Mar 25, 2013

Heroes of the Bible - But Would You Let Them Serve in your Church Today?

It's quite a shame in this day how many in the churches judge others based on their pasts and randomly chosen moral codes. This is a very short trip through some major characters in Bible history who might not have been very welcome in churches today.  If you aren't up to looking up the passages, I've posted the answers at the bottom.  And these are only a sample of what scripture gives us as example of God's great plan and glorious power.


Celebrating the Golden Calf - Nicolas Poussin

1 - This man fell for the wife of one of his servants. He sent his servant to the front of a battle so he would be killed, and he could take the man’s wife as his own. This was necessary because she had become pregnant in this adulterous affair. Could this man serve in your church? (2 Sam. 11)

2 - This man, ruler of a great kingdom that God had richly blessed, proceeded to marry hundreds of wives and concubines, and place altars for other gods on the Mount of Olives across from the Tabernacle of the Lord. Could this man serve in your church? (1 Kin. 11)

 3 - This man conceived twins by his daughter-in-law, who had posed as a prostitute, and after the act admitted she had been more righteous than he. Could this man serve in your church? (Gen. 38)

Lot and his daughters - Gentileschi

4 - This man pretended to be his brother, so that his aging father would give him the blessing over his brother, whose right it was as the firstborn. Through deception he gained the blessing that started with Abraham and is passed down to us today. Could he serve in your church? (Gen. 27)

5 - This man, after seeing historic miracles of God, led the anxious masses to take their gold, and fashion it into a calf and altar for the people to worship.
Could he serve in your church? (Ex. 32)

6 - This man spent three years walking naked and barefoot through Egypt and Ethiopia as a sign to the peoples of those nations. Could he serve in your church? (Is. 20)

7 - This man, after having spent three years walking with Jesus, denied knowing Him publicly three times. Could he serve in your church? (Matt. 26)

Answer Key -
1 - King David
2 - King Solomon
3 - Judah
4 - Jacob/Israel
5 - Aaