Oct 10, 2014

Will There Be a US Ebola Outbreak in 2015?

I think the question is, will there be an outbreak in 2014?

Emergency and Survival Supplies Sales Now Soaring Above 4,000 Percent
by Donna Howell

Ebola Arrives in Texas on a Plane

This past month, Marthalene Williams, a woman in her seventh month of pregnancy, collapsed in Monrovia, Liberia. Naturally, concerned family members and community residents rushed to her aid. The source of the sudden attack against Williams’ body has been revealed as Ebola: a disease causing severe internal bleeding, high fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea. The Ebola Virus is on the whole considered fatal. The disease has now claimed over two thousand lives in Liberia,[1] a small country that has been described by the US Department of State to be approximately the size of Tennessee.[2] In Williams’ small village alone, nine people lay dead or dying.[3] In a news report released at the time of this writing, unsettling realities are descending upon even the youngest of the area’s inhabitants:
Nine-year-old Mercy is being looked after by her seventeen-year-old brother, Harris. Their mother, also, was among the first at Williams’ side. Days later, she, herself, was rushed to the hospital. Mercy doesn’t know this yet, but after we [the CNN News camera crew] leave, one of her neighbors is going to take her aside and explain that her mother is never coming back home.[4]
The local officials are currently establishing a list of those who have come into contact with Marthalene Williams, and as per this report, their list is approaching one hundred names that will now have to be placed under supervision to watch for the symptoms of this deadly disease. One man who was present at the moment that Williams collapsed was a Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan, who, like many, immediately responded to assist the pregnant woman during the episode.
On September 20, two weeks ago, Duncan arrived at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas in his visit to America. Days later, Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola and is now in critical condition in the Texas Presbyterian Hospital, after walking amidst the crowds of travelers in one of the most highly-populated airports in the United States. Currently, according to Texas health officials in the most recent reporting, the list of those who have been in close enough contact with Duncan to be considered a potential risk has also grown to one hundred.[5]                                                                                                       

Emergency and Survival Suppliers in the US Are Running Out of Stock                                                                                                                     

The United States is a fairly safe place to live in terms of health and medical concerns. As a result, many Americans with ample funds to buy fairly low-cost emergency supplies that would protect from the spread of epidemic disease find themselves all too willing to set aside their concern until disaster strikes. This sudden initial appearance of Ebola in the States has placed millions across the nation in a state of panic, which is depleting many emergency suppliers of regular stock items. Three days ago, the numbers for some of these protective items were as follows: Tyvek suit sales are up 233 percent; sales of 3M Co.’s particulate respirators is up 4,004 percent; hand sanitizers are up 20 percent; and online emergency preparedness stores across the nation are selling out of their supplies at a rapid rate, the likes of which have not been seen since the influenza outbreak of 2011, according to LifeSecure.[6]
With West African numbers quickly climbing to 7,500–8,000 dead or dying from the outbreak,[7] and now the first-ever diagnosis of Ebola on American soil,[8] Americans are understandably searching for protection from exposure. 
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