Apr 17, 2014

ALERT: Idaho and Utah on Alert for Yellowstone Eruption

I dropped in Dutchsince latest update below this video for more info on the concerns in Yellowstone.  It would appear U.S. Volcanoes are heating up...


They know the recent earthquake are in fact from lava/magma movement!

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4/16/2014 — Yellowstone Unrest — USGS installs new seismometers — Professionals recommend Food and Water preps



The USGS is now installing multiple new seismometers to monitor this situation developing in the Western portion of the magma chamber of the Yellowstone supervolcano.
The new earthquake monitors are being installed due to the HUNDREDS of earthquakes occurring in East Central Idaho.
Professionals are warning people to prepare now. Be aware this is happening currently.
The most current earthquake information can be found in my most recent earthquake update / overview here:
The magma chamber for Yellowstone is now confirmed to extend West from the actual National Park across the state of Idaho, almost to the Oregon border.
These new seismometers being installed, and the warning to watch for a possible large earthquake should NOT be taken lightly.
The threat of an eruption at Yellowstone is MINIMAL... the threat of a noteworthy earthquake does indeed exist.
I would plan for an earthquake, and hope things calm down in the near term.

Read more at - http://dutchsinse.tatoott1009.com/yellowstoneunrest-usgsinstallsnewseismometers/