May 17, 2014

Who Shot Down Russian Proton-M Rocket Advanced Satellite?

Paul Begley starts us off by giving some background and asking the pertinent questions.  But I might add at this point that we are looking at a "shooting war", but this one is using high-tech, space-based weapons.

This video by Thornews shows the shootdown video of the rocket, with a small, fast, incoming object being tracked directly into the Russian rocket just before it gives out.  It looks like a rail gun, which can fire solid objects (like a block of steel) from a thousand miles away at an incredibly high rate of speed to a moving target.  Two advantages to the rail gun are that 1) they move so fast they are invisible to the ground and 2) because they have such speed and mass behind them, they need no explosive ordinance to give away their presence.  The simple impact of a dense, high-speed object with a sensitive rocket would leave plenty of room for the guilty party to deny doing anything. 

We should ask though, are we watching the first shots fired in World War Three? All super thanks to Dahboo7 for this amazing find. It's as amazing as it is frightening.

A small white orb approaches the rocket that was launched 3 minutes after the Proton-M rocket lifted off in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. The Orb then accelerates goes through the engine and then comes out the other side. The Rocket carrying the Communications sattellite then fails and dives down and explodes.

I'm going to pray that it was Aliens and not us the USA because the LAST thing we need in this getting hotter cold war is it to get worse. No one prospers from World War III Nuclear war or the War of Technology.