Feb 4, 2015

Why did it take NASA & ESA 8 years to release the Venus Vortex photo?

I've got a news update for Thornews and anyone else who believes that NASA or any other government agency is "funded by the public".  NASA is funded by the DOD, that standing for Department of Defense.  In other words, if they give you some info, it's been filtered about a dozen times before it reaches us poor commoners.  Anyway, I would like to see the Venus photos taken from the original landers, most of them Russian, but I don'r foresee them popping up on the net anytime soon.  Thornews watchers beware, foul language from a frustrated "astonisher" ahead.


NASA & the ESA took a photo of the Venus Vortex in 2007. They released it in 2015. Why would they need to wait 8 years to release a photograph? WTF is going on with the modern state of governments, corporations, space agencies, spy agencies and corporations?
Life was kind of OK in 1999, in about 16 years everything feels subverted and perverted. As the Technology curve & Science take giant leaps forward the people's quality of living is going down.
We are spoon fed divide & conquer 24/7 through the media, we're engaged in many endless wars of terror and fear, we've been trained to dehumanize and hate people we've never met and will never meet. And the debt of all countries continues to sky rocket.
WTF is up with this lame shit?
Who benefits from everything being sketchy?
At the very end, Humanity does not.
It would seem only Aliens or Artificial Intelligence
would stand to gain from plunging the whole world into madness and unhappiness.
Well, fuck that shit, man.
Avoid the Gray Goo.
100 year Truce can lead us all to a 1000 years of Peace and Prosperity.
Jubilee & Global Forgiveness
can lead to a fresh start for all men, women and children
of planet Earth.
Everyone wins.
It's our only hope.
God Bless Everyone,