May 13, 2014

CHEMTRAILS: There is NO Debate!

So why respond like there is?

Those who deny the existence of chemtrails are either willfully ignorant or dangerously arrogant, or both; therefore, why bother debating with them? Of course, there are those who run Facebook pages who are paid government agents or corporate shills with a vested interest in the multi-billion dollar global chemtrail program.  Then there are the simple folks who refuse to believe because of a bad case of lifelong cognitive dissonance, or an unshakable faith in trustworthy government, or a serial neglect of skywatching (as in never looking up at the sky).

Lastly, there are the legions of scientists and academics, researchers and writers, from whom the faculty of human reason has completely fled.  These pseudo-scientists are not only devoid of common sense; they lack the ability to apply objective and unbiased critical thinking.  For many of these lost causes, years of university study have force-fed them incorrect science theories, taught them flawed scientific methodology and encouraged their blind allegiance to defective scientific paradigms.

These ‘hard science’ PhD types have often been exposed to years of intense and purposeful indoctrination.  Erroneous information and incomplete knowledge, that is incessantly reinforced by professors and reference books alike, ensures that they will never leave such an intellectually-challenged reservation.  They also know quite well who funds their various grants and scholarships, and how not to put them in jeopardy.  Furthermore, the relentless doctoral conditioning and/or post-doctoral brainwashing virtually guarantees that they will always side with the “system”.  

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