Jan 16, 2015

Orb (UFO) Hovers For Hours & Comet Lovejoy

So just what are these orbs that keep getting caught on camera?  Are they some of the "sky jellyfish" spotted by the early aviators and photographed by infrared photography in the mid-1900's?  Are they spiritual beings?  Are they plasma projections as part of military black projects?  Great photo pickup of the phenomena here by Crrow. 

Also note the strange appearance of green comets (Lovejoy).  It should be interesting to note that copper, boron and thallium all burn green in flame tests.  Perhaps something else is sending these latest comets into the solar system.  Perhaps the suns dark twin is getting closer...


This clip contains footage of a large orb (UFO) that hovered in the sky for hours just after sunrise. As we filmed chemplanes started to spray right on top of the orb covering it from view. There is also an image of comet Lovejoy at the end of this clip and a few words on the suspicious nature of recent comets and their new green color. Also, if you would like to follow my articles on the Examiner.com click the link below and subscribe to the author.