Mar 5, 2013

Bright green fireball expodes over Poland, resulting in shockwave and 'mighty roar'

Something unique is happening right now.  Comets are approaching and a huge uptick in fireballs and meteorites is occurring. 

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green fireball
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Last Saturday night (2/3 March), a bright object flying toward the earth was seen in various parts of the country. "It was seen from the city of Poznan to Grudziadz. It lit up the sky for a few seconds from east to west, and then an impact was heard", wrote a reader of "The passage of an NEO [Near Earth Object] is not uncommon", explains Jerzy Rafalski, an astronomer from Torun in an interview with Radio RMF FM.

Comment: No, it's not; it has become frighteningly common in the last couple of years:

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"A lot of people witnessed the phenomenal show, which could have ended dramatically. What most likely was a meteor appeared in the sky and was seen for about 5 seconds across almost all of Poland in a cloudless and starry sky. It gave off a green colour. About 30 seconds after it disappeared, one could hear a mighty roar that spread around like a shock wave,"


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