.”

Wait, what? It’s about 10 days too late to be an April Fool’s joke, though the notion is pure folly. Moosa suggests that books, music and other forms of media have gone digital. People work virtually and form relationships online. Refrigerators remind us to order groceries online. Considering all this, he sees no “massive leap” to sex with robots.

Apparently, he’s not the only one prophesying this immoral future. According to Victoria University research, the future of sex tourism is with robot prostitutes. Researchers explored how Amsterdam’s red-light district might operate by 2050 and decided android prostitutes will be the norm because they don’t transmit sexual disease or promote the sex-slave industry.

Moosa’s article is especially graphic, so I won’t go into details about the benefits he sees to sex with robots. What I can confirm is that sex robots already exist. In fact, these immoral androids been on the scene since January 2010. Apparently, thousands of men placed a preorder for Roxxxy, “the world’s first sex robot,” at the Las Vegas Adult Entertainment Expo more than four years ago.

“The robot boasts artificial intelligence, speech recognition technology and a bevy of recorded phrases, making it able to, on some levels, converse with her mate,” an article by Dr. Robi Ludwig on Discovery.com reveals. “She also has a personality-changer, an Internet connection to receive software and dialog updates, all for a price between $7,000 to $9,000.”

Read more at - http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/watchman-on-the-wall/43479-sex-with-robots-sodom-and-gomorrah-never-dreamed-of-this-immorality

Israeli Institute Prepares Priests for Jerusalem's Third Temple

The movement to rebuild Jerusalem's third temple expands.

The Temple Mount, known to Muslims as Al-Haram Al-Sharif,  dominates this aerial view of the Old City of Jerusalem, taken on Oct. 2, 2007.
An aerial view of the Old City of Jerusalem. An organization of Israeli temples is preparing priests for the the reconstruction of the city's historic third temple.
By: Yuval Avivi, Contributor for Al-Monitor

On April 10, at 5 p.m., hundreds of Jews will gather at the Maimonides rabbinical institution plaza in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem and start learning the Jewish laws of Passover. Rabbis and experts, including Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the head of the Temple Institute in the Old City of Jerusalem, the leading body preparing for the establishment of the third temple, will teach the audience the laws of the Passover sacrifice. Alongside Ariel, the ritual slaughterer (shohet) Rabbi Yehudah Giatt will teach the audience about the unique elements of the slaughter of the Passover sacrifice. After the lessons, the real thing will start: the simulation of the Passover sacrifice.

The timing of the gathering isn’t coincidental: This was the date on which the people of Israel were commanded to take a lamb and sacrifice it, before the exodus from Egypt. The ceremony on Thursday will be, in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) lingo, “practice with live fire.” Slaughtering lambs, sprinkling their blood on the altar by priests dressed in kosher priestly garments and roasting the lambs, with their heads, legs and innards. Just as God intended.

Read more at - http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2014/04/10/israeli-institute-prepares-priests-for-jerusalems-third-temple#

Was the Titanic deliberately sunk by JP Morgan?

This isn't exactly current events, but I'm an amateur historian, and mysteries like this fascinate me greatly.  Is it possible that it wasn't actually the Titanic that sank, but it's sister ship the Olympia?  A lot of evidence here for that, and for a major financial crime.



Vatican Astronomer Consolmagno is Talking About Baptizing Aliens Again

Just as the dust is settling from the Vatican’s latest astrobiology conference in Arizona, heralded as “The Search Exo-Vaticanafor Life Beyond the Solar System: Exoplanets, Biosignature & Instruments,” Jesuit astronomer Guy Consolmagno is out in public talking about baptizing extraterrestrials again. In fact, over the years quite a few Jesuit members of the Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG) have made public statements concerning the baptism of extraterrestrials. The first was back in 1993 when then-acting VORG director George Coyne announced at the launch of the VATT facility that “the Church would be obliged to address the question of whether extraterrestrials might be brought within the fold and baptized.”[1] In a New York Times magazine article—titled “Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?”—another VORG astronomer, Chris Corbally, indicated he would baptize extraterrestrials as well.[2] Similarly, back in 2010 when asked whether he’d baptize an alien, Guy Consolmagno replied, “Only if they asked” and then qualified, “Any entity—no matter how many tentacles it has, has a soul.”[3] Now Consolmagno is taking his intergalactic evangelism aspirations to the halls of academia delivering a lecture called “Would you baptize an Extra-Terrestrial?” at Leeds Trinity University in the UK. Here is a recent article announcing the upcoming lecture:

Would you baptise an alien?

That is the unusual question posed to students in Leeds by one of the Pope’s astronomers. Scientifictheories and religion look set to collide in a talk by leading papal astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ. The acclaimed astronomer and Jesuit will share why astronomical research is so important to the Vatican.Brother Guy is based at the Vatican Observatory headquarters in Castel Gandolfo and he curates the Vatican meteorite collection, which is believed to be one of the largest in the world. He will deliver a lecture called “Would you baptize an Extra-Terrestrial?” at Leeds Trinity University, which is based in Horsforth.
Read more at The Yorkshire Evening Post
The Catholic belief is that baptism “confers grace ex opere operato, that is, the sacrament works of itself.”[4] This literally means the ritual itself takes away sin without requiring faith in the Gospel. This is also why unbaptized infants cannot go to heaven, according to Rome.[5] While the dissonance with Vatican II style inclusivism is deafening, theological harmony is not a strong suit for Rome. The Council of Trent declared: “If anyone denies that by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is conferred in baptism, the guilt of original sin is remitted, or even asserts that the whole of that which has the true and proper nature of sin is not taken away, but says that it is only touched in person or is not imputed, let him be anathema.”[6] While that curses just about all evangelicals, biblically based doctrine recognizes baptism as an outward sign of what has already occurred in the heart of the believer (Mark 16:16). When you recognize that you are dead in your sins and believe that Christ died for you and rose from the dead, you are justified in God’s eyes (Romans 10:10). It is a heart condition in reference to the propositional content of the Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:3–5). False baptisms and conversions are commonplace. Baptism does not save anyone or remove sin. Nevertheless, the Catholic priest erroneously believes the sacrament itself has supernatural power to remove sin and consequently, could be deceived into thinking a baptized alien entity would be in a state of grace as well. Even if these viral media statements about the baptism of aliens seem tongue in cheek, it could be part of a more subtle effort to influence public opinion. If a deceptive entity were to pose as an ET, Rome would likely be taken in.

