Feb 17, 2015

Whistleblower Kids Expose Alleged Satanic Paedophile Ring In School/Church

And it just keeps going on and on...and who is convicted? What changes? Nothing...the truth all comes to naught in a world where injustice is more popular than justice...

One of the biggest scandals in the United Kingdom’s history is getting ready to explode right now. Videos of two children sharing their experiences of ongoing sexual abuse and the ritual killing of babies by a sophisticated group of pedophiles are going viral all over the world. The reported abusers include the children’s father, their school teachers, the UK’s social services, members of the police, and many more. All members of this group are still at large and a massive media cover-up is under way.
The reality of organized satanism and pedophile rings has been exposed for decades by survivors and whistleblowers, such as by former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson. A particular case of this horrific abuse has recently been exposed by 2 victims themselves, 8-year old Gabriel and 9-year old Alisa.

“My dad lies to my mum. He doesn’t only see us on Saturdays. He sees us every single day in school where they do s*x to us.”

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