Jan 16, 2015

Of Nanotubes, Viral Cancer, mDNA, David Ferrie and the JFK Assassination...

Very interesting combination of topics here, but we should have known that viruses were a potential cancer cause when they came out with a viral vaccine for cancer
The bizarre David Ferrie and his famous homemade eyebrows


First, the article itself, and its rather sensational news, news that, again, shows how quickly a scientific "fact" can be overturned, in this case, the fact that mitochondrial DNA - the DNA we all receive from our mothers, all the way back to the hypothesized "mitochondrial Eve" - does not transfer from cell to cell except during reproduction. In this case, scientists in New Zealand have made an important - perhaps even paradigm shifting - discovery, namely, that mDNA can transfer from cell to cell outside of reproduction:

A Mitochondrial DNA Transplant Could Help Treat Hundreds Of Diseases

O.K., so what's so significant about that? What possible high octane, way-out-there-in-geosynchronous-orbit speculation could possibly come of this?
Well, consider these paragraphs closely:
"Prior to the new study, scientists thought these genes stayed within cells, except during reproduction.
"But experiments conducted by a team led by professor Mike Berridge from the Malaghan Institute have shown this isn't the case. As reported in the NZH:
'A Kiwi-led research team demonstrated the movement of mitochondrial DNA between cells in an animal tumour. After mitochondrial DNA was removed from breast cancers and melanomas in mice, replacement mitochondrial DNA naturally shifted from surrounding normal tissue. After adopting the new DNA, the cancer cells went on to form tumours that spread to other parts of the body.
'[...] It's a leap in the science of cellular biology, and could boost the understanding of human diseases other than cancer, since defective mitochondrial DNA accounts for about 200 diseases and is implicated in many more.'
"As noted by Berridge in a release, "This appears to be a basic physiological mechanism in the body that no one has seen before because they lacked the exploratory tools. Whether this new phenomenon is important in tumour formation is still unclear, but we are interested in pursuing the research to see if the transfer occurs more widely in the body. Preliminary evidence indicates it may be a common occurrence in the brain."(Italicized and bold emphases added)
Most readers here will know that I've written a number of books on the subject of Mr. Richard Dolan's concept of a "breakaway civilization," and the idea that (1) a vast hidden system of finance was erected to (2) provide a steady source of funding for black research projects, and that I have included, as a component of such research, not only that there may well be an entirely hidden, or off-the-books physics, as exemplified in the curious statements of the late Ben Rich, director of Lockheed-Martin's "skunk works," but also an off the books genetics and medical science. Indeed, most readers of this website are already probably familiar with the stories that indicate the latter, as we're all more or less familiar with the black projects research stories that occasionally leak concerning this or that aspect of bio-weapons research.
And it's here, precisely, that my really out there high octane speculation comes in. Now brace yourself. Most researchers into the JFK assassination  will eventually come across three names, two of which maintained that the CIA had, during the late 1950s and 1960s, successfully "weaponized cancer," i.e., had discovered that cancer could be induced, and indeed, given to people, an assertion that ultimately implies just the sort of inter-cellular transmission mechanism as is being suggested by the New Zealand discoveries. The two names are, of course, David Ferrie, the strange character sought out by Jim Garrison during his investigation into the Kennedy assassination, and Jack Ruby, who insisted he had been given the cancer that was killing him before the deal that he had worked out with Dallas DA could come into effect. In Ferrie's case, as I outlined in my book LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, Garrison discovered that Ferrie was indeed involved in some sort of obscure cancer research with New Orleans oncologist Dr Mary Sherman, the third player in this strange high octane speculation and story. Dr Sherman, in turn, was murdered under such extraordinarily bizarre circumstances - death by particle beam quite literally - was also involved in research specifically related to the transmission mechanisms, and her boss was none other than the then-internationally renowned cancer researcher, physician, and head of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Alton Ochsner, who himself apparently had some connection to the CIA's "war with cancer" projects.