Read more at - http://www.logosapologia.org/?p=5462&preview=true

Apr 15, 2014

The 4 Lunar Hologram Waves Filmed So Far...

I wasn't expecting this when I watched the video, but this is pretty amazing.  I've got some respect for Crrow77's YouTube Channel, who consistently spends his nights filming the Moon for those of us who lack the technology (and patience) to do it ourselves.  What you will see here is either an amazing hoax (which makes no sense and I don't believe it to be) or, as he says on the video, Providence intervening that he would just happen to be taping on the nights and at the times these events happened.  What you are seeing is evidence of a "Breakaway Civilization", one that is technologically well advanced of those things we are accustomed to.  And a Breakaway Civilization is one that easily sees itself as equal to or greater than God.

If it is a hologram of the Moon, it must be generated on the Moon.  A projection from Earth (or another external source) would not appear like this and would require a lot more energy. Why would someone do this?  To hide what's happening on the Moon of course!  Enjoy...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9MlGnEtKxY&list=UUW4k9vXjgOSDcYq6Ge9hWWg - Lunar Wave Hologram and the Moon Lie  (well worth watching!)

http://jaysanalysis.com/2010/06/11/2001-a-space-odyssey-esoteric-analysis/ - Jay's Analysis of the Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Did we actually go to the Moon?  If we did, why did we cover it up?

In this clip you will finally see all four of the lunar hologram waves I have filmed, for the first time. With recent covert contacts and information, I am steadily moving to a position of certainty - these lunar waves are, in fact, holograms covering our moon. My mission to upgrade my equipment is in full swing as I have reason to believe the window of opportunity with regard to exposing the lunar lies is diminishing -- by design. Every bit of information I release publicly works against me in the hands of those who wish to keep these truths from seeing the light of day. I thank you all for the support you have shown the Crrow777 channel. Cheers.

Donate to the Crrow777 equipment upgrade fund:
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The first upgrade will be a Canon camera body converted to shoot in IR (infrared) for stand alone and telescope use. This will be followed by a Canon camera body converted to shoot in UV (ultraviolet) and also usable coupled to the telescope.

Cheers and thank you for your support,

More Banker Suicides (and Murders)...

Some facts and speculation on why by Dr. Joseph Farrell.  The importance here is to see the mirage of our financial markets and to see that someone has "breakaway civilization" technology...the kind of technology to wreck the market and maneuver trillions of dollars as needed.

Posted by Joseph P. Farrell

The dead bodies in the banking business just keep piling up, this time, in LIchtenstein, where a banker has been found murdered, and in the Netherlands, where a banker, his wife, and young daughter, are victims:

Lichtenstein bank CEO Frick Murdered
48 Year Old Man Killed in Bank Garage
Former Bank Helped Trigger Collapse

By now, it is (or at least should be) obvious to any reasonable person that all these suicides, from the unfortunate Chinese banker in Hong Kong, to the murder by defenestration that we’ve seen in New York and London with JP Morgan bankers, and now to Lichtenstein, Holland, and Scotland connections, are all somehow related and not accidental. We are now in a distinct and definite pattern. We are looking at murder. Look at what the stories have added up to thus far:
  1. The “suicides” and murders have global extent, from China to Lichtenstein, thus suggesting that whatever is behind these murders is something of global extent;
  2. The suicides have been connected to allegations of fraud(as in the case of Herr Frick), or are tied to areas of finance where there has been rampant financial fraud, such as mortages, and the “suicide” by nail gun of Colorado mortgage title businessman, Richard Talley;
  3. The suicides have shown a consistent pattern of people connected to the computer-related aspects of finance, suggesting elements connected to high frequency trading and international financial clearing.
The question is, why all the murders?

One very obvious answer is suggested by the case of Lichtenstein banker Juergen Frick, one of the more recent victims, and clearly a murder victim, and that is the allegation of he raised of fraud. I have suggested this before, in connection with the hidden system of finance that I have argued was put into place after World War Two as a completely off the books system of finance designed as a covert (and vast) slush fund to finance secret research of a long term and exotic nature, and to fund covert operations. This has meant that the national security apparatus of the USA became involved in international banking (and therefore, its adjunct, clearing) at a very early period in the postwar world, and hence, the protection of this system, should anyone discover its internal workings or threaten to expose it, would be a national security secret, and certainly one that its managers would commit murder to protect.

In the operations of such a system, however, fraud becomes the norm, and hence, another reason for the evident pattern offers itself, and that is simply that with all the bad paper floating around – particularly in the wake of the credit default swaps and derivatives that were created prior to the crash of 2008 – evidence of the vast amounts of capital tied up in those securities has to be eliminated. We could, in other words, be looking at the liquidation of “loose ends” as the international financial community scrambles to reset back to normalcy, burning and shredding the bad paper, and anyone with deep knowledge of it. This has been the view argued in various places by my colleague Catherine Austin Fitts, to a certain extent.

