Apr 2, 2015

Iranian leaders believe that their 13-year plan to control the Middle East is being guided by their promised Shi'ite Messiah!

They even believe that their Messiah will come out of Yemen!
NEWS BRIEF: "Death of Saudi King & Coup in Yemen: Signs in Iranian Prophecy', The Clarion News

"Iranian regime elements focused on the 'end-of-times' prophecies see the coup in Yemen and the death of the Saudi King as the fulfillment of prophecy." 

Please note that the "death of the Saudi King" expressed in this Clarion news article refers to the elderly Saudi King Abdullah, who passed away January 30, 2015.

The coup in Yemen, coming in conjunction with the death of Saudi King Abdullah, are seen as fulfillment of unique Shi'ite end of the age prophecy.

"The Iranian regime’s view of the world is centered around the appearance of the Mahdi, also known as the 'Hidden 12th' in Shia Islam ... The most vivid explanation of the end-of-times prophecy in the Iranian regime’s calculations came in 2011 when a terrifying video was leaked titled, 'The Coming Is Upon Us'.”

"The basis of the video was that the Iranian regime is fulfilling specific prophecies to trigger the appearance of the Hidden 12th Imam. Supreme Leader Khamenei, President Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah are depicted as the incarnations of figures foretold in prophecy."
Therefore, the current leaders of Iran believe they are the physical incarnation of the final Iranian (Persian) leaders foretold in Shi'ite prophecy, and are paving the way for the "Hidden 12th Imam" to appear! It is no wonder they are acting so boldly and so fearlessly.

Even more shockingly, this Shi'ite prophecy depicts the "12th Hidden Imam" as arising out of Yemen!

"Their capturing of Yemen’s capital and achieving what is essentially a coup against the U.S.-allied government will be seen one of the strongest signals that the Mahdi is about to appear. The film also mentions a prophecy about a Yemeni figure named Yamani who will lead a march to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. "

Let us stop right here! This Shi'ite prophecy which foretells the appearance of the 12th Hidden Imam will be preceded by a march from "a Yemeni figure named Yamani", upon the Islamic holy site of Mecca! Quickly examine the Pentagon's 2006 map of the Middle East.

Looking at Saudi Arabia, can you see that the Saudi's have lost control over Mecca and Medina and that Iran has seized control? Don't you find it interesting that Western Illuminati is planning to "fulfill" Shi'ite prophecy?

Sunni Saudi Arabia is about to be defeated and humiliated, just as the above Pentagon map illustrates.

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