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The Evils Of Psychiatry: Truth About Bipolar,Depression, Abuse, DSM, & My Testimony

 It should be of interest to note that the Psychiatric authorities change the definitions (and create new ones) every year when they issue the DSM manual, the official handbook for Psychiatric disorders.  What was a disorder may not be a disorder this year, but never fear, it may be back as a disorder next year! 

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Mexico "Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Fish" Different Locations

The Hosea Prophecy foretold of the end time signs of mass animal die offs also also

Indian Warrior Oakerhater Followed New Captain

Indian Warrior Oakerhater Followed New Captain
The middle-aged American Indian who rose to speak knew that the eternal happiness of his tribe depended on his faithful witness. He chose words to persuade them. "You all know me," he said and his listeners nodded in agreement. Oakerhater (O-kuh-ha-tah) had led a fierce corps of Cheyenne fighters against the United States Army in the 1860s and distinguished himself as a brave leader.
However, in 1875, he and twenty seven other warriors were arrested as ringleaders of an uprising. Without trial, they were marched to old Ft. Marion military prison in Florida. They might have rotted in jail except for the concern of Captain Richard H. Pratt. Pratt taught them English and educated them. He saw that Oakerhater was a natural leader so he placed him at the head of the Indian self-discipline force. To give the prisoners a sense of worth, he encouraged them to offer lessons in art and archery to tourists.

As a result of Pratt's kindness, Oakerhater and some others converted to Christianity. Four of them decided to study for the ministry. Miss Mary D. Burnham, of the House of the Good Shepherd in Syracuse, New York raised the needed funds. Mrs. Pendleton of Cincinnati paid Oakerhater's share.
Sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York, the four traveled north. When Oakerhater was baptized in the Grace Episcopal Church, Syracuse in 1878, he took the name David Pendleton Oakerhater, in honor of the woman who paid his way. He was ordained a deacon in 1881.
Oakerhater returned to his people and told them, "You remember when I led you out to war I went first, and what I told you was true. Now I have been away to the East and I have learned about another captain, the Lord Jesus Christ, and he is my leader. He goes first, and all he tells me is true."
Until his death on August 31, 1931, Oakerhater worked hard to bring the peace of Christ to his people. He operated schools and missions at great personal cost, overcoming the apathy of churches and government opposition. Guided by his great captain, he never gave up. One of the government's agents wrote, " better example of Christian manhood was to be found."

The Indians respected Oakerhater's faith and nicknamed him "God's Warrior." In 1982, Episcopal Bishops recommended that David be included in the church calendar. Episcopalians remember him on this day, September 1.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahning Christine Lagarde

You won't believe the monetary madness that the people at the top, the central bankers, are talking about now...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn on his way down

