Apr 22, 2015

Is China Silently Building The Revelation 9:16 Army Of Super Soldiers For Zenith 2016? Secret Biotechnology Race Involves Espionage, Plan For Superior Humans, Weapons

This year, BGI Shenzhen, China’s largest biotech firm, is collecting 2,000 genomes of the smartest people in the world and hoping to raise the intelligence of their society by at least five percent in the future. Other websites say they are not doing this for reasons they cite as being too difficult. But either way, they are buying up massive amounts of sequencing machinery and genome related industries which will be used to map genomes and potentially screen for more advanced genetic traits in the future.

 Any modern state with biotechnological advantage in altering the DNA and gene expression of any organisms or an entire population will be the leader of the race. Unlike the Arms Race, or the Space Race, the Biotechnology/GMO Race is even more controversial. The real nasty illegal research is kept off the books and is isolated in secret locations by many governments around the world. Some are made public as a show of power and pride.

The Chinese advantage appears to be in quantity and data processing. What if China develops the first superhuman solider or DNA/RNA targeting weapons? What should the U.S. response be when their people become suddenly smarter or stronger than ours? Or when their bioweapons can literally be put in the food and water supply and threaten the population’s DNA? Will the U.S. have a choice at that point not to enter into the darker areas that purportedly remains sealed off from Western morality?

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