Sep 21, 2014

The Ongoing Vaccine Thing: Rappaport on the CDC Whistleblower

There’s been more development in that major news story about the cover-up of the vaccine-autism connection at the CDC, you know, that story you seldom – if ever – hear about from the presstitutes in the lamestream media. Once again, it’s Jon Rappaport’s “No More Fake News” website that’s running the story”


The essence of the story is that Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, allegedly had a telephone called recorded, in which he reportedly makes the following statements:
“The CDC has put the [autism] research ten years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we’ve missed ten years of research [on the autism-vaccine connection].”
“CDC is…they’re paralyzed. The whole system is paralyzed right now.”
“I have a boss who’s asking me to lie…if I’m forced to testify, I’m not gonna lie. I basically have stopped lying.”
“Really, what we need is for Congress to come in and say, ‘Give us the data and we’re gonna have an independent contractor do it,’ and bring in the autism advocates [who understand the vaccine-autism connection] and have them intimately involved in the studies.””
But there’s more, as Rappaport points out:
“Thompson isn’t talking about one vaccine. The CDC “paralysis” refers to a stoppage of all honest research on the causal connection between all vaccines and autism.”(Emphasis added)
And in case even a Doctor of Education missed the implications, here it is spelled out in all its clear and hideous glory:
“Thompson, a CDC scientist for many years, is stating the CDC has committed and is committing outright crimes, and is knowingly permitting vaccines to damage the brains of children.”
As Rappaport also indicates, the Department of Justice is refusing to investigate, which, under any rational system, would implicate it as being accompliced in the crime, as Rappaport also points out.
Remember, this is the same government that wants to run health care, that wants to ram GMOs down our throats, and that wants to further federalize all public schooling (please note the distinction between public schooling and education!), that says steal-cantilevered buildings can be brought down by explosions of 4000 lbs of ammonium-nitrate bombs parked in a truck thirty-plus feet away from the farthest column affected, that says bullets from a 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle with a misaligned scope can go through the bones of two people and emerge in near-pristine condition to be found on the wrong stretcher in Parkland hospital, and that says jet airplane fuel could bring down the Twin Towers.
Uh huh… sure.
See you on the…
….Wait. One more thing… maybe we’ll all learn to chill out if we just put a little lithium into our fluoridated water:


Yup… you can smell it coming, folks, after all, this is The New York Times we’re talking about here. We can already imagine the spin: “Some communities have amounts of lithium in drinking water that are too low. We need to supplement this by putting in just a little bit. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly harmless. Science says so. It’ll make you feel better.” Then, a few years down the line, a federal program will be concocted by some lobby group representing a cartel of lithium producers, who will compose thousands of unreadable pages of “legislation,” send it to Congress where it will be rubbed-stamped, and the argument will essentially be that everyone needs lithium in their water, and federal monies will only be made available to states that dope their drinkers. We’ve heard it before: “There’s no causal link between the mercury in your flu shot and the occurrence of child autism.”  Yea, right. And teacher certification and standardized tests have improved the level of education, haven’t they? (Well, at least they’ve improved the financial bottom line of the testing cartels.)
The musical satirist Tom Lehrer perhaps put it best in his song “Pollution”: “If you visit American city, you will find it very pretty. Just one thing of which you must beware: don’t drink the water and don’t breathe the air.” Perhaps he might add, were he alive today, a verse or two about the CDC and the healthful benefits of mercury.

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