Remember the former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and how they accused him of raping a hotel maid? You’ll recall the basics: Strauss-Kahn was jailed on allegations of rape, and then subsequently released when the allegations proved to be …well, let’s just say, nothing that a prosecutor would want to bring to trial. But the damage was done. Strauss-Kahn, who had ideas that one might qualify as definitely counter to the prevailing financial wisdom, and who had aspirations to run for the French Presidency, had his political career ruined.
Now, it seems, Mm. (or is it Mme.? So hard to tell with her!) Christine Lagarde, current head of the IMF and former Finance Minister of France, has now come into someone’s cross hairs:
The DSKing Of Christine Lagarde: IMF Head Formally Charged In Fraud Probe
The question, of course, for Zero Hedge, and for everyone else, is why Mm or Mme Lagarde should be so summarily Dominique Strauss-Kahned, or, as Zero Hedge puts it, “DSK’d.” For Zero Hedge, it’s the Bernanke Money “paradrop”:
“Regardless of the spin, at this point it’s all over for the first female president of the IMF, whose departure has come with the same facility as her ascent.
“The only question is who and why was angered by her policies over the past three years, and who will be her replacement. And most importantly, is the imminent shift at the top of the IMF indicative of what the CFR pitched yesterday when it proposed that the time has come for Bernanke’s money paradrop. After all, one would need an even more obedient puppet at the head of the monetary fund if such an idiotic plan is to even be able to take off the ground, so to speak.”
The “paradrop” amounts to nothing less than direct central bank-to-consumer money giveaways, in an effort to stimulate the West’s sagging economies by a version of Milton Friedman’s “helicoptor drop” of money:
It Begins: “Central Banks Should Hand Consumers Cash Directly”
In case you missed what the CFR’s Foreign Affairs journal proposed, here it is, in all its stark Keynesian reality:
“In the decades following World War II, Japan’s economy grew so quickly and for so long that experts came to describe it as nothing short of miraculous. During the country’s last big boom, between 1986 and 1991, its economy expanded by nearly $1 trillion. But then, in a story with clear parallels for today, Japan’s asset bubble burst, and its markets went into a deep dive. Government debt ballooned, and annual growth slowed to less than one percent. By 1998, the economy was shrinking.
“That December, a Princeton economics professor named Ben Bernanke argued that central bankers could still turn the country around. Japan was essentially suffering from a deficiency of demand: interest rates were already low, but consumers were not buying, firms were not borrowing, and investors were not betting. It was a self-fulfilling prophesy: pessimism about the economy was preventing a recovery. Bernanke argued that the Bank of Japan needed to act more aggressively and suggested it consider an unconventional approach: give Japanese households cash directly. Consumers could use the new windfalls to spend their way out of the recession, driving up demand and raising prices.
“As Bernanke made clear, the concept was not new: in the 1930s, the British economist John Maynard Keynes proposed burying bottles of bank notes in old coal mines; once unearthed (like gold), the cash would create new wealth and spur spending. The conservative economist Milton Friedman also saw the appeal of direct money transfers, which he likened to dropping cash out of a helicopter. Japan never tried using them, however, and the country’s economy has never fully recovered. Between 1993 and 2003, Japan’s annual growth rates averaged less than one percent.
“Today, most economists agree that like Japan in the late 1990s, the global economy is suffering from insufficient spending, a problem that stems from a larger failure of governance. Central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, have taken aggressive action, consistently lowering interest rates such that today they hover near zero. They have also pumped trillions of dollars’ worth of new money into the financial system. Yet such policies have only fed a damaging cycle of booms and busts, warping incentives and distorting asset prices, and now economic growth is stagnating while inequality gets worse. It’s well past time, then, for U.S. policymakers — as well as their counterparts in other developed countries — to consider a version of Friedman’s helicopter drops. In the short term, such cash transfers could jump-start the economy. Over the long term, they could reduce dependence on the banking system for growth and reverse the trend of rising inequality. The transfers wouldn’t cause damaging inflation, and few doubt that they would work. The only real question is why no government has tried them.”
The reason for this bizarre “solution”? Political gridlock, or, to put the point more bluntly, governments increasingly in thrall to special interests and not genuinely representative of that strange entity called “The People”:
“In theory, governments can boost spending in two ways: through fiscal policies (such as lowering taxes or increasing government spending) or through monetary policies (such as reducing interest rates or increasing the money supply). But over the past few decades, policymakers in many countries have come to rely almost exclusively on the latter. The shift has occurred for a number of reasons. Particularly in the United States, partisan divides over fiscal policy have grown too wide to bridge, as the left and the right have waged bitter fights over whether to increase government spending or cut tax rates. More generally, tax rebates and stimulus packages tend to face greater political hurdles than monetary policy shifts. Presidents and prime ministers need approval from their legislatures to pass a budget; that takes time, and the resulting tax breaks and government investments often benefit powerful constituencies rather than the economy as a whole. Many central banks, by contrast, are politically independent and can cut interest rates with a single conference call. Moreover, there is simply no real consensus about how to use taxes or spending to efficiently stimulate the economy.”
The message? Bypass governments by having central banks deal directly with the people, and thereby shortcircuit the last vestiges of any sort of government or popular oversight of monetary and fiscal policy..
So where does Mm. or Mme. Lagarde fit in? One does not get the impression that she would be the sort of person in the helicopter throwing out bundles of euros or dollars (or, if certain other predictions over the long term come true, D-Marks). So in that sense, Zero Hedge appears to be correct: she is going, because she probably has or had profound misgivings about the wisdom of such a path. Indeed, in a world where popular cynicism about corporate and government corruption have reached all time highs, one wonders if such a “paradrop” would work. Would people really rush out on a buying binge with their newfound money (thus inflating prices and driving more demand)? Or would they squirrel all that liquidity away in the same banking system?
I don’t know about you, but my deepest intuition here is that there is something else at work in the DSKing of Christine Lagarde besides any potential opposition she may or may not have had about a “paradrop.”
A few weeks and months ago, Mm. (or Mme.) Lagarde appeared before the National Press Club (and other venues), and began her remarks in her crisp French-accented English with a bit of… well, let’s be blunt…numerology. It was, to say the least, a disconcerting performance for someone as highly placed and influential to do. A message, perhaps, that at those rarefied levels there are other factors of occulted synchronicity and design operating of which we are scarcely aware, but that some of us have long guessed at and suggested. One of those “strange syncrhonicities”, as I suggested in my book Babylon’s Banksters, was the bizarre fact that every great depression in American economic history occurred more or less concurrently with the astrological phenomenon known as a “Grand Cross.”
And perhaps that was what really torpedoed Lagarde, for what she was perhaps suggesting was that there were profound connections between what you and I would call “esoteric practice,” and the occulted world of high finance and banking. Perhaps Ms. Lagarde knows that, if one is in a certain phase of a naturally occurring cycle, then no amount of Keynesian tinkering will reverse the overall trend; at best, it can only exacerbate  or ameliorate it. Perhaps, in intimating strange esoteric connections out of the bag, she was revealing secrets that “they” do not wish revealed.
High Octane Speculation? Absolutely! Because I don’t think any conventional form of financial analysis – including that which does not account for hidden systems of finance, vast black budgets, and the role of intelligence agencies in banking, not to mention the more deeply rooted cosmic connections – can cut it any longer. And she may have been trying, in her own inscrutable way, to let everyone know that.

