Jan 15, 2015

Satan as Savior - Astonishing Vatican Plan to Unveil Humanity's Deliverer

The title is extreme, but the facts of the program the Vatican has run the last two years concerning alien baptism and other related things is undeniable.  In the video below Tom Horn lays out the scriptural background for the plan the Vatican is slowly unveiling to the world.

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

FalseMessiahComesFirst.jpgKeeping in mind recent astonishing statements made by Pope Francis indicating he would be willing tobaptise aliens should he ever be asked to, as well as somevery weird statements made by the Pope's astonomer regarding aliens, Monday's Sheila Zilinksy show where she is joined by researchers and authors Steve Quayle and Tom Horn, titled "Satan as Saviour- Vatican's Astonishing Plan to Unveil the Devil As Humanity's Deliverer," is a must-see as we hear about the events "now in play" across the globe.

As Quayle sets the stage pointing to the tail horse of the 4th horseman of the Apocalypse, connecting it to Agenda 21, the Lucifer Telescope on Mt. Graham, and how "disclosure" is being prepared for, but to be unveiled not by the scientific community, but instead by the highest of religious leaders, the Pope, he hands it over to Tom Horn who connects all the dots fromMalachi Martin's Jesuit predictions of what would happen if a Jesuit became the religious leader, to biblical prophecies (Daniel - 11) dissected in the Hebrew God of the Fortresses, which speak of the Lord of the atmosphere, an "alien god."

Malachi Martin's predictions are chilling in light of what we are seeing today, specifically and as he stated, the Jesuit Pope would usher in a "New World Order" based on Socialism and would work in tandem, ultimately with the rise of the Antichrist for the implementation for the objectives of the Antichrist. Horn also points out that if those predictions are correct, then it is likely he was also correct when he spoke of what is truly happening on the top of Mt. Graham in Arizona.

Malachi once told Art Bell that the reason the Vatican forced it's way to the top of Mt. Graham was because at the highest levels of the Vatican governance and geopolitics they know "what is approaching the Earth."

Is it any wonder that the "Lucifer Telescope" shares space with the Vatican (VATT) telescope on Mt. Graham?

As Quayle rejoins the conversation he highlights the years of research into documenting the mysterious disappearances, the Dopa Stones, elite individuals that have already come into contact with these "beings," and informs listeners that the "decption is going to be so great" that instead of the much talked about stairway to heaven, we will find ourselves on the "spiral staircase to hell." To quote Quayle "we think we have seen great deception, we have only seen the beginning of it."

Via Sheila's email:

Dr. Tom Horn and Steve Quayle join Sheila Zilinsky in a riveting show that will stun listeners. Find out the prophetic end time plan unfolding before your very eyes and the role the Catholic Church is playing in the emergence of the false prophet & Antichrist. You won't believe what the Pope will say...

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