Apr 8, 2015

Historic Irony - Native Americans Refuse to Accept Homosexual Marriages

Staff – CBN News

According to the AP, "In all, [native American] tribes with a total membership approaching 1 million won't recognize marriages between two men or two women... several explicitly declare that same-sex marriages are prohibited. And some have even toughened their stance."
airliftMonths before the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the issue of gay marriage, Native American tribes have taken steps to defend traditional marriage. (Photo via CBN News)
Eleven tribes with a total membership approaching a million people will not recognize same-sex marriages.
Just weeks after North Carolina began issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, the state's Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians updated its law to prevent gay couples from having marriage ceremonies on tribal land.
Tribes that don't recognize same-sex marriage include the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and the Navajo Nation.

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