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True Detective Season 1 – Esoteric Analysis

The tree of life, the family tree of the Tuttles.
The tree of life, the family tree of the Tuttles.

By: Jay

The first season of True Detective captivated the viewing public this year, topped only by Breaking Bad in attention and critical praise.  While the Internet is rife with theories and analysis, few have succeeded in plumbing the depths of the story in its proper fullness.  While Vigilant Citizen did produce an adequate overall analysis, several important points were missed relating to specific religious symbolism, as well as the numerous philosophical references given by Rust Cohle (played by Matthew McConaughey).  In this analysis I will give the full significance of the first season of True Detective, which ranks as one of the most revealing films of the occult underground since Eyes Wide Shut.

The opening sequence lays out a heavy dose of symbolism that cues the viewer into the dark meaning of the series as a whole: we see key images such as backwoods evangelical revival, strippers, the emblematic tree, a playground, several butts, a black eye and telephone imposed over a child’s head.  The meaning of the entire series is thus not merely the conflict between Rust and Marty in their personal lives, or the elite Satanic rituals, but the impact of the spiritual degeneration that has occurred over just 17 years, from 1995 to 2012.  In other words, the spiritual effect that the infernal powers have brought about over just the last 20 years have resulted in a massive decline in the moral status of American society as a whole.  True Detective is therefore a survey of that degeneration and demonism, juxtaposing what appears as a grotesque, Southern Gothic backwoods existence ruled by an older bloodline (the Tuttles), with the so-called “normal” American family of Marty Hart.
Cohle sketches out the first ritual murder.
Cohle sketches out the first ritual murder.
As the series begins, we see an offering of a dead girl in a prostrate pose praying before a tree, wearing a crown of twigs and marked with a spiral symbol.  Detective Rust Cohle is immediately aware of the ritual connotations of the killing, noting the “meta-psychotic” nature of the crime.  Educated readers will recognize the “meta” prefix as referencing notions like metaphysics and meta-narrative. As I’ve detailed before with Spielberg films and Philip K. Dick works, meta-narrative is associated with this higher level discourse, as is found in “twilight language.”  I wrote:

