May 15, 2014

Nigerian Father Refused to Recant Faith Before Boko Haram Killed Him

"He told him that he would rather die than to go to Hellfire," –Deborah Peters
Deborah Peters(Washington, DC)—In an effort to raise more awareness and gain help for the 200+ Nigerian girls kidnapped by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, Nigerian teen, Deborah Peters came to Washington, DC, this week, to share her own experience. (Photo via Christian Post)
Peters, 15, told of how the same terrorist group came to her home in Chibok—the same place the kidnapped girls are from.

Three of the terrorists entered Peters' home, and demanded that her father—who was a Christian pastor—renounce his faith.

According to the Christian Post report, he refused, saying that “he would rather die than to go to Hellfire."

They shot him three times, killing him, and then they shot and killed her brother because they reasoned that he might grow up to be a pastor too.

Others were present at the event held on Tuesday, who had experienced similar atrocities at the hands of the Boko Haram terrorists; they were part of a panel hosted by the Hudson Institute of Washington, DC.

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