Feb 2, 2015

Yellowstone Geologist says Eruption in 2 weeks? Silence for 2 weeks? Cryptic interview

As usual, the people who are paid to tell us what's going on can 't ever seem to find the truth....something to watch for sure...

Let's all hope this is a media edit gone wrong. Most of my viewers/readers know where I stand on Yellowstone. I personally think we're at more risk of earthquake activity than eruption threats.

That being said..

Clearly the professional Yellowstone geologist, who they say is in charge of the new command center there, he says "a couple of weeks" right after the interviewer asks about the time frame of an eruption NOT happening in the "foreseeable future".....

He asks, what do you mean by NOT happening in the "foreseeable future"? The response from the geologist was quote "a couple of weeks" (2 weeks).

2 weeks until no eruption? Or knowing the future for certain? 2 weeks until nothing is going to happen?

2 weeks of what? Silence? Couple weeks until a blast? What do they mean? It's very confusing.

Does the geologist mean that he knows for certain there will not be an eruption for the next 2 weeks? That statement would make no sense (as no one can know the future for certain).

Reporter at the end rather cryptically , saying there are now 2 camps of people ... "those who believe the volcano will never erupt".... and "those who believe it will erupt tomorrow".

Very strange choice... never or tomorrow?

MANY thanks to Mohammad Jawed for sharing this story:

This just was posted late last night, shows as being uploaded January 29, 2015 at 1050pm - from Sioux Falls South Dakota ABC News, talking about potential ash fall over the state from the Yellowstone eruption.

Let's hope this is wrong, otherwise we need to prepare now. Follow the motto, Don't be scared, be prepared.

If nothing happens, then we'll be all good.