The black eye.
The black eye.
“In semiotics, particularly in Plato’s Sophist, simulacrum is intended to fool the viewer into thinking the copy is the real thing.  The copy takes on a life of its own, yet viewed in scale it would clearly appear that the copy is not real.  This is a perfect analogy for the nature of film itself, as well as the role of the director.  The writer and/or film director is creating a simulacra of the real world with models and pictures, piecing and placing them together in a certain way, just as Roy does with the model train and city he has built. One may think of the simulated beings in Blade Runner or the simulated world of The Matrix here. Spielberg has mastered this art of simulation, and is presenting a simulated reality world – that of UFO-invaded America that is intended to produce a certain effect in the population.  Can this be taken to a larger scale, to which Spielberg and the director himself is a “toy” of the larger, galactic forces or entities of the cosmos?  Are we a Greek scale of being, being “played” and “directed” by the celestial hierarchy?”
Lots of butts.
Lots of butts.
What is applied to the “director” here applies to the thinking of the “meta-psychotic,” who sees a direct connect between his victims and ritual items as copies of the real items.  In the same vein, the notion between “twilight language” is the writing of a script with reality by higher celestial entities, be they angelic or demonic.  Here, the Tuttles are practitioners of “old time religion” – a primal form of voodoo and ritual magic.  Mystical toponomy also comes into play, as Louisiana is the setting for the series, where the Tuttle bloodline has long held sway, having combined their beliefs with the indigenous Santeria and vodoun superstitions.  Cohle immediately senses this, functioning as the series’ prophet/priest, having himself spent years in narcotics enforcement, as well as losing his daughter, resulting in his “touching the darkness.”  A committed nihilist at the beginning, Cohle espouses the very worldview of the Satanic elite – a Nieztschean eugenics stance, combined with eternal return, where materialistic chaos returns to its beginning in endless spirals, associating Cohle’s own mind with the recurring spiral symbolism in the series.  Humans are “sentient meat” that happened to develop the “mirror” of consciousness accidentally, and ever since, man is engaged in a perpetual self-delusion of convincing himself he is a “person” with meaning.  Cohle the philosopher scoffs at these notions, having immersed himself in so many years of battling the darkness.  Nietzsche famously said, “And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you,” which perfectly describes Cohle.
Another version of the cyclical spiral, the wreath portal.
Another version of the cyclical spiral, the wreath portal.
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Yemen Christian Burned to Death for Her Faith

Those who would follow Jesus Christ in other countries and cultures risk their lives every day...

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NazeeraYEMEN (Morning Star News) On the morning of June 9 in southern Yemen, Saeed woke to the sound of screaming. He shot out of bed, pushed panicked family members aside and saw his wife stumbling out of their kitchen, engulfed in flames.

His wife, Nazeera, had been preparing breakfast at about 9 a.m. when she poured liquid from a cooking oil bottle into a hot pan. The liquid flashed, and the bottle exploded. While her four children watched, screaming, Nazeera was being burned alive.

“I rushed out of the room,” Saeed (full name undisclosed for security reasons) told Morning Star News, weeping. “I couldn’t even speak to ask her what happened. All I could think about was putting the fire out and then getting her to the hospital. But my 16-year-old son, he couldn’t stop himself and held on to her, hugging her while she was burning. He got hurt, and I had to pull him away from her.”
About two weeks later, Nazeera, 33, died as a result of her burns. When Saeed returned to his home in a village (undisclosed for security reasons) after her death, a relative told him the unthinkable – members of both his family and hers had taken the vegetable oil out of the bottle and replaced it with gasoline. Saeed knew the reason – many years ago, the two had become Christians and refused to return to Islam.

After living in hiding in Yemen for several months, Saeed was able to flee to the relative safety of another country, he told Morning Star News.

Before the attack, Saeed and his wife had already decided to flee their families and the 99 percent Muslim country on the Arabian Peninsula. They got their travel papers two days before the sabotaged bottle exploded.

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Ebola becoming harder to treat —US experts: rapid mutation could “render treatment and vaccines ineffective”

It would seem treatments are already ineffective...

