Jun 25, 2014

2 Massive Planet X s may lurk beyond Pluto in the Oort Cloud - but One is Plenty

As always, Thornews is funny, sarcastic and full of good info.  However I add on language a possible visual disclaimers, because with Thornews, you just never know what he's going to say or do next.  However the "Planet X" stuff is good info, confirming what NASA first announced back in 1983...and something they don't want anyone in the public talking about.  Because the objects real name might be Wormwood...

https://www.youtube.com/THORnews I've said it all along, all Planet X roads lead to Sedna & Sedna led us to VP113 & now the number of professional astronomers who believe their might be one or TWO Giant Trans-Neptunian planets, planetoids, or dwarf planets. Heck, even astrobob is talking about it! And the Shills are stepping up their game. Their defense is A) Amy Mainzer & NASA's NEO WISE team didn't find anything and B) Amateur Astronomers would be able to see it. LOL WUT?

I do recommend the honorable Michael Brown go help the WISE team discover some cool stuff.

Planet X is real. They've found quite a few of them, Sedna, VP113, Eris Orcus Haumea Quaoar Huya & 2002 Texas 300

The Definition of Planet X has always been a planet outside of Pluto's orbit, so now we've got a ton on our hands, it is interesting to watch as many scientists avoid the discussion of Sedna & VP113 all together.

Interesting times indeed!