May 29, 2014

Pope Francis Connects Pedophile Priests to the Satanic Black Mass

by Cris Putnam
Pope Francis recently explained that when a priest subjects a child to abuse, the priest has celebrated a “black Mass” as part of a Satanic ritual.[1] While the uninformed take this to be a simile “like a black Mass,” readers of my former work with Thomas Horn should know better. William H. Kennedy’s book, Lucifer’s Lodge, provides a well-documented case that these are not simply sex crimes, rather they are also reflective of cults of ritualistic Satanism within the Roman Catholic Church driving the pedophilia. He wrote:
It follows, then, that one of the necessary elements for those who would construct the Antichrist’s kingdom would be the Lucifers Lodgecreation of a Satanic church, and the conversion of the world’s populace to a Satanic religion. But they would not wish to create a truly “new” church, wiping the slate clean and starting over. They would not for instance push for everyone in the world to join Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. It makes sense that they would rather infiltrate and exercise control from within a church that is already in existence, and that has already solidified its power-base globally. No church fits this description more perfectly than the Catholic Church, which was for centuries the most powerful force in the world, and in many ways still is.[2]
In that book, Kennedy cited example after example of Catholic priests involved in literal satanic worship and rituals involving sex with children. This was also confirmed by Jesuit scholar Malachi Martin who said, “Anybody who is acquainted with the state of affairs in the Vatican in the last 35 years is well aware that the prince of darkness has had and continues to have his surrogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome.”[3] With this background in mind, one can see that Pope Francis linking of the pedophile priest epidemic to Satanism is much more than figurative language.

[2] William H Kennedy, Lucifer’s Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church, 6. Free Here:
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