Posted by
Ebola mutations
August 2014 AFRICA - As countries across the world battle to contain the spreads of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), the killer ailment appears to be devising means of circumventing efforts to stop it, researchers have said. Experts claim that the virus is “rapidly and continually mutating, making it harder to diagnose and treat.” This is just as former President Olusegun Obasanjo declared, on Saturday, that the index case, Patrick Sawyer, in a “devilish” connivance with some Liberian authorities, intentionally brought the disease to Nigeria. He also noted that the disease, which he said had become a global problem, had been taking a toll on Nigeria’s economy, charging the Federal Government to partner the World Health Organization (WHO), European Union (EU) and government of America in containing the virus. Sunday Tribune’s finding showed that result of a research by a team of American scientists indicates that the initial patients diagnosed with the virus in Sierra Leone revealed almost 400 genetic modifications, concluding that this could render current treatment ineffective and put vaccines that are being worked on for its cure in danger. According to reports, the team of researchers, under the Broad Institute in Massachusetts and Harvard University, analyzed more than 99 Ebola virus genomes which were collected from 78 patients diagnosed with the disease in Sierra Leona in the first 24 days of the current outbreak. Dr Pardis Sabeti, a senior associate member at the Broad Institute and an associate professor at Harvard University, who was among leaders of the research, said “by making the data immediately available to the community, we hope to accelerate response efforts.
“Upon releasing our first batch of Ebola sequences in June, some of the world’s leading epidemic specialists contacted us, and many of them are now also actively working on the data. We were honored and encouraged. A spirit of international and multidisciplinary collaboration is needed to quickly shed light on the ongoing outbreak.” According to Daily Mail, the researchers’ findings, “reported in the journal, Science, could have important implications for rapid field diagnostic tests. “The team found more than 300 genetic changes that make the 2014 Ebola virus genomes distinct from the viral genomes tied to previous Ebola outbreaks. “They also found variations in the genome sequence indicating that, from the samples analyzed, the outbreak started from a single introduction into humans, subsequently spreading from person to person over many months. “To accelerate response efforts, the research team released the full-length sequences on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)’s DNA sequence database, in advance of publication. This means the data is available to the global scientific community.”
He advised Nigerians to brace up by tackling the economic effects of the disease in the country’ urging them to be aggressive with precautionary measures against the disease, since there was no cure yet. Obasanjo said that some Liberian authorities knew of the contagious and deadly illness in Sawyer and allowed him to visit Nigeria. “Ebola is taking economic toll. How do we handle people that are economically affected; not those that are dead or ill? The economic effect has started. How do we reduce, recoup the economic cost of Ebola on communities, nations and the West African region? “When HIV came, they said don’t talk about it. Now, it is Ebola and Ebola is even talking about HIV. We should be doing whatever we can and that is being aggressive in taking precautionary measures to prevent it. “So, it is devilish enough that Patrick Sawyer, in connivance with some authorities from his country, allowed the visit because they know he had it; and he came to Nigeria,” he said. He also called on the world’s pharmaceutical giants to intensify research efforts towards providing either vaccine or curative drugs for the virus. –Tribune
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Carthage Dunking Rebaptized the Lapsed

Carthage Dunking Rebaptized the Lapsed
What happens if a Christian is baptized by an unworthy or improperly ordained minister? Is that baptism valid? This question has been faced several times by the church. Under the prodding of the dynamic bishop and martyr Cyprian, the issue was faced in the North African city of Carthage in the third century.

During the Decian Persecutions, which broke out in 250, many Christians poured libations to the emperor rather than suffer torture. Others bribed the authorities to obtain certificates saying they had sacrificed even when they had not. Later some of these, who were called lapsi, or the 'lapsed,' felt remorse for their betrayal of Christ who had suffered torture for them. They asked to be readmitted to the church.

Schism developed over the issue. Led by Novatian, many Christians broke off from Rome, saying no lapsed person should be readmitted. The Novatians ordained their own priests who baptized new Christians. Later some Novatian Christians wanted to unite with the Catholic church. Cyprian said this was only possible if they were rebaptized within the Catholic church by "legitimate" priests. Another group wanted to let the lapsed return on easier terms than Cyprian. They also broke away and elected their own bishop, Cecilianus, who baptized converts.

Believing that church unity was at stake, Cyprian took a tough stand against accepting baptism by schismatics, arguing that no sacrament administered outside the church had validity. Since there can be only one church, he considered the breakaway groups to be without the Holy Spirit. He wrote letters and summoned councils. These councils met in Carthage in 251, 252, 253, 255 and 256 to address the issues raised by the lapsi and Novatians. On this day, September 1, 256, the North African synod voted unanimously with Cyprian. Baptized "heretics" who entered the Catholic fold must be baptized again.

