Mar 2, 2015

Remembering the Armenian Genocide Conducted by the Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

While the assault on the Khazar Jews and gypsys of WWII is never far from the mainstream conversation, no one talks about the greatest Christian persecution of modern history, one that has been avoided by mainstream news and denied or ignored by the Turkish government who executed it. That is known as the Armenian genocide, and we are now honoring the 100th anniversary of this hidden mass murder by the Ottoman (Turkish) empire.

In April of 1915 tens of thousands of Armenian men were rounded up and shot. Hundreds of thousands of women, old men and children were deported south across the mountains to Cilicia and Syria. On April 15 the Armenians appealed to the German Ambassador in Constantinople for formal German protection. This was rejected by Berlin on the grounds that it would offend the Turkish Government. By April 19 more than 50,000 Armenians had been murdered in the Van province.

Within nine months, more than 600,000 Armenians were massacred. Of the deported during that same period, more than 400,000 perished of the brutalities and privations of the southward march into Mesopotamia. By September more than a million Armenians were the victims of what later became known as the Armenian Genocide! A further 200,000 were forcibly converted to Islam to give Armenia a new Turkish sense of identity and strip the Armenian people of their past as the first Christian state in the world.

To read more about the devastation of the Armenians, Assyrians and Persians in the first great pogrom of the 20th century which laid the groundwork for later genocides and see some of the horrifying photos please go to  -