May 31, 2014

Setting the Stage for the 'Isaiah 19' Highway

Charles Gardner

"In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian will come into Egypt and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians will serve with the Assyrians.
"In that day Israel will be one of three with Egypt and Assyria—a blessing in the midst of the land, whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, 'Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.'" -Isaiah 19:23-25

Jerusalem hwy(Israel)—We may well be living in the generation to witness Jesus' return, a pastor from Singapore told a conference in Jerusalem where Arab Christians and Jewish followers of Jesus have been embracing one another in love and unity. (Photo via Israel Today)

And the 'Isaiah 19 highway' - which speaks of Egypt, Israel and Assyria (comprising much of the Arab Middle East) one day becoming a blessing to one another—would pave the way for that event just as John the Baptist had prepared the way for the Messiah's first coming.
Addressing the At the Crossroads gathering at Christ Church, within the walls of the Old City, Dr. George Annadorai spoke of the convergence of this road with another highway from the East, all the way to China and Japan, from whence the last major move of God would sweep all before it on the way back to Jerusalem.

The ancient religions of the world had all originated in the East, representing most of the world's population (five billion people) and where idol worship now predominates, whereas ideology had become the god of the West.

Annadorai said Israel has an association with the East going back 3,000 years to the time of King Solomon, for which there is strong evidence—and the Solomon Islands is just one example.
Mount ZionEzekiel talks of the glory of God coming from the East in advance of the Messiah's return (chapter 43) and of course the wise men came from the East.

Citing the 'Back to Jerusalem' movement of Chinese Christians taking the message of Jesus back to where it all began, he said this was good, but God would not allow them to do it on their own.

"No one person is allowed to carry the ark (representing the presence of God)," he said.

Writer's footnote: As it happens, a new highway to Jerusalem is currently under construction at great expense as huge mechanical diggers cut their way through the steep slopes ascending Mount Zion.

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