Jul 1, 2014

Now Budists Persecute and conspire with Muslims to Murder Christians. 241 Christains murdered in Sri Lanka

Few realize that the oldest forms of Buddhism maintained that it was not a negative/bad/sinful act if you killed someone else, as long as you killed that person to prevent them from committing evil in the future. Sri Lanka is one of the spiritually darkest places on the planet, and violence there sadly is not out of the ordinary.



The Buddhist nation of Sri Lanka is driving out from its country 1500 Pakistani Christians back to Pakistan where they will be either imprisoned or executed.

Local news in Sri Lanka said that “These people were to be deported because of their alleged involvement in ‘anti-state activities’ in India and Pakistan”.

By “Anti-state activities” they of course mean the Christians’ affronting the state religion of Sri Lanka, Buddhism. Here is a video showing dead Christians murdered by Buddhists in Sri Lanka:

Pakistan is totally pleased with the measure and is cooperating with Sri Lanka because it wants the christians efugees in its hands to shed their blood.

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