Mar 5, 2013

Exo-Vaticana: Examining Rome’s Great Harlot Status

Some of this concerns the prophecies or secrets of Fatima.  The Cardinal here is referring to the references of the error or evil of Russia.  This was part of the second secret of Fatima.  There was a belief that the Vatican was to acknowledge the evil of Russia (communism/Satanic communality for control of the populace) but failed to do so by the appointed date. 

What's amazing here that Cardinal O'Connor and others called out the Vatican for failure to maintain Biblical or prophetic responsiblities.  This is the equivalent of American Senators, many of them, calling out the President for following Satan.  And this has been occurring since the 60's according to my research, but possibly earlier. 

By Cris D. Putnam

Tom Horn and I have suggested the next pope could be the predicted false prophet (Rev 13:11). While some find this offensive, the best sources supporting this notion have been Catholics. For example, I would like to bring to your attention today the priest, John O’Connor. In 1987, O’Connor gave a homily titled “The Reign of the Antichrist,” in which he described how changes within the Roman Catholic Church were already at work before his death to provide for the coming of Antichrist.


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