But the Frick and Schmittmann cases linked above suggest another high octane speculative possibility, namely, that these bankers may be comparing notes, and coming to some interesting conclusions, conclusions I suggested yesterday in my blog about Goldman Sach’s breathtaking and apparent withdrawal (for the moment) from one of its own High Frequency Trading “dark pools”. What if Herr Frick discovered, during the course of his lawsuit, that the entity he had assumed had defrauded him, really hadn’t, but rather, that it had been used by some other entity, that it had been hacked, as it were, and that no one, at least in the public aspect of the system, had defrauded him at all? What if he had discovered evidence that the entire system of international clearing had been hacked and was under someone else’s control? In such a situation, one might hold panicked meetings in quiet board rooms, deciding what to do to protect one’s assets, electronic or otherwise, and one might, like Goldman Sachs, decide on a moratorium on involvement in any system it suspected may have been compromised. One would also, I imagine, put out the quiet word that everyone in “the business” would have to be carefully monitored, and, if they came to close to this explosive secret, or were suspected of possibly going public with it, quietly advised to remain quiet about it.

Read the full article at - http://gizadeathstar.com/2014/04/banker-suicides-high-octane-speculation/

Captain America 2: Winter Soldier is Real

This is from Jay's analysis, a philosophical look at what Hollywood is spending millions of dollars on to show us.  This article ties into the next two, which will show up above this on the posts.  I have rare nights like this, where I don't intend to post anything, and I realize there is so much going on, I can't post it all.  These three posts however, help us see the larger picture.  I'm referring to the Psalm 2 picture.  If you haven't read it, please do. 

Psalm 2 describes the end of this age, and a war.  This war is most of humanity, including Kings and rulers (those who possess great power) against God.  No sci-fi here, simple prophecy.  It will happen.  But why would mankind think they are more powerful than God?  Read on...

Film poster.  The film was released on 4-4-14.
Film poster. The film was released on 4-4-14.

By: Jay
The new Captain America film is heavily laced with either revelation of the method programming, or genuine artistic rebellion against the corrupt, globalist establishment.  The plot is one of the most anti-new world order films I’ve seen, in terms of plot.  Granted, Marvel is now owned by Disney is 100% establishment, regurgitating decades of Disney mind control, but apparently that doesn’t prevent a positive message to seep out.

Or, from a darker perspective, was the completely revelatory plot of Captain America 2 purposefully released as another middle finger?  Does the intentional selection of  sentimental old Americana (represented by Captain America) perhaps signal the establishment’s statement they know the truth of the opposition’s side better than the opposition, associating anti-establishment impetus with childish comic book plots?  Let us analyze.  The plot begins with a French “terrorist” organization hijacking a high-tech SHIELD warship called “The Lemurian Star.”  Lemuria is associated with Atlantis in the writings of occultists like Blavatsky and Leadbetter, giving us a clue that the key to interpreting the meaning will be the attempt to restore Atlantis.  This false flag attack is designed to frame SHIELD commander, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), disabling the Avengers and Captain America.

The state-sponsored terror is actually led by Hydra, a kind of World War 2 analogue for the Bilderberg Group.  Hydra, like Bilderberg, was founded by former Nazis seeking to implement a worldwide technocratic government.   Like the actual Bilderberg Group, it has the same goals and motivations, but what was so surprising about Captain America 2 was the revelation of the AI control/kill grid that is Hydra’s real weapon.   The Avengers discover that the AI kill grid is put in place to utilize all the data that the government surveillance has captured over the last several decades using complex algorithms that predict who the likely threats will be in the future.
Thumbs up to Natasha Romanov
Thumbs up to Natasha Romanov
Predictive algorithmic AI computing is precisely the purpose of the Internet itself, as well as Google and all the other tech monstrosities.  The purpose of the Internet itself was always to gather reconnaissance on the masses.  The AI grid stores basically everything, and based on the vast information stored at the “data vaults” and warehouses around the globe, information is processed for future predictive accuracy.  There is a virtual version of everything happening, with a virtual version of you and me, where tests are run to see the outcome of various scenarios.  The reconnaissance is for the ultimate goal of the AI takeover.  Films like the Terminator series and Oblivion also have this same plot, but rather than art life imitating art, this is art based on actual Pentagon programs.  And just like Skynet is real, so is the Avengers’ version of Skynet, where advanced decapitation and space-based weapons (for removing heads of state) are in place since at least the Star Wars Defense initiative of the late 70s.

As I’ve written before, in the 90s Microsoft and the military planned to have a total Skynet grid in place with directed energy weapons and a microchipped populace that would be under global technocratic rule.  The declassified document is still available here at Fas.org.  Contrary to Gizmodo’s claim that DARPA “tried” to build skynet in the 80s under SDI, the reality is Skynet was built and is still being built.  This is the very heart of the entire new world order plan, and why I say Captain America 2: Winter Soldier is the ultimate conspiracy movie.  It is also worth noting that Captain America is from another age – he represents old Americana in the film.  He sees the world in the classic bipolar, manichaean scheme that Brzezinski described of the past century, where the “free” West struggles against the “tyrannical” axis and eastern powers.

