Jun 20, 2014

ISIS Domestic Terror Threat Created by CIA and U.S. Military

One note that we should all make is that no Muslim group would ever identify themselves with the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.  It's a dead giveaway that the name was placed on this group by someone in the West, where the worship of the goddess, by many different names, grows daily.  Remember the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt seriously considered blowing up the Pyramid Complex at Giza because of it's association with the ancient pagan Egyptian worship.
CIA facilitated 9/11 terrorist visa mill in Saudi Arabia
ISIS Domestic Terror Threat Created by CIA and U.S. Military
byKurt Nimmo 
Eli Lake, writing for The Daily Beast, in other words Newsweek, warns that Americans fighting in Syria may soon return home and pose a serious terror threat.
“The problem, U.S. counter-terrorism and intelligence officials tell The Daily Beast, is that there are just so many jihadists with Western passports traveling to fight in Syria that they worry some of them may slip back into the United States without being detected,” Lake writes.

He then quotes Matthew Olsen, the director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, who told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in March hundreds of terrorists have Western passports and they “could return to their home countries to commit violence on their own initiative or participate in al Qaeda-directed plots.”
CIA’s Saudi Visa Mill
Prior to the September 11, 2001, attack the CIA arranged passports and visas for veterans of its covert war in Afghanistan. This was confirmed by the former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Michael Springman, who told then BBC journalist Greg Palast in November, 2001, he “was repeatedly ordered by high level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants” who were allowed to enter the United States.

“What I was protesting was, in reality, an effort to bring recruits, rounded up by Osama Bin Laden, to the US for terrorist training by the CIA. They would then be returned to Afghanistan to fight against the then-Soviets,” Springman said.

Springman talked about this CIA terrorist visa factory with Alex Jones in February, 2010: 

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