This vote did not stand. Stephen, bishop of Rome, ordered Cyprian to accept the lapsed into the church without a second baptism. Cyprian refused. "[H]ow can he who lacks the spirit confer the spirit?" he asked. For a long time he resisted, but eventually yielded--under threat of excommunication. Rome uses this concession by Cyprian to prove that at that early time the bishop's of Roman word had authority.

Cyprian died a martyr. He had been accused of cowardice for hiding during the Decian Persecutions. In 258 he vindicated himself, boldly testifying to his faith as he went to his beheading. Stephen, too was martyred--a year before Cyprian. The Council of Arles in 314 upheld Stephen's decision. As long as a person was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, he or she was truly baptized, regardless of who conferred the rite.

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Truth On Laying Of Hands: Witches In Church, Manasseh Jordan Exposed, Sid Roth/Bethel Soaking!

Just went through this with someone in the last week.  You don't just let anyone who walks up to you lay hands on you.  Nor do you do it to those you don't know, or to those you haven't been called to do this too.  The Bible is there to give us direction on how things work, and we should use it.  It's quite good :) if you take time and go through it.  Nephtali gives us some good scriptural background in this video.

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Classified: What Lives On The Moon NASA, What Did Our Astronauts Really see

Lots of respect for the work of DSW, who isn't prone to sensationalizing.  Fascinating video....


(When you land on a Moon that is supposed to be empty and lifeless, why would you say ("We Came In Peace?") Darkskywatcher August 2014) - So often I am asked if I think we went to the Moon. If it was real or hoax, what did they really go for? It is to hard to just answer that question with words so here it is from my mind to your screen. My thoughts on the Apollo missions made from an archive of stock footage & some of the best clips out there to give you this amazing visual representation of what I think happened. YOU DECIDE! "Enjoy This Epic Ride", if you miss this one , well.....YOU JUST MISSED. Is this FAKE? Guess you have to decide the same way you have to decide if we went there in the first place. YOURSELF! Either was I hope I made you think about the Apollo Events and the conspiracy around them + wasn't it cool to watch? (Sci Fi Creative Vision & Storyline By Darkskywatcher) Open your mind but think for yourself. NASA Archived Stock Footage under Copyright lease to ©2014 Darkskywatchers Global Skywatch Network. CGI Lunar UFO Footage Copyright Purchased, Owned and Held by Complete version

Gravitational waves with sprites & Airglow?!? & Comet Siding Spring

More fun with Thornews...and language warnings too... We've got super deep Astronomical Phenomenon as Red Sprites show up with Green Aurora Gravity waves and Comet A1 2014 Siding Spring passes a nebula on route to Mars.

Lots of crazy stuff here.
Let's test Einstein's theory!
God Bless Everyone!

Really? Did The Bible Predict A Zombie War For The End-Time?

