Mar 5, 2013

2nd Florida Sinkhole Opens Near First

Rob Quinn
Initial site now considered missing man's grave

The residents of Seffner, Fla., are on edge after a fresh sinkhole appeared just three miles from where a sinkhole swallowed a man last week. The new sinkhole, which is about 10 feet deep, appeared between two homes yesterday afternoon, ABC reports. Authorities say the hole is not geologically connected to the first and there is no danger of structural damage, but nearby residents have fled to hotels and the family living closest to the hole now plans to move.

At the first sinkhole, now considered to be the grave of 37-year-old Jeffrey Bush, workers saved keepsakes for the home's former residents during demolition yesterday. Officials say the hole will be surveyed and stabilized, but it's not clear whether the site will ever be built on again. When demolition ended yesterday afternoon, workers joined family members for a brief ceremony in which flowers and notes left in front of the home were loaded into a tractor's bucket and dropped into the hole, the AP reports.

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