Sep 25, 2014

True Scale of Ebola Disaster Massively Under-Reported

I've copied a list of stories on the Ebola epidemic/pandemic/disaster unfolding in Africa.  The true scale of the story has been fully understated, but an horrendous number of Africans are dying daily, and it's only a matter of time before it spreads to other continents...

‘I’ve never seen this amount of bodies before’ – livestock incinerator imported from Europe to cremate corpses

Overflowing treatment centers, means entire families are now becoming infected

Italy stages Ebola evacuation drills – nurses union says US not ready for cases, an outbreak would be ‘pure pandemonium’

Red Cross team attacked while burying bodies: “without a vaccine we may not be able to stop this epidemic,” warns virologist.

Ebola Wars: Liberia warns outbreak may force region back into civil war

Ebola cases estimated to hit 1.4 million by mid-January: dead corpses dumped in rivers

Many thanks to The Extinction Protocol for their continuing work on digging out these reports and keeping us informed as to what's actually happening in Africa.