Jun 28, 2014

NASA & Professional Science will announce the discovery of Alien life before 2016

For those who aren't accustomed to Thornews, don't watch if you are offended by slightly salty language and pics of scantily clad women.  I play his videos because he scours astronomy news and follows the NASA feeds, then puts the info into very funny, seriously goofy videos.  In other words, he's doing lots of legs work so we don't have to.  And his observations are usually right on target.

https://www.youtube.com/THORnews Book it. We're going to find Alien life very soon*. Inner Solar System dwarf planet Ceres is my best guess. Jupiter & Saturn, their Moons. Mars. Or somewhere within less than 5 light years. That's my prediction. My educated guess after reading all the news on Methane, The Kepler Hubble Chandra WISE West wFirst et all news on exoplanets, red dwarfs, light spectrums, water, etc. The initial announcement will probably be single cell fossils or microbial dark matter.
lol j/k
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