Oct 7, 2014

Predicted Staged Bio Release in 2008

By: Jay

The one time I was a semi-guest guest on Alex Jones, you will recall that I discussed the very thing we are seeing: a staged bio release scenario that has yet to be seen in its full implications. In fact, if I recall, this was a recording I made even prior to 2010, around 2007, following I Am Legend (2007) but I’m not positive. As you can see, it was uploaded 2010, but no journalism credit will swing my way. How did I make this call? Not by any inside information, but simply by following the entire thesis of this site, that the future moves of the establishment are telegraphed ahead of time in symbolic and subtle (and sometimes obvious fashion) means, through pop culture. This doesn’t mean all apocalypse scenarios in pop culture are legitimate or valuable information, rather, it requires skilled sifting of wheat and chaff, combined with the best approximation of legitimate news and information. Yet regardless of JaysAnalysis’ stellar track record of prognostications, the skeptics (idiots) refuse to give credit or heed.




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