Jun 28, 2014

Magickal Kingdom Ultra: Escape From Tomorrow and Sinister Disney

Please check out the second video, the "Truth About Maleficent". Very funny and spot on. If you are interested in more Disney strangeness just check out Freeman's Youtube Channel, as he's done quite a bit of dissecting the strange and darkly magical world of Disney.
Escape From Tomorrow film poster with panopticon all-seeing eye.
Escape From Tomorrow film poster with panopticon all-seeing eye.

By: Jay

What is Disneyland?  Is it a classic incarnation of Amerikana, or is it, nowadays at least, something more?  Is it harmless, family friendly entertainment where the imagination is able to run free, or is there more at work inside the nation’s largest theme park/entertainment complex?  Rumors and speculation have abounded for years of  bizarre, inexplicable events associated with the parks as well as on the cruise ship lines, odd images embedded in the films, even to the Disney family being involved in “brainwashing” and “incest,” according to news reports.  While most of these topics are supposedly laid to waste through snopes.com and other debunkers, I propose there is more than meets the All-Seeing Eye at work.

A recent independent film has been released called Escape From Tommorow, in which the theme park is presented as a descent into madness, where an average family embarks on something akin to a bad acid trip, experiencing strange encounters, demonic forces, sexual enticement and self-destruction.  The film utilizes classic mythological and fairy tale motifs, concomitant with classic Disney, as well as blending all of that with Freudianism, conspiracy memes and technocracy.  Having received mixed reviews, I find it particularly relevant to the question of Disney itself, as the film is both a satire of what has become of Amerikana, as well as connecting with other recently released Disney films, such as Maleficent, another telling of the Sleeping Beauty like Escape From Tomorrow.  While it may seem strange to say, it is not outside the realm of possibility from the occult perspective that multiple films are released around the same time, utilizing similar stories and themes with the intention of having a ritual effect.  While this could be mere coincidence, there could also be more at work.

Escape begins with an average American dad, Jim, who learns he has lost his job the first night of their Disney vacation.  His son, Elliot, has a clear preference for his mother over his father, as he shows signs of rebellion by locking him out of the hotel room.  As the family embarks on the speed rail, they discover everyone at the park is beginning to come down with a sickness called “Cat Flu,” as it is mentioned that people can be carriers without actually being sick.  On the rail, Jim sees two young French girls and begins to fall under their sexual lure, acting as nymphs out of classic mythology.  After arriving at the park, the family divides over which rides they prefer, and we get the distinct impression they represent the typical dysfunctional American family.  Jim begins to experience hallucinations, seeing demons, but brushes it off as being sick.  After waiting two hours, Elliot and his dad discover the Buzz Lightyear ride has been closed, and they are forced to other rides.  It appears these events are all planned, causing Jim to experience more paranoia.
Mind Control through butts. Image: youtube.
Mind Control through butts. Image: youtube.
Jim takes Elliot on a day of chasing after the young French girls, who lure him deeper and deeper into a fantasy land of lust and mental frenzy.  He continues to see phalluses and sexual imagery, and ultimately ends up in a fight with his wife who refuses his advances.  Repressed and sexually starved, Jim plunges deeper and deeper into a mania, which seems to put him in a trance at the pool.  The French girls are there, as well, and Jim ends up crying like a child as if reverting to a primitive state. Still attempting to put this all aside, Elliot and Jim explore more of the park, where the Jim encounters the witch.  The witch tells the dad his daughter is a princess, and puts him in a trance.  Jim awakes from his trance in the midst of having sex with the witch, and throws her off in a daze.  The witch reveals the Disney princesses are all whores that will sleep with rich Asian businessmen for thousands of dollars, as Jim flees the suite with his son.


After this, Jim takes Elliot back to meet with his wife and see Epcot Center.  Constant sex references are made, referring to Epcot as a “giant testicle,” as things get even weirder: After losing his daughter at the park, Jim ends up imprisoned underneath Epcot and Space Mountain in an underground base, where an android scientist tells him he has been the subject of a mind control experiment since he was first brought to the park as a child.  The images in the mind control chamber, such as the model’s butt, give the impression Him has been under this mind control through sex.  At this point, reality and fantasy can no longer be distinguished for Jim, and the audience is told Siemens Corporation has been running the Epcot experimentation.  Jim escapes and tracks down his daughter to the witch’s suite, where he finds her drugged and asleep like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.  The witch has another child there in drag [!], giving the impression she has been using children for sexual mind control conditioning, echoing the reported MKULTRA programs relating to sex operatives and conditioning. “Sleeping beauty” thus refers to the mind-controlled alters and dissociation sex kitten “princesses” experience.  Was Jim also a mind controlled sex kitten?

The witch tells Jim she was once a Disney princess who killed a child, which made her evil, seeking to lure and sacrifice innocent princesses. The witch is thus like Maleficent, and she gives the impression as well that she was put under mind control as a princess that made her into a killer.  As Jim returns to his hotel room with his family, he begins to show signs of advanced Cat Flu, which he contracted from one of the French nymphs who spit on him.  Jim ends up dying with a demonic grin on his face, and an inverted pentagram is visible in the bathroom.  The Disney security forces arrive to clean up the scene, and Elliot is given a pin and a hat in a kind of sacred anointing, and we hear a bell rung three times signifying a religious ceremony.  As Jim’s body is taken away, another Jim returns (presumably an android copy?) as a totally different “cool” guy with a hot girlfriend.  Themes of tanshumanism and technocracy are therefore evident, as the patriarchal “tyranny” feminists rave so much about is symbolically sacrificed to prepare the way for Buzz Lightyear, the robo man Elliot was fascinated with, emerges.

In my assessment, the film is a dark satire of Amerika itself, portrayed as a Disney theme park which is itself the allegory.  The wonderland is anything but a paradise resort, but instead an occult-themed mind control operation targeted at the nuclear family.  The masters of illusion have duped the public through this entity, with the intent of achieving what Crowley termed the destruction of innocence.  The themes of Wicca/witchcraft, mind control, drugging, mass surveillance and panopticism, weaponized sex culture, and dissolution of the family unit are too obvious to miss. In the end, as a kind of ritual sacrifice, the male figure is killed, and the underground android becomes his replacement.  The film is therefore a good analogy for Disney itself, which has invested billions into biometric tracking and total surveillance.  Research indicates this is also linked to the Pentagon for other shady purposes.  It is worth noting that Siemens Corporation really does run the Epcot technical “magic,” too, and that Siemens is a massive international entity with curious historical connections.  This suggests to me a larger mass mind control operation at work, and Escape From Tomorrow appears to deliver this symbolic message.


I won’t tire the reader with a lengthy review and analysis of Maleficent, but suffice to say that it emerged recently as well, with a similar theme of the child abduction of Aurora by Maleficent, and in this version of the tale, all the males characters are also weak and evil.  In a glorious feminist twist, Maleficent saves Aurora and destroys the weak human king.  In other words girls, men are useless, and only goddess worship and witchcraft-based feminism hold the keys of your liberation.  Purveyors of the ridiculous feminist Wiccan religion are often oblivious to the fact that modern Wicca was created by a man, Gerald Gardner, who liked spanking naked lady butts.  Facts and reasoning are always oblivious to modern feminists, however.  Wicca is thus a total fraud, and its use is the breakdown of gender relations and the female psyche.  Is there more than appears on the surface in regard to Disney?  Examine this picture below and tell me what you think.

Duck Tales from the Crypt.
Duck Tales from the Crypt. Image: Youtube.