May 29, 2014

Fake News and Ritual Murders

This is well worth the read.  We often feel the media has revealed something through highly publicized whistleblowers like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden.  The truth is, they are just a deeper layer in a greater lie, one that few take the time to seek out.  Real whistleblowers will never make it to mainstream news, nor will the truth.

By Jay
Terrorist mastermind Bin Laden at his hilarious "compound," flipping through his high tech antenna channels.
Terrorist mastermind Bin Laden at his hilarious “compound,” flipping through his high tech UHF antenna channels in the mainstream promoted media image.

Two of the most difficult topics that cause such a ruckus among haters and critics of the subject matter presented on sites like mine are fake news and ritual murders.  For most, the concept of a ritual murder is unheard of, while fake news is equally as implausible and ridiculous.  These two nefarious topics are not just unbelievable to the public, but suggest a deeper significance in regard to the mass psyche.  In this article I’m going to highlight that connection.  One of the most common questions asked by those who see such claims and immediately react to evidence presented is “Why?” Why would anyone go to this trouble?  Why would powerful players use media and ritual murder to manipulate?  I intend to answer those questions, but first, a few considerations.

The main reason for these techniques is fear.  Control of large populations is done by management of human hopes, dreams and fears.  If your hopes and fears are known, you are that much easier to control.  The massive internet grid being erected is for this purpose: to track and trace mass movements for the purpose of algorithmic predictive ability.  This is explained in Asimov’s Foundation series, but now it is mainstream news that this is the goal of innernetz.  The establishment itself has even stated on many occasions the internet exists for this purpose.  So-called “leaker” Julian Assange, for example, stated:

“The internet is the “greatest spying machine the world has ever seen” and is not a technology that necessarily favours the freedom of speech, the WikiLeaks co-founder, Julian Assange, has claimed in a rare public appearance.”

Indeed, the history of the Internet is one of Pentagon futurist planning that fits well with the Marshall Plan for a total technological slave grid.  The Marshall Plan is technocracy, which recalls the technocracy of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Between Two Ages, where socialistic techno-bureaucrats will quantify all things into cost-benefit analysis, as the summum bonum of transhumanist utopia is envisioned as the path to theosis.
Hugo Drax is real! He's Assange!
Hugo Drax is real! He’s Assange!
But let’s not trust too much in Assange and the establishment anti-establishment joke that is WikiLeaks.  If you recall, when Wikileaks was a big news story a few years ago, it was the buzz of the whole media.  Assange was pictured as a rebel that wanted to end the American Empire by releasing sensitive cables and videos that pictured the military as cruel and barbaric.   Around that same time, images were being promoted in the mainstream media that compared WikiLeaks’ “secret base” as something akin to a real-life Blofeld or Hugo Drax.  Here is CBS promoting the ridiculous story.  The Bond references are not just humor, either, as the references to Fleming are a tongue in cheek nod to psychological warfare.  The psy op here is WikiLeaks itself, and we are expected to believe that WikiLeaks houses its sensitive US data at the Swedish Pionen Defense bunker.  The Pionen “bunker” now houses a bar.  Too bad the State Department, CIA and the military can’t get into a Stockholm greenhouse bar in a country that offers rendition services to the CIA.
The Banhof bar in Pionen.
The Banhof bar in Pionen.
The mainstream narrative would have us believe Assange has damaged the United States credibility and must be dealt with by any measure to ensure the “security” of our great “republic.”  Nevermind that all these American companies are in Sweden – no, no, Sweden is entirely outside the purview of American technological and legal prowess and capabilities.  Only the foolish public would believe such utterly comical bullshit.  But what does this have to do with ritual killing?  Before we explore that, I’d like to highlight more fake news.

A few months ago I highlighted laughable photos of North Korea that purported to be about a launch regarding their “nuke program.”  Supposedly, the nuke program was a threat to the United States, and Kim Un was going to “nuke Texas,” as well as other capitalist allies.  The photos came from the AP which had magically just set up an office in Pyongyang prior to the establishment of North Korea’s Commodore 64 “space program.”  As with those photos, the above Wikileaks photos also come from the omniscient AP photographers who always arrive Johnny-on-the-spot for such perfect images – something no one in the US intelligence and military apparatus seems able to do.  If you recall, people figured this out with Bin Laden, who at the time of the below video was wanted in connection with the 1993 WTC bombing.  Bin Laden could not be found by our incredibly incapable military industrial complex, yet mainline reporters were able to just walk into meetings with head leaders of Al Qaeda.


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