The film’s title “Winter Soldier” refers to Captain’s old war buddy who was cryogenically frozen by Hydra and resurrected under MKULTRA-style mind control programming to become a mass murdering assassin.  Hydra thus intends to use the AI kill grid to set up the “new world order,” the film says, where order will reign over chaos.  As all utopian propagandists have sought, the goal was to build the New Atlantis.  This is crucial to note, as Sir Francis Bacon, the hermeticist philosopher of the new world (America) predicted the continent would become the “new Atlantis.”  It is not accidental that Hydra’s goal of creating the New Atlantis occurs in the Captain America film.
Hydra logo with the Totenkopf and the 666 tentacles.
Hydra logo with the Totenkopf and the 666 tentacles.
Hydra’s image is similar to the classic Prussian “Death’s Head,” and the Nazi Totenkopf.  Consider as well the Hydra symbol is red for war/bloodshed and has three mirrored tentacles that are reversible “666s.”  As the film’s villain Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) states, “To build a better world requires tearing down the old one.”  This is the mantra of the new world order in real life, where “order out of chaos” is the formula used for thesis – antithesis – synthesis dialectics, in order to bring about convergence and change.  The convergence and change, however, is not meant for good, but for the destruction of the “weak,” as the social Darwinian plan of manufactured “evolution” marches on. So, does Captain America 2 represent authentic rebellion on the part of some of the artistic establishment?  Does it represent more revelation of the method indoctrination, subtly using propaganda and psy ops techniques to lull the unwashed masses into acquiescence, as the technocracy advances on?  We will have to wait and see where the next Marvel installments take us, but with Iron Man 3 exposing Bin Laden and Captain America 2 exposing Skynet, things are looking better.

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Apr 14, 2014

No coincidence, Big Solomon quake & buoy showing plate movement

More interesting background on what's happening with the large earthquakes.  Once again it's evident that these earthquakes tend to happen in the Spring of the Northern Hemisphere and tend to set off more large earthquakes. 

This was done yesterday with a bit more info...

MH370 Revisited Part 1: Malaysians Defy Disinformation

Some great puzzle work done for us in this article concerning the still missing Malaysian Airline Flight 370.  Incorporated into the article is much of the confirmed stories, including the high likelihood the flight spent at least part of the time after landing in Diego Garcia, the British owned American Naval and Airbase in the Indian Ocean.  Fascinating stuff here.  Plenty of speculation included, which you can decide whether it's conceivably true or not.

