Feb 18, 2015

BBC Wants to be Even Less Worth Watching than American Main Stream Media – Hosts Debate Over Whether Jesus and Buddha Were Space Aliens

The idiocy is part of a ratings push as sci-fi ideas bring good numbers these days, but it's also part of the greater agenda of preparing the world for the coming of beings that are "otherworldly"....the return of the "gods" of old...

Jason Colavito has a short summary of this intellectual fiasco (on all sides, really).
Just more insanity from  mainstream media. It’s hard to believe what actually passes for “serious” television these days. I guess the BBC is jealous of the way the Fantasy Channel in this country has padded its bottom line with ancient astronaut blather. It seems insulting the intelligence of viewers is now part of how programming is settled.

BBC's "Big Questions" Holds Debate Over Whether Jesus and the Buddha Were Space Aliens     
On Sunday the BBC hosted a debate on the ancient astronaut theory in which a panel questioned whether Jesus, Krishna, and the Buddha were space aliens. The Big Questions delivered 23 minutes of ancient astronaut speculation in the guise of probing the mysteries of religion. The Big Questions is a debate program that typically covers more serious subjects of moral, ethical, and religious concern. The preceding segments on the show were about counter-terrorism efforts in schools and how to improve democracy.
Host Nicky Campbell predicated the discussion on the NASA’s discovery of earthlike planets that might support life.

“It will be no surprise to the followers of those religions who’ve long believed that life—possibly not as we know it—exists elsewhere in the galaxy,” he said. “Life which has possibly exerted its influence here on planet Earth. Have beings from other planets guided our religions?”

Campbell’s panel of experts included the head of the Aetherius Society, a spiritualist, a scientist who is also a committed Christian, and a Christian bishop. There were no panelists who represented secular or skeptical viewpoints, nor were any mainstream historians interviewed. In fact, no Hindus or Buddhists were on hand to discuss their faiths either, according to published accounts. (I am not able to view the show from America due to geo-blocking by the BBC.)