Feb 21, 2015

#FreeKent Hovind

More on the absurd arrest and imprisonment of Christian teacher and witness Kent Hovind, often referred to as "Dr. Dino", for his lectures on Genesis, dinosaurs and Creation.  It's remarkable the number of evil people who were involved with this travesty of justice.

I can't help but feel a duty to spread the word and just do something to help a brother in need (I wish i could say the same about many so-called believers in Jesus i have asked, but to no avail, like EMPTY WELLS), if people would just spread the word or just sign the petition and read the story!. They are trying to get Kent Hovind (Who is innocent) re-convicted by the same judge! that is an anti-christian, and Kent Hovind is facing between 20 years to LIFE!, please read the full story!. Kent Hovind was married a virgin, he has never smoked, he has never even tasted alcohol and he is a dedicated true servant of God on the front lines living a selfless life and i just can't stand by and watch an innocent man be persecuted like this!. "It will be measured to you as you have measured"-Jesus Christ God in the Flesh.

This video was made by a youtube user named "tigerdan925" kudos where due thanks!.

 This is an update on the latest Kent Hovind support....