Jan 27, 2015

The Alchemy of Synthetic Finance & Global Governance

An interesting topic in light of the world's central banks daily magic acts, producing money out of thin air, which then has no actual affect on world economies, because it isn't going into the world economies, it's going somewhere else.  Where are the trillions going?  Likely to something we aren't supposed to know about, at least not yet...

Joseph Wright's "The Alchemist"
Joseph Wright’s “The Alchemist”

By: Jay

On the convergence of banking, technology and the occult

This past week, the world’s vultures, the economic power elite, met in Davos to discuss the maintenance of their global fiat hegemony.  Highlights included furthering austerity, noting that the serf class can’t have air conditioning and cars, as well as cheering on the death of privacy through the rise of technocracy.  The degenerate elite, completely out of touch with humanity, resembles the controllers in the Lucas classic, THX 1138, building their own prison destined to entrap their own progeny.

Degenerate elite always end up being their own worst enemy because pride detaches man from reality, which can only be perceived in the truth.  Pride causes man to adopt a delusory sense of the world and his own relation to it, thereby bringing about a praxis divorced from the rules of nature, logic and classical wisdom.  Banking man, homo economicus, with his foaming at the mouth rapaciousness, will find his own descendants trapped in the virtual A.I. prison grid he has built.
JC over at Philosophy of Metrics comments, citing the insightful and recommended film, Margin Call:
“This is why the solution has to come from within, as every system will simply corrupt again.  Philosophers and great thinkers have warned us continuously for thousands of years.  The manifestation of inner dysfunction and imbalance will always be represented physically as dysfunction and imbalances in the systems man develops.”

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