Mar 30, 2013

The Coming 360 Day Year Predicted in Revelation

It's an interesting topic, but as I was reading I don't see that the author actually explains how this will all is an interesting idea that it may happen.

Everyone knows there are 365 days in a year--except, seemingly, the Bible. The Bible repeatedly talks like there are only 360 days in a year and even 30 days in all months but never speaks of a shorter month or a 365 day year like we see today. While some say it simply means primitive man had inaccurate calendars, that does not explain why the length of the Great Tribulation given in Revelation only works on a similar 360/30 calendar. Is the 360/30 calendar of revelation a "prophetic calendar" needed to interpret the 1260, 1290, 1335, and 2300 days or do these day counts literally mean what they say that the calendar will be different then? Is that really possible and what does the troublesome Wormwood star that Revelation mentions just before the Tribulation have to do with it? Find out why once again, the Bible can make sense more literally than anyone thought!

One Period, Three Time Measurements?

The Book of Revelation contains many insights and predictions to encourage, thrill and scare you. Some are plain and obvious; others are subtle and hidden from the understanding of all but a few (Dan 12:4, 9-10; Rev 1:1-3). For example, that an evil beast-like ruler will dominate the entire earth (Rev 13:7) for the last 42 months of this age (Rev 13:5) is plain and easy to understand. That a major change to earth's orbit is predicted by this and related numbers is not obvious at all. What numbers? Curiously, there are three different time lengths implied for the great tribulation found among six accounts of activities taking place then:
  • 3½ Years
    Daniel 9:27 tells us that the Abomination of Desolation and ceasing of the daily oblation will happen in the "middle" of the 70th week (or final 7 year period) not in the beginning of it. Jesus also says at the time of the Abomination of Desolation that it will be urgent to head to the place of safety (Mt 24:15) as “great tribulation” follows it (Mt 24:21). Half of 7 years = 3½ years.

    Daniel 7:25 says that the Little Horn (Antichrist) will speak against God and oppress the holy ones for a time, (pair of) times, and half of time or 1 + 2 + ½ = 3½ years

    Revelation 12:14 says that the Woman is protected from Satan for the same amount of “times” (3½) as the Little Horn oppresses = 3½ years.
  • 42 Months
    Revelation 11:2 says that Gentile armies will trample Jerusalem for 42 months.

    Revelation 13:5 says the Beast (Antichrist) will blaspheme God and conquer the saints for 42 months.
  • 1260 Days
    Revelation 11:3 says that the Two Witnesses prophesy during this same period for 1260 days.
In other words, the 1260 days of the Two Witnesses is the same 42 months that the Temple Mount is trampled while the Little Horn/Beast speaks against God and oppresses the saints (Rev 11:1-3=Dan 7:25=Rev 13:5). It is also the same 3½ years that the righteous Woman is protected in the wilderness (Rev 12:14). All these events relate to the tribulation when the Antichrist continues for “a time, (pair of) times, and half a time” as Daniel 7:25 says.
 By the way, I can appreciate that the above information may come as a surprise to many readers. Most Christians have been taught that the tribulation or great tribulation is seven years long. However, as you can see, the only time seven years is mentioned in connection with the great tribulation is for entire seven year 70th week of which the great tribulation is only the second half. The first half is not called “the tribulation” also but has another name given by Jesus: the “beginning of birth pains/sorrows” (Mt 24:8; Mk 13:8). (If it surprises you that this kind of numerical error can happen, consider that there are not three days and three nights between a Good Friday crucifixion and a Easter Sunday resurrection!)

The Hidden Prediction in Great Tribulation Lengths

So, why do Daniel and Revelation give us three different measurements of length for the same time period when all that was necessary to establish the length is to use one measurement such as “three and one half years?” Good question. The answer will begin to take shape once we do a little math on the numbers above:
  • 1260 days ÷ 3.5 years = 360 days per year
  • 1260 days ÷ 42 months = 30 days per month
Obviously, this does not match the current cosmology of:
  • 365.2422 days per year.
  • 29.531 days per lunation. The Hebrews used lunar months, or the cycle from new moon to new moon. This is reflected in the Hebrew word for month (chodesh) meaning also moon, similar to how the etymology of “month” is related to the moon.
Given that a 360/30 calendar does not match our 365¼/29½ reality it is very tempting to dismiss the great tribulation numbers above as not intended literally, but as convenient approximations. But again, why even bother to give these redundant “approximations” if all we needed was to have any one of these lengths to give us an idea of the breadth of the reign of the Antichrist?
 If it means what it literally says then what we have hidden in those numbers is a implied prediction of a coming change of the calendar through a shortening of the year by five days before the Great Tribulation begins. In other words, the earth's orbital velocity must speed up by around 1% by the time the Antichrist takes power to shave five days off the year.

