Jul 3, 2014

2014 The Year Of Demonic MANIFESTATIONS- 15 Types, Russ Dizdar, Gary Indiana Possession Case

The Gary Case got as much attention as any possession case I have ever seen, due in large part to the witnesses that were present and the overall explosion into our cultural consciousness of demonic and occult influences and events.  The Black Awakening is here...

Russ Dizdar (30 Jan., 14) presents 15 types of DEMONIC MANIFESTATION. Deliverance Ministers needed. Oppression/Possession, Astral Travel, Covens, Sleep Paralysis, Super Bowl, Gary Indiana case, etc. Click on link to hear the next 30 minutes- GO TO shatterthedarkness (dot) net to hear ENTIRE 1 hour discussion- archive of 30 January, 2014.