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TrotskyitesRecently the Central Intelligence Agency added yet another scandal to its ever-growing list. The scandal involved the outsourcing of torture. The following news article elaborates:
Two nations in support of the White House’s 2003 invasion of Iraq – Poland and Romania – are at the heart of a European Union investigation on human rights abuses and torture claims at camps allegedly run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Poland and Romania, along with Bulgaria, have indicated this week they intend to withdraw troops from Iraq saying the economic and image costs have run too high.
The White House doesn’t directly comment on whether or not the CIA is running secret prisons in Europe to house and torture al Qaeda captives, but vows the claims warrant an investigation.

However, more information from Europe has uncovered at least two CIA special flights landed in France in 2002 and again in 2005, but investigators did not know the final destination of those flights, which used a CIA Learjet and Gulfstream III. But the European Union says more than 300 flights in total have involved clandestine CIA activities. (No pagination).
Soon after the EU allegations, the ACLU, a left-of center American legal group, came forward with charges of their own:
As news broke of the European-led investigation the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) went to court to sue the CIA to “stop the transportation of terror suspects to countries outside” of the United States. The ACLU suit claims the CIA has violated international human rights laws.
Charges include abduction, detention without communication, beatings, use of narcotics on detainees, and transportation of suspects across country borders without just cause.
Some of the men under protection of the ACLU claim they were flown by the CIA to Syria (currently a country at odds with the White House) and Egypt where detainees were tortured, sexually assaulted, and drugged. The federal government denies such activity could ever have taken place and vows to defend itself “vigorously,” but added that under presidential order the CIA is absolved of presenting secret procedures in a court of law in the name of national security. (No pagination)
This is not the CIA’s first criminal and morally bankrupt act. The problematic intelligence organization seems to have been engaged in nefarious activity since its inception. What is the explanation for the Agency’s seemingly systemic corruption? Anti-government writers claim that CIA corruption stems from the fact that the Agency is an organ of a corrupt government. However, this contention is a gross oversimplification. While the Agency does have a government charter, it can only be considered a quasi-governmental organization. For the most part, the Agency is the enforcement arm of its “founding fathers.” While these “founding fathers” use national governments as their personal prostitutes, they inhabit a stratum that exists above governments. The “founding fathers” are the power elite.

What is being examined here is an unholy union. The first spouse is the Cult of Intelligence, which is the CIA. Despite its fierce secrecy, many, if not all Americans, are aware of this Cult’s existence. After all, it has a definite geographical location, which is Langley, Virginia. The major news media and the government also acknowledge its existence. On the other hand, the Cult of Oligarchy, which is the power elite, is not so easily detected. This cult constitutes a “virtual state.” Philip Bobbitt defines this term:
The virtual state has many of the characteristics of other states (a trained standing army and intelligence cadre; a treasury and a source of revenue; a civil service and even a rudimentary welfare system for the families of its fighters) but is borderless; it declares wars, makes alliances with other states and is global in scope but lacks a definable location on the map. (No pagination)
This status as a “virtual state” has allowed the Cult of Oligarchy to pass right under the radar of most Americans. Mention the cult’s various congregations, such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, or the Bilderbergers, and the average person will shrug in blissful ignorance. However, this “virtual state” still must be examined, because it has been wedded to the Cult of Intelligence since the CIA’s inception. 

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