Feb 15, 2015

We Have Entered The Age Of GMO Humans—Will They Be Angels Or Demons?

We should be concerned about the coming of the elevation of mankind. To become "more" than human, is to no longer be human at all...   trans-draco                     

As we learn how to synthesize new, never-before-seen genes, or just upgrade genes for traits now seen only in other species, this could get a whole lot freakier. Humans with gills and webbed digits? Extra arms? Smarter brains? Tolerance for extended stays in zero gravity? Knowledge is growing exponentially. Ninety percent of all data ever generated by humans materialized during the past two years. As we learn to comprehend and apply this data, tomorrow’s realities will seem as strange as space travel would’ve to the Wright brothers. More than genetics are involved when it comes to redefining what it means to be human. When nanotechnology and computer science also mature, we’ll face the advent of the Transhuman Age.

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