Apr 15, 2016

The Coming False Christ - Chris White

This is an interview with theologian Chris White on his research on the biblical background of the coming false Christ.  White does an excellent job of comparing scripture with scripture, not scripture with the latest pop viewpoint, a trap which many Christians sadly fall into.  Enlightening info...

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WILL THE ANTICHRIST PRESENT HIMSELF AS THE JEWISH MESSIAH? That’s the question our returning guest Chris White tackles with Basil and Gonz in this episode of Canary Cry Radio 074, False Christ. The discussion is about his most recent book, False Christ: Will the Antichrist Claim to be the Jewish Messiah?

While many Biblical scholars and commentators have speculated on the identity of the Antichrist, shaped by the contemporary geopolitical climate, Chris White takes the topic and uses only the Bible to present his thesis. Without any influence from the current turmoil in the middle east, or the global conspiracy which we all know and talk about so much, Chris’ view on the Antichrist has evolved from that of a New Age, Alien savior type, to quite simply, a man who will present himself as fulfilling the Jewish prophecies about the Messiah and Messianic Age.

The first thought that might cross your mind when you hear the thesis is, “Isn’t that anti-semitic?” And it’s a fair question that Chris addresses in the episode. The short answer is, No. But there are many other things that can be said about this view. Not only is it Biblically consistent, but it is the view of that was held by the pre-Nicene early church fathers. In other words, the view Chris is presenting is the first view of the Antichrist held by the church. And in terms of logic, it makes sense that if the true Christ was in fact a Jew, then the False Christ would also present himself as a Jew. The discussion deepens as Chris get’s into why he believes that Mystery Babylon is the eschatological Jerusalem; that is the Jerusalem that is ruled by the Antichrist in the end times. Again, this brings out heated comments from those who accuse Chris of being anti-semitic, but a fair shake at his evidence should cause all to reconsider their own preconceived positions about the identity of the Antichrist.

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