Mar 2, 2015

The Black Knight Satellite

As I mentioned last week, I'm not convinced that the dark satellite photos aren't actually pics of Stealth aircraft that have the capability of entering the upper atmosphere and possibly even space.  That would certainly explain the advanced oxygen systems that are so important for the craft. The video does give a nice summary of the idea "someone else" (a breakaway civilization, Nazi scientists?) has put this satellite up well before Sputnik.   As always, you decide...

The Black Knight Satellite, Everything We Know About The 13,000 Year Old Ancient Satellite
"Mankind will discover objects in space sent to us by the watchers.." - Nostradamus.
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In 1899 Tesla discovered an electronic signal that he believed was coming from space. Signal where later picked up in the 1920s by HAM radio enthusiasts
1960 North American System Listening Station picked up a radar echo. They had detected an unknown satellite in orbit. R.Johnson director of the Adler Planetarium said...

The object does not even have the decency to maintain a regular schedule like any other heavenly body or man made object we have ever seen. It appears some nights and some nights it does not.
The satellite was in a polar orbit. It was further revealed that this could not have been the work of either Russia or the USA as they could not achieve polar orbit at the time. The USA named the satellite the Black Knight. A special committee was formed to gather information on the mysterious satellite.. An article was put into time magazine about it.
The satellite was photographed on 3rd September 1960 Long Island and Some seven months after it first appeared on radar image. On 1963 it was seen by an astronaut going into space.
On december 1998 The space craft endeavour was making a journey to the Space Station it recorded several images that many people think to be the Black Knight.