Feb 6, 2015

Genesis 3D Movie Official Mega Trailer

CreationToday.org is in the process of producing a Biblically based movie about Genesis.  Here's the trailer.


Donate to the film so we can get in all the theaters of the nation! And Reach this Skeptic generation! Here: http://www.genesismovie.com/
Genesis 3D Movie is a feature-length documentary film based on the first book of the Bible, featuring stunning 3D visual effects accompanied with expert scientific research!

Here are some highlights:
1) Impacts lost
2) Insights from top creation scientists
3) Stereoscopic 3D animation
4) Literal Biblical precision
5) Teaches the significance of our origins
6) Enriches understanding of the Creator God
7) Answers to two biggest Questions in life: Where did we come from? And why are we here?
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