Apr 4, 2015

US Government Rolls Out Mandatory Adult Vaccination and Tracking Program

I guess too many people have figured out these vaccines may be unsafe, so what should a power-hungry government do?  Make them mandatory of course, and let the vaccines sort out who survives and who doesn't....

By Dr. Mercola
This month, federal health officials are rolling out a national adult immunization plan that contains a new Mandatory Adult Vaccination1,2 and Electronic Tracking Program. The government is urging Americans to fulfill their obligation to support and comply with the anti-choice requirement to relinquish responsibility for personal health and well-being to federally appointed health officials through pharmaceutical enhancements.
Public health officials will be monitoring Twitter and Facebook posts for anti-vaccine chatter that may indicate non-compliance with federal vaccine recommendations and state vaccine mandates.
"The measles outbreak in Disneyland is a prime example of how Americans are incapable of protecting their own health and making wise health choices,” said a spokesman for the federally sponsored Anti-Choicers United Campaign.
"We are delighted that every state has pledged to move forward on bills to eliminate vaccine exemptions and support mandatory vaccine compliance, and we remind Americans that failure to vaccinate is a serious biothreat that simply will no longer be tolerated.”
French time-management specialist Aucun Choix—who was not consulted during the negotiations with drug companies that preceded the mandate—commented that “removing choice is one of the most basic steps you can take to simplify your life,” noting that Americans suffer an inordinate amount of stress as a result of having too many choices.
"Making vaccination decisions is an arduous task involving lots of reading and information processing,” he said, “and this is time Americans can now spend on less stressful activities such as eating and watching television with their families or texting friends.
They should embrace the opportunity to relinquish the responsibility of making medical choices to those who have graduated from medical school and have no doubts about vaccine safety.
It is a complete waste of time for non-medical professionals to research the subject of vaccines because federal health agencies receive a lot of money from the pharmaceutical industry to fast track vaccines to licensure and maintain very high quality control standards.”

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