by Donna Anderson

In our online series featuring the new book Blood on the Altar we considered the “how” and “why” of the unfolding war on real Christianity and ultimately the role that the ecclesiastical oligarchy under Antichrist will play in its brutal disposition of Tribulation saints. We discussed disturbing facts regarding man’s fallen nature (as conveyed in the Stanford Prison and Milgram experiments) as well as the potential use of emerging technology by destructive people and spirits. 
Another area that caught on with readers who wanted to know a lot more (and seemed truly surprised about what the Bible says on the subject) involved an exotic concept (albeit one that we believe is not without historical precedence) involving the possible genetic alteration of future humans, including religious types that will comprise the “soulless” armies of the Beast, as well as how this could be connected to a literal “Zombie” war.
This is a spooky thought, really, but one that is commanding more and more consideration from thoughtful prophecy expositors who suspect that the reason those last-days destroyers of born-again believers will act with such inhumanity is that they may be, well, not altogether human any longer. 
Because we take considerable time in our books Zenith 2016 and Forbidden Gates                                                                                                                                                                                                                             to outline the historical activity of ancient Watchers (fallen angels) and their genetic creation known as Nephilim (as well as the resemblance of their activity with modern transhumanist goals involving genetic modification of species), we will not repeat that material here. What we will mention is that modern scientists increasingly believe genetics play a greater role in human and animal behavior than was previously believed, and that this may include a kind of “evil genetic combination” that leads to lower inhibitions involving criminal activity and murder. 
In an article for Florida State University actually titled “The Evil Gene,” Frank Stephenson considers research from his university as well as the University of Connecticut, where scientists are analyzing the DNA of spree killers. The first line in Stephenson’s paper suggests what the professors are looking for when it asks: “Could a monster be swimming in the human gene pool?” The good researcher approaches his study from a Darwinian foundation, stating: 
In ascending the evolutionary ladder, humans obviously failed to inherit from their hairy forebears inhibitions against using lethal force against members of their own species. The bizarre “ghoul factor” of sadistic psychopaths like [Ted] Bundy aside, humans’ historic willingness to slaughter each other wholesale in war and genocide offers compelling evidence to some scientists that in the genome of some humans lies a fully armed biochemical code for the gamut of aggression, from kicking the dog to killing the wife.[i] 
In tandem with Stephenson’s alternate worldview speculation about an evil “biochemical code,” recent years have produced considerable advances in DNA research, with one of the more popular new fields called behavioral epigenetics. This is the “darling of genetic studies,” my biologist friend Sharon Gilbert tells me. It seeks to examine and understand the role that genetics play in shaping animal and human behavior, cognition, personality, and mental health. Epigenetics may occur during life or begin in the womb when chemical changes brought on by the mother’s activity affect the genetics—and thus perhaps the future behavior—of the child. That these modifications may become heritable and passed from one generation to the next has some scientists wondering if “evil genetics” or toxic combinations of specific genes may be linked to aggression and antisocial behavior in the succeeding generations of some families. If so, this raises an intriguing question I will not develop here having to do with bloodlines and a second question that I will pose regarding the potential for a blueprint or “special” genetic combination that could exist in which individuals can be programmed or reprogrammed to act in defiance of normal human consciousness (having a soul). This appears to have been the estate of those Nephilim mentioned above, which are depicted in ancient records as bloodthirsty, violent enemies of God’s people who never once had a conflict of consciousness or sought forgiveness for their brutality. Genetically engineered with a specific cellular combination by powerful fallen angels (whom the Sumerians called “flying geniuses”), these remarkable living constructs, not made in the image of God, were specifically designed for demonic inhabitation. 
But did the Nephilim also represent a repeatable, dark, molecular model?
Given that Jesus said (see Matt. 24:37) the end-times would witness a return to the activity that happened when Nephilim first walked the earth, and today for the first time since those days men have intentionally set out to genetically modify plants, animals, and humans, is it possible that we have entered a reprise of the “days of Noah” in which a genetic hazard could be unleashed resulting in a global pandemic, a Nephilim-virus!? 
There are numerous scenarios—all based on real science—that envision an “event” that could, in effect, modify epigenetics worldwide and thus hypothetically the mind and makeup of all but those who would be protected by God. In theory, this might suddenly and effectively diminish the ability of the sufferers to feel empathy toward others. Now, if such a concept has you thinking that I’ve been watching too many zombie flicks, I am reminded of the Hollywood film I Am Legend starring Will Smith. That movie opened with a scientist announcing the cure to cancer using a genetically engineered “chimeric” vaccine that blended animal and human genetics. If you’ve seen the film, you know the “cure” results in a human form of rabies that infects and takes over the brains of people, quickly turning them into zombie-like monsters who wipe out most life on earth—an epidemiological possibility, given the scenario. 
Jonathan D. Dinman, PhD, professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Maryland, says such a zombie virus “almost exists now” and could be engineered to fully occur using the very element from Will Smith’s epic—rabies.
“Infection is nearly 100 percent lethal, i.e. it turns you into the walking dead (for a while at least),” he says, “and it causes you to change your behavior by reprogramming you to bite other people to spread the infection.”[ii] 
Rabies as it is known today would only need to be slightly mutated, something that could be engineered or occur naturally, to facilitate an end-times army of soulless killers, and it is actually “the most likely to mutate into something that would be similar to a ‘zombie virus,’” says Dr. Samantha Price, a Health and Care Professions Council-registered biomedical scientist and research information coordinator for the UK Motor Neurone Disease Association.[iii] 
In addition to a zombie/Nephilim virus scenario, top-level policy advisors to the United States intelligence and military communities—including the JASONs (the celebrated scientists on the Pentagon’s most prestigious scientific advisory panel)—have warned in recent years that human enhancement involving genetic alteration, either by design, accident, or bioweapon, represents a challenging if not existential risk. 
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