The 360/30 Calendar in the Old Testament

Is that even possible? Yes, it is not only possible, but it appears to have happened before. Most educated people assume that the earth has been going around the sun the same way for thousands or even billions of years. They are not aware of catastrophism or the theory that the earth has been affected by sudden violent planetary-wide events in the past. Catastrophism should not be a strange concept to those who have read the Bible. The deluge in Noah's day was just such a thing. Today it is also commonly accepted that the dinosaurs were wiped out when an asteroid or comet struck the earth. That, too, is catastrophism—and of a kind that could explain how the calendar of the earth could change and probably changed before. You see, the Old Testament implies that the Hebrews and other ancient peoples knew nothing about the 365¼/29½ cosmology of today. The implication is always a 360 day year and 30 day month. Some examples:
  • Noah's Flood: During the time of the flood Genesis tells us that 150 days started on the 17th day of the second month, and ended on the 17th day of the seventh month or exactly five months later (Genesis 7:11, 24 and 8:3-4). 150 days ÷ 5 months = 30 days per month. 30 days × 12 months = 360 days per year.

  • Month Of Mourning Statute: Mourning for the dead is ordered for a "full month" and is recorded as carried on for thirty days (Dt. 34:8; 21:13; Nu 20:29). If it were as today that some lunar months were 29 days and others 30 days, why is there never a record of a 29 day month anywhere in Scripture but many accounts of 30 days? (In fact, the number 29 never appears in the Bible.)

  • King Ahaseurus' 180 Day Feast: Esther 1:4 implies a 360 day year or consistently 30 day month by recording that the feast continued exactly 180 days. Whether the feast is meant to fulfill half a year or six months, neither approach would arrive at 180 days under a 365¼/29½ cosmology but both approaches would work under a 360/30 calendar.

How the Original 360 Day Year Lengthened to 365 Days

The Bible is not the only ancient testimony we have of the ancients living in a world of 360 day years and 30 day months. There is much historical evidence from ancient history that we were on a 360/30 calendar once before; (from which we get our 360 degrees of a circle). There are over a dozen ancient calendars with 360 day years or 30 day months before the 8th century BC. After that, many of the calendars changed. Did something happen in the 8th century BC to require calendars to be updated? From Chuck Missler I first learned an answer to this question. There is evidence that Mars used to be on a different orbit that brought it dangerously close to earth. Chuck Missler talks about how it came so close it brought catastrophes with semi-regularity. From this we have much of the dread and ferocity associated with the name Mars (as in martial arts). In the last interaction with earth, it both modified earth's orbit and its own so that it has the present “safe” orbit seen today. But what about the 30 day lunation becoming 29½ days? If Mars slowed down the orbit of the earth to take five days longer, then automatically the lunar cycle would shorten from 30 days to the current 29½. If you are as fascinated by these ideas as I am, then I suggest reading the book The Mars-Earth Wars for more details.

Wormwood Catastrophe Before the Great Tribulation

If Mars is now in a different orbit which never brings it close to earth anymore, then it is not likely to reverse what it did before to our calendar. However, there is another object also mentioned in Revelation that could effect this reversal right on time for the great tribulation. The great tribulation is from the 5th trumpet through 7th trumpet. Not surprisingly, the 3rd and 4th trumpet describe catastrophic effects (polluted fresh waters and a “nuclear winter”-like darkening of the sky) blamed on a wayward star called Wormwood. Before that, the 1st and 2nd trumpets describe a storm of meteorite and asteroid impacts on the earth which would readily send filth and dead bodies into the water and particulate into the atmosphere to cause and explain the next two trumpets, respectively. Before that, the 6th trumpet describes a global great earthquake and multiple eclipses with a meteor shower. All of this can be explained by a comet passing close by the earth or partly breaking up near us. There is an astronomical hypothesis postulating the periodic catastrophic extinctions seen in the geologic record could be caused by regular appearances of comets. The Nemesis Hypothesis suggests that comets circling the sun past Pluto in the “Oort Cloud” would be stirred up periodically by the passage of a twin star companion to the Sun, named Nemesis. Some of these comets would reach the earth and cause catastrophes. In other words, scientists may have discovered what Revelation has been trying to tell us for 2000 years that there is another star out there circling the sun and it will be responsible for a dire future catastrophe. By this, Revelation also explains how the Antichrist comes to power right after. He with the power of Satan (2Th 2:9) is able to convince the world that he is God (2Th 2:4) and capable of fixing the mess...for a price (the mark of the beast).
 And part of what he will be fixing is the calendar!


When it comes to the biblical calendar, the Bible once again turns out to be more literal than anyone imagined. Just as the Bible repeatedly implies a 360 day year and 30 day month, over a dozen other ancient calendars and sources are witness to the same cosmology. Ancient histories show that the calendars changed in the time of Hezekiah to match what we take for granted today. It appears that Mars could have gotten its “war” planet reputation by swinging by the earth periodically to bring catastrophes and eventually slow our orbit to the current 365 day year. But Revelation predicts a reversal. Through its three different lengths for the great tribulation, a 360/30 calendar is subtly predicted to come right before the great tribulation begins. Thankfully, Revelation does not leave us wondering how this fantastic turn of events can happen. It also describes something just like the Nemesis binary twin star to our sun that a handful of scientists predict is out there and responsible for regular catastrophes on earth: Wormwood. By the way, this all may sound scary, but there is no need to fear. Revelation also explains that God has a plan to protect the faithful that anyone can take part in. Read The Four End Time Groups: Will You Be in the Safe Group? to learn more about that.

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