Mar 2, 2015

From Skyfall to SPECTRE: 007 Secrets

I'm re-posting this, but considering the attention the latest movie "Spectre" in the James Bond series is garnering, it's a worthy read.  Lots of insights behind the simple spy fights to save the world ideals.  Good stuff...

Film poster. Image: Imp Awards.
Film poster. Image: Imp Awards.

By: Jay

I thought it odd the new Bond film will be titled SPECTRE, as I have recently written an article about how the secretive organization from the film mirrors the real cabals and cartels that rule the real world, and in particular the black markets.  Indeed, SPECTRE is presented early on in From Russia with Love with this very feature – they are international, as opposed to SMERSH being Russian, and play nation states off against one another.  Transitioning from the Soviet-affiliated SMERSH in the first Bond novel, Casino Royale, SMERSH transforms into SPECTRE, a formidable “terrorist” organization from the ambiguous East.

It is telling that back in the 50s and 60s Fleming was already predicting the transition from the communist threat to the international terrorist threat – something that gave me the indication that Fleming novels are worth a deeper look. With the recent fiasco that is, in my analysis, a staged marketing trick, Sony claims to have been hacked by North Korea and had the SPECTRE script leaked, as well as the “hacker terrorists” threatening 9/11 style attacks on theaters (?) that play Franco and Rogen’s The Interview.
Casino Royale Ca$h Options
I suspect more is at work, given the plot of Skyfall surrounded a former Mi6 operative, Mr. Silva (Javier Bardem), playing a hell-bent hacker intent on wreaking vengeful havoc on M (Judy Dench) and all of Her Majesty’s Secret Service.   It is surely not coincidence that in Skyfall Silva has “back door” technology that brings to mind PROMIS software or the recent hubbub involving NSA spying and Snowden.  With these recent news events in mind, an analysis of Skyfall is overdue.  In the reboot of Casino Royale, we saw Bond engaged in a bout with an associate of what we can assume will be SPECTRE, the infamous LeChiffre, and in my analysis of Casino Royale, I noted as follows concerning the real associations that can be made between LeChiffre’s secret organization and the real cartels that run our world:

“In the beginning (of the Casino Royale novel), however, Bond is not after SMERSH, but a wealthy, disfigured rogue who stuck out on his own and created a “fifth column” from SMERSH, named LeChiffre.  LeChiffre translates as “the cypher,” letting us know more is at work here.  LeChiffre, according to Bond writer Ian MacIntyre, was based on British Satanist/occultist Aleister Crowley.
In fact, Ian Fleming, it has recently been claimed by researcher Anthony Masters, was responsible for crafting the plot to lure Rudolph Hess to Scotland based on a bogus astrological chart that tickled Hess’ fancy, created by Crowley. The plot worked, apparently, and Hess parachuted into Scotland and was captured.  LeChiffre, “the cypher,” has curious features, and like many Bond villains a strange sexual appetite and fixation, in the same vein as Crowley.”

And in regard to put options and dirty financial dealings before 9/11 we can see a curious parallel:
"You've got mail! Inbox: Blofeld (1)
“You’ve got mail! Inbox: Blofeld (1) Image:

“While LeChiffre funds an uprising, he simultaneously makes a call to his broker to sell a million puts on Skyfleet, an amorphous airline.  We get the impression LeChiffre plans a terror event that will in some way benefit his selling of the put options.  In terms of esoteric analysis, this begins to look strikingly like the events prior to 9/11 that those “in the know,” know about.  Prior to the terror events of that day, numerous puts had been placed on United Airline stocks, resulting in much speculation as to clear prior knowledge on the part of many in the power structure.  As you can see from this mainstream report, the establishment blames “rogue traders.”  Absurdly, the report purports the laughable line that the retard phony terrorists lurking in caves in Afghanistan were the masterminds behind not only the amazingly complex black operation of 9/11, but also the put options and insider trading.  Why, Al Qaeda is virtually omnipotent and omnipresent!  And in the narrative of Casino Royale, that is exactly what LeChiffre attempts to do, as he has engineered a bombing to occur on the release of a new prototype plane to be unveiled by Skyfleet.”

Quantum of No Solace

Moving to the sequel in the rebooted series, Quantum of Solace, alchemy comes to the fore in Bond’s failed attempt to “bond” with the feminine.  Quantum is the idea of matter or quantity or prima materia, and for Bond, a bit of peace and solace is never attained – primarily because he is a programmed killer, and the final betrayal of Vesper Lynd in Casino can only bring forth a cold, “The bitch is dead” from a unremorseful 007.  This is crucial for understanding Fleming’s novels, as they are just as littered with esoteric images as the films.  Quantum of Solace is a Fleming short story about Bond, but it is not like the film, aside from Bond’s inability to permanently pair with any babes (outside of getting laid).  So, alchemically we saw the Quantum villains have names that are colors, Mr. White, Mr. Green, etc.

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