By Yoichi Shimatsu
World Exclusive to Rense

KUALA LUMPUR - At a closed-door seminar on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, veteran police commanders and retired military officers said that erroneous media reports and bizarre blogger theories are aimed at debunking the logical conclusion that the jetliner was hijacked. Trivialized speculation and futile searching have presented a mid-sea crash as the only possible scenario and a given fact without a shred of evidence.
Meanwhile the country's largest ad agency is pushing a cynical publicity campaign to persuade families and friends to give up the search for their loved ones. Across the capital Kuala Lumpur, gigantic billboards and electronic signs are posted with "condolences" and "mourning" for those aboard MH370, asserting without an iota of proof that the passengers are dead. The shadowy ad firm Ganad behind this cruel hoax is hardly a moral standard bearer, after admitting to unreported business contracts and bribery in a court of law last year.
Who could be behind this campaign to demoralize the Malaysian public? A veteran Malaysian police detective at the seminar said that psychological-warfare tactics are being orchestrated from the Mossad station in neighboring Singapore, a stronghold of Zionist influence since the colonial era. The SingaIsraeli cover-up has backfired, however, as millions of skeptical Malaysians filter fact from corporate media lies and hold on to the possibility that someday, somehow the hostages will be freed from captivity.
Emerging Consensus Points to Israel as Perpetrator
The consensus among the gathering, which included veteran police and military officers who have insider access to government information, includes:
- The last radar detection of MH370, picked up by an airport at Surathani, Thailand, showed the jetliner moving due west between Penang and Lankawi island, past 2 a.m. when radar at the local international airports had already closed. The plane was not following a southerly arc toward Australia as erroneously suggested by European aircraft experts cited in the mass media. 
- Eyewitness accounts of a low-flying jetliner over the Maldives are bona fide and consistent with other evidence showing the jetliner was forced to land on nearby Diego Garcia island, a US military facility in the British-controlled Chagos Islands group, where a large contingent of Israeli Defense Force personnel are stationed.
- The early-on claim that two Iranian terrorists were aboard was a red herring planted by the Mossad. The European passports in their possession were stolen in Thailand and their air tickets were purchased over the phone, suggesting a frame-up by Israeli spies, who operate out of the Chabad Houses in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The false terror scare was a ruse to convince the US military to permit MH370 to land at Diego Garcia.
- Before departure from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) the pilot ordered extra aircraft fuel, indicating a plan to fly the jetliner after transiting at Diego Garcia. With full fuel tanks, a Boeing 777 can easily reach Israel.
The map of southern tip of Diego Garcia shows where the MH370 passengers were detained, at an abandoned NSA complex at the top of the map, recently used as a prison for rendition suspects. Formerly called the Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance center, it was used by the NSA to track and process data from spy satellites. Its functions have been replaced by USAF-NSA orbital platforms. The demolished satellite dish park is shown below the NSA complex.
The Unknown Soldiers
On March 18, some 10 days after the hijack, American passenger Philip Wood managed to send an i-Phone message, consisting of a dark "selfie" photo of his hooded head. His voice message was probably received, transcribed and edited into a standard SOS text by his fiance Sarah Bajc, a business executive in Beijing with intelligence connections. His message reads:
“I have been held hostage by unknown military personnel after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the other passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly."
The key words here are "unknown military". A trained security expert, Wood would have detected British, Australian or Turkish accents among the hostage takers. The only other military contingent on Diego Garcia, second only to Americans in numbers of personnel, are the Israelis. Dressed in unmarked uniforms, the Israels would speak in English with a variety of accents and therefore fit his description of an "unknown military." 
Wood was unaware of his location. GPS data from his i-Phone phone indicate that the passengers were held in the southeast sector of the ring-shaped atoll at an abandoned NSA facility. Formerly known as the Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance center, the fenced site with several structures has been used for extraordinary renditions in the war on terror, as attested to in a 2009 lawsuit in a London court by two Egyptian prisoners secretly detained there, as reported by The Guardian.
As shown in the Egyptian suspects' court testimony against the British military, allied forces have had free rein to run their own operations on Diego Garcia without interference from the US military. Therefore, it was possible for the Israelis to remain in control of the Flight 370 passengers and crew at the remote NSA facility, after turning over the two Iranians to American interrogators.
Wood's role as the security expert for the Freescale Semiconductor team aboard MH370 would have prompted the Israel team to separate him from other passengers for solitary confinement. He was taken the switching facility for an abandoned array of satellite dishes, which appear as circles on the ground, south of the NSA compound.
The Israeli commandos isolated Wood because, as the team security expert, he was the only person who knew how to organize the computer programmers and other passengers to refuse to disclose their names and job titles to their captors. By hiding or exchanging their passports, and refusing any cooperation, the passengers could prevent the hijackers from completing their mission of identifying the Freesoft staffers and taking them on a smaller military aircraft to Israel. Wood's task, in contrast, was to protect the data, so vital to American national security, whatever the sacrifice.
By March 24, Sarah Bajc's on camera interviews with CNN and BBC bureaus in Beijing, and her pleas to the US Embassy, spurred the State Department and CIA officials to launch an inquiry as to why an American security expert was being held by a foreign military. Once investigators examined the GPS data sent with the i-Phone photo, American intelligence officials realized to their dismay that MH370 was parked on the US military base in Diego Garcia.
That shocking discovery caused the American officers at Diego Garcia to order the Israelis to remove the plane and its passengers from their jurisdiction. Since a return to Kuala Lumpur would have caused an uproar, the only acceptable destination was a Royal Australian Air Force base in the Outback, north of Perth. RAAF Base Pearce at Bullsbrook is a joint-use base with the Singapore Air Force, putting it under de facto control of the Israel Air and Space Wing, which organized the MH370 hijacking.
By hiding the plane in Western Australia, the military allies could to buy time to resolve the diplomatically embarrassing crisis. The plane never reached that holding center.
IBM security expert Philip Wood was kept in solitary confinement at this power switching station after "unknown military personnel" separated him from other passengers. The circles are foundations of dismantled satellite dishes and microwave-relay towers used by the NSA satellite-tracking station. From this site, he managed to send an SOS message from an i-Phone that he had hidden in his underpants.
Prenuptial Tragedy
The probable recipient of Wood's smart-phone message is his Beijing-based fiance Sarah Bajc. A marketing expert for high-tech companies, she has professional links with the US Commerce Department, which began early in her career as a member of a federal committee on foreign trade. Former Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was US Ambassador to Beijing until the end of 2013, so she had personal access to the Embassy. As such, she has connections with US intelligence officer and the Western news media, including CNN and BBC, which covered her shocking statements that governments were running a cover-up over the hijacking and that the MH370 passengers were still alive.
In many ways, the romantic link between Wood and Bajc as tech-security experts was similar to the relationship between CIA counter-proliferation agent Valerie Plame and Ambaassador Joe Wilson. By no odd coincidence, the opponent of both brainy couples was the same: Israel along with its neoconservative operatives in the Pentagon.
Bajac claimed the jetliner was escorted by fighter jets . That sighting on descent to Diego Garcia was possible due to Wood's security training, which enables an agent to regain consciousness against a dosage of sedatives, in this case sleeping gas released inside the airplane cabin. While civilians tend to succumb to drowsiness aboard vehicles, security agents undergo psychologial training to revive themselves from sedative-induced slumber. As a result, Wood saw the jet escort and realized that MH370 had been remotely hijacked.
Freescale Kinetis KL03 microcontroller unit
Asleep at the Wheel
The possibility that the passengers and crew were sedated via the air vents was confirmed by a police detective and a military officer at the Kuala Lumpur seminar. Calls to mobile phones of passengers aboard MH370 by relatives triggered ring tones that went unanswered, indicating the passengers had been drugged. That scenario gains credible support from the erratic steering just before MH370 made its U-turn to cross over the peninsula, indicating that the pilot was struggling with drowsiness just before the controls were taken from his hands by an electronic hijack.
The release of airborne-tranquilizers via the interior vents was patented in August 2003 by inventor Jose Paul Moretta, as part of a remote-piloting system to foil terrorist hijackers. Aircraft manufacturers may have developed a working system a decade earlier, at least since 1995, for installation on high risks air routes, for example, the Middle East.
Oxygen deprivation is not used in emergency situations because it can cause permanent damage to the brain and sensory organs. That false media claim by so-called aircraft experts is obviously intended to maintain airline secrecy about the anti-hijacking system aboard many large jetliners. The existence of a gassing system explains why airline regulations forbid oxygen cannisters aboard passenger jets, since an independent air supply would enable terrorists to stay in control of a hijacked jet.
(There is inconsistency over the specific Boeing 777 used for Flight 370 on March 8, with the Malaysian Air Service claiming it is a wholly owned aircraft delivered in March 2002. In contrast, the Planespotters group surfaced a document indicating the plane is an older model leased to MAS by GA Telesis. A change of plane number, with cooperation from Boeing Southeast Asia, is not inconceivable for two purposes: insurance claims for the loss of a plane and passengers; and to hide the past installation of a tranquilizing system when the jet was owned by the Kuwait aircraft leasing firm ALARCO. Corruption and cover-ups are standard practice at Boeing Southeast Asia, which under its current management is allegedly engaged in criminal trafficking activities along with bribery and kickbacks for plane sales.)
The electronic takeover of MH370's controls over the Gulf of Thailand is a telltale sign that the pilot lost his nerve at the last minute and had failed to turn the aircraft westward as ordered by his spymaster. It will never be known whether the pilot realized that he was under Israel command, since espionage agencies use "cut outs", middlemen who appear not to be associated with the operation planners. His assumption was probably one of aiding Islamic extremists, as is the case in many so-called jihadist false-flag attacks secretly organized by the Mossad against US or Arab interests. 
The Titiwangsa Mountains, which forms the backbone of the Kra Peninsula, is risky for pilots even in daylight hours because of its jagged peaks. During nighttime, downdrafts are especially dangerous, and MH370 crossed one of the highest passes of the Main Range.
Read the rest of the article at - http://rense.com/general96/mh370rv.html

Pyramids Planets The Bible Part 3 & 4

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3: Operation High Jump
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Fraking - Shale Gas Production
Loop Current


The Supernatural Worldview - Cris Putnam

Parapsychology grew out of the spiritualist movement in the nineteenth century. During Charles Darwin’s day, dissatisfaction with Christian theism and naturalistic science converged and captured the hearts and minds of many intellectuals. 

