Apr 19, 2014

Indo-Australian Plate breakup triggering global chain reaction - Truth vs. NOAA

This on the heels of the 7.5 quake near Mexico City that just hit along with a 6.6 near Papua, New Guinea...

A plate movement sequence has occurred multiple times.. from start to finish within days for each event.
By using actual Earthquake/Buoy data and well documented evidence it's been proven there is on-going plate destabilization with the Indo-Australian plate which is then in turn triggering a specific global seismic transference over and over again!
When a buoy detects a plate adjustment on the Indo-Australian plate within days there is a large earthquake between Mid-Central America and South America.
After some time of exposing this chain reaction within the Earth NOAA deleted a buoy off the system, the main buoy detecting these adjustments.... but now for the first time a buoy next to the one previously deleted showed an adjustment and it lead to the same kind of earthquake activity on the other side of the globe!
The "Plate break up" has been officially acknowledged to a degree but this information takes it to a whole different level.