In truth, Alfred Russel Wallace was as well known, if not more so, than Darwin. Wallace looked at the impact of philosophical materialism on ethics and rightly rejected it in order to retain traditional Victorian morality. Since he saw no substitute for Darwinism, he sought a spiritual science—even if it entailed a leap of faith into the occult and spiritualism. A leading parapsychology textbook explains:
Within a few years the message of spiritualism had spread throughout America and to Europe. Its growth was soon to accelerate dramatically as people found wanting alternative worldviews based solely on an agnostic science or on a Christianity under siege from Darwin’s theory of evolution. Spiritualism offered an appealing compromise, for here was a religious movement that claimed to put religion on an empirical footing, most particularly by seeking direct “scientific proof” of its central tenets through communication with the spirit world.[i]
Thus, many formerly naturalist scientists founded the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), which included notables like William James and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Faced with the hopelessness of the Darwinian paradigm, these men had noble intentions. Like Thomas Nagel cited earlier, they were desperately looking for a new science to give naturalistic justification for consciousness and the afterlife in order to preserve the hope and values previously provided by the Christianity that they believed Darwin had undone. 
They weren’t too far astray, because if naturalism is true, there really is no hope. Given the Darwinian paradigm, life is nothing but brutal, tooth-and-claw survival. When you die, you just cease to exist, and, accordingly, everything is ultimately meaningless. It is hardly surprising that naturalists cannot live consistently with the philosophical conclusions of their worldview. As a result, they inevitably leap into an irrational hope that will preserve elements of the Christian worldview without its God. This is why a literary genius and man of science like Doyle lived out his last days being duped out of his royalties by every two-bit medium and spiritualist sham artist in Britain. While some of the work done by the SPR remains compelling, modern parapsychology has distanced itself from its forerunner. 
In the early twentieth century, Duke University psychologist Joseph B. Rhine and his wife, Dr. Louisa Rhine, were the most important academic advocates of the controversial new science called parapsychology. While Louisa compiled thousands of spontaneous, real-world cases for statistical analysis, J. B. earnestly sought to make parapsychology a legitimate science by severing its connection to spiritualism and its questionable associations. He moved it into the laboratory and sought to establish the existence of what he called ESP (extrasensory perception) through repeatable scientific experiments. However, like his predecessors, the tension between his religious longings and the scientific worldview was what drove him. Rhine explained:
Dissatisfied with the orthodox religious belief which had at one time impelled me toward the ministry and dissatisfied, except as a last resort with a materialistic philosophy, I was obviously ready to investigate any challenging fact that might hold possibilities of new insight into human personality and its relations to the universe.[ii]
Rhine’s early ministry ambitions reveal that a frustrated Christian theism compelled his search. Like most rational people, he intuited that materialism was inadequate and sought a way to prove it. His underlying aspiration to answer the basic worldview questions is laid bare:
My interest in psychic research had grown out of my desire, common, I think, to thousands of people, to find a satisfactory philosophy of life, one that could be regarded as scientifically sound and yet could answer some of the urgent questions regarding the nature of man and his place in the natural world.[iii]
Although most mainstream scientists today reject his data, few have really examined it. Even more, an increasing number of respectable academics believe that Rhine proved the existence of ESP and that recent work has replicated and confirmed his conclusions. (Those details are unpacked in chapters 6 and 7 on psi in the upcoming book The Supernatural Worldview.) As materialism goes extinct, one should expect the controversial science (or its successor) to experience a renaissance. 
Interestingly, parapsychologist George P. Hansen has observed that throughout history, “the paranormal and supernatural become prominent during times of transition. Charismatic leaders may arise who demonstrate paranormal powers, attracting followers, and challenging the legitimacy of the establishment.”[iv] He came to this conclusion from an exhaustive historical survey of paranormal and supernatural beliefs in his work, The Trickster and the Paranormal. Hansen believes that paranormal events, such as sightings of strange creatures, UFOs, and ghosts occur when the society is in disorder and during times of transition. He also ascribes this to agency rather than coincidence by writing, “The paranormal encompasses everything from levitating monks to ESP, from spirits to cattle mutilations—an incredible and unsavory hodgepodge. The mix seems incoherent. But the trickster makes sense of it.”[v] While we will address the trickster later, it is demonstrable that paranormal beliefs are not only becoming more common, but are rising to unprecedented levels.

Paranormal Is the New Normal

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released a report on December 9, 2009, titled “Many Americans Mix Multiple Faiths.”[vi] The report shows that many Americans now “blend Christianity with Eastern or New Age beliefs such as reincarnation,”[vii] and that significant numbers of all major religious groups (including evangelicals) report having supernatural experiences like seeing ghosts and contacting the dead through spirit mediums. A Lutheran scholar recently sounded an alarm in a 2013 book on demon possession, stating: “The western world is in transition with paganism on the rise. Spiritualism is progressively becoming a dominant religious preference within a postmodern age.”[viii] Americans are having mystical visions and experiences like at no other time in our history. According to the data, the number of Americans who report having a mystical experience surpassed the numbers who have not.[ix] Interestingly, that number has been on the rise continually since prayer was removed from the public schools in 1962. Back then, 78 percent said they had not had a mystical experience. Many Christian authors have described the 1960s as an occult explosion. 
Christian apologist Ron Rhodes concluded:
In some sectors of our society, the paranormal has become the new normal. Indeed, tens of millions of people have rejected Christianity and replaced it with belief in ghosts, spirit guides, psychic phenomena, out-of-body experiences, and the like. Psychics are currently communicating messages from these spirit entities that blatantly contradict the teachings of the Bible.[x]
One of my favorite defenders of faith saw it coming many years ago.
In my opinion, Francis Schaeffer was the greatest theologian of the twentieth century. Through regular contacts with European students at his L’Abri Fellowship, Schaeffer understood the culture better than most academics. In 1979, Schaeffer and Surgeon General C. Everett Koop wrote Whatever Happened to the Human Race? Within, they commented on the emergent paranormal worldview as a desperate search for hope:
People are hungry for something which will give them hope in life. They are tired of the empty platitudes that politicians and many theologians have made: endless exhortations to be good, to be good, to be good! They are also afraid. Things really do seem hopeless, even on the level of everyday life with its threats of a lower standard of living, of a growing authoritarianism, of famine and ecological disaster, of devastating war. And they are looking for any answer. So the UFOs are messengers of a friendly race from another planet. “Do not fear—the Force is with you!”—to borrow from a current science fiction film. And so people believe it irrationally. If they used their minds, they would see no evidence for friendly people from outside. But the feeling of experience as they read about this or see it on a screen is enough. It does not matter if there is any reality to it.                                                                            
What about the growth of occultism, witchcraft, astrology? Is it simply economics that has put the signs of the zodiac in shops from one end of our society to the other? In part it is economics, but, once again, the real reason is deeper. People are looking for answers—answers they can experience...                                                        
Wherever we look, this is what confronts us: irrational experience. We must be careful not to be bewildered by the surface differences between these movements. We are not saying they are all the same. Of course there are differences. The secular existentialists, for example, disagree with one another. Then, too, secular existentialists differ with religious existentialists; the former tend to be pessimistic, the latter optimistic. Some of the movements are serious and command our respect. Some are just bizarre. There are differences. Yet, all of them represent the new mysticism! [xi]
Not only did Schaeffer perceive the common thread connecting ostensibly diverse movements, he is beseeching us to ask the deeper questions while offering a strong caution to trust our experiences. Far too often, well-meaning Christians trade their supernatural experiences for a more respectable scientific explanation, but not necessarily in line with REALITY. Later we will explain Schaeffer’s two-story truth concept by which people place their hopes in demons and the occult. Secular psychologists have tracked this worldview shift as well. 
Dr. Kenneth Ring is a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Connecticut and past president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). He is the author of Heading Toward Omega: In Search of the Meaning of the Near-Death Experience and the Omega Project: Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large, two books with terrific application to the subject at hand. His fascination with the Omega Point is borrowed directly from the writings of the Jesuit mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who conceived of the idea that evolution was progressing to a goal—the maximum level of complexity and consciousness—called the Omega Point. Along with the Ukrainian geochemist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, he also developed the concept of noosphere, an innovative term denoting the numinous sphere of collective human thought. During his prime, Chardin was condemned as a heretic because his mystical Darwinian syncretism severely conflicted with the teaching magisterium of the Catholic Church, particularly regarding human origins and the doctrine of original sin. His primary book, The Phenomenon of Man, presented an evolutionary account of the unfolding of the cosmos that abandoned biblical theology for an occult pantheistic monism. However, as we thoroughly documented in Exo-Vaticana, today his thought is mainstreamed in the order Pope Francis comes from--the Jesuits--and was endorsed repeatedly in the theological writings of Pope Benedict XVI.[xii] 
Borrowing deeply from Chardinian concepts like noogenesis, Ring employed the tools of psychological research to document the worldview shift resulting from transformative encounters like NDEs and alien abduction. He concluded these phenomena are instigating a paradigm shift entailing the “shamanizing of modern humanity.”[xiii] Of course, a shaman is typically a tribal leader who contacts the spirit world and practices magic. Like Chardin, Ring frames it as an extension of evolution. However, Ring has tabulated a lot of data that suggests we are within “a major shift in the levels of consciousness that will eventually lead to humanity being able to live in two worlds at once—the physical and the imaginal.”[xiv] He concludes that humankind is merging with “Mind at Large.”[xv] This corresponds quite neatly with the converging monistic aspirations of the interspiritual age discussed earlier in this series. Recent poll data supports the trend toward shamanization.
The paranormal has deeply penetrated American culture. It now is the mainstream. A 2005 Gallup poll revealed that three in four Americans believe in the paranormal. Put another way, that is 75 percent of Americans[xvi]—or around 235,425,000 people. Also, 37 percent believe houses can be haunted and 21 percent believe they can personally communicate with the dead. Thus, out of the current population estimate of roughly three hundred million Americans, one hundred eleven million people believe in hauntings, and sixty-three million Americans believe they can communicate with the dead! To put that figure in visual terms, imagine a large superdome football stadium that holds fifty thousand people. Think about this: It would take 1,260 of those stadiums to hold the number of Americans who believe it is possible to communicate with the dead! That entails a lot of necromantic tailgating. What is more disturbing to a Christian apologist is that many of these folks claim to be Bible believers. 
Astonishingly, 20 percent of Protestants and 28 percent of Catholics believe in reincarnation, an idea foreign to biblical theology, but, as we will examine, very popular in NDE research, parapsychology and the new pantheism. Close to the same percentages of Protestants and Catholics practice yoga as spiritual discipline, believe in astrology, and hold a belief in spiritual energy arising from objects such as mountains, trees, or crystals. This extends into areas traditionally associated with witchcraft. Seventeen percent of Catholics and 16 percent of Protestants believe people can use the “evil eye” to “cast curses or spells that cause bad things to happen.”[xvii] Reports of ghosts have doubled! The percentage of Americans who report seeing a ghost has doubled from 9 percent to 18 percent over thirteen years prior to the 2009 survey. The percentage who said that they were in touch with a dead person has increased from 18 percent to 29 percent. Given this data, should Christian apologists be spending most of their time addressing atheistic naturalism? I think not. There is a much more pressing need in addressing the occult/paranormal worldview. This is a wakeup call. However, the warning gong was rung long ago by a Christian martyr and watchman on the wall who saw it coming from his study of biblical prophecy (Nee's book on the subject and many others will be provided free with the purchase of The Supernatural Worldview - more info coming soon).

Watchman Nee’s Warning

On November 4, 1903 in Swatow, China, a baby boy, Nee Shu-Tsu, was born. His name means “he who proclaims his ancestors’ merits.” [xix] After the boy’s life mission became apparent to his mother, an early Chinese Christian, she gave him a new name, To-Sheng, meaning “the sound of a gong.”[xx] The new name implies that he would be a watchman who would bang the gong to warn the people of God. Hence, his name was anglicized to “Watchman Nee,” and he lived up to his name by issuing early warnings concerning the ongoing paranormal paradigm shift. 
Watchman Nee (1903–1972) was a Christian teacher and church leader in China during the first half of the twentieth century. He established churches throughout China and taught countless disciples. During his thirty years of service, Nee published over a hundred books expounding the Bible,[xxi] including The Normal Christian Life, his best-known book that sold over one million copies worldwide and became a Christian classic. Following the Communist Revolution, he was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith. He spent the last twenty years of his life in prison and died a Christian martyr at the hands of militant atheism. Nee was named one of the “100 Most Influential Christians of the Twentieth Century” by Christianity Today magazine, and was officially honored for his contributions to Protestant Christianity by the United States House of Representatives.[xxii] 
Nee not only predicted the current paranormal paradigm shift, but he offered a shocking explanation for it: mankind’s latent soul power apprehended in the last days for Satan’s diabolic ends. Nee held to the belief that man is tripartite. In Christian theology, the tripartite view holds that man is a composite of three distinct components: body, soul, and spirit. New Testament passages—like “may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thessalonians 5:23b) and “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit”(Hebrews 4:12a)—support this view. Michael A. Harbin is a modern trichotomist who explains spiritual death at the Fall by appealing to the distinction between soul and spirit [xxiii]. In contrast, the bipartite view holds that “soul” and “spirit” are different terms for the same component. This is because some contemporary scholars argue that spirit and soul seem to be used interchangeably in other passages. Even so, Hebrews 4:12 strongly supports the tripartite distinction. Nee explained the division in this way:
What is the spirit? That which makes us conscious of God and relates us to God is the spirit. What is the soul? It is that which relates us to ourselves and gives us self-consciousness. What is the body? It causes us to be related to the world.[xxiv]
Furthermore, he believed the soul was the interface between spirit and body and that before the Fall it was the seat of Adam’s ability to converse and walk with God. Nee stated:
The living soul, which is the result of the coming together of the spirit and the body, possesses unthinkable supernatural power. At the fall, though, the power which distinguishes Adam from us is lost. Yet this does not mean there is no longer such power; it only denotes that though this ability is still in man, it is nonetheless “frozen” or immobilized.[xxv]
While some of his exegesis is questionable according to modern scholarship, still his overarching thesis deserves careful consideration. It cannot be disputed that he predicted much of what we see happening today. Within The Supernatural Worldview, we will examine some of Nee’s ideas in greater depth to “test everything; hold fast what is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). But for now, let us hear him as a prophetic watchman:
In Revelation 18 things are mentioned which shall come to pass in the last days. I indicated at the very beginning how man’s soul will become a commodity in Babylon—that which can be sold and bought. But why is man’s soul treated as a commodity? Because Satan and his puppet the Antichrist wish to use the human soul as an instrument for their activities at the end of this age. When Adam fell in the garden of Eden his power was immobilized. He had not lost this power altogether, only it was now buried within him. He had become flesh, and his flesh now enclosed tightly this marvelous power within it. Generation has succeeded generation with the result that this primordial ability of Adam has become a “latent” force in his descendants. It has turned to become a kind of “hidden” power. It is not lost to man, it is simply bound up by the flesh.
Today in each and every person who lives on earth lies this Adamic power, though it is confined in him and is not able to freely express itself. Yet such power is in every man’s soul just as it was in Adam’s soul at the beginning. Since today’s soul is under siege by the flesh, this power is likewise confined by the flesh. The work of the devil nowadays is to stir up man’s soul and to release this latent power within it as a deception for spiritual power. The reason for my mentioning these things is to warn ourselves of the special relationship between man’s soul and Satan in the last days.[xxvii]
Watchman Nee believed that humans have extrasensory abilities as a remnant of their pre-Fall status entailing freer access to God and the supernatural realm. Whether his exegetical inferences are perfectly sound is beside the larger point, being that this soul power is an inherent talent, some having more than others. There is a great deal of scientific evidence demonstrating this power examined in chapters 6 and 7 of the upcoming book The Supernatural Worldview. More troublesome, Nee believed that mankind’s greatest supernatural enemy would seek to encourage and harness this psychic power for his own evil ends: “But it is Satan’s desire to develop this latent ability so as to make man feel he is as rich as God in accordance with what Satan had promised. Thus will man worship himself, though indirectly it is a worship of Satan.”[xxviii] From facts examined in the upocoming book as well as entries in this online series, readers will discover the Watchman's predictions may have been an understatement. Behind secret, well-funded, and politically powerful doors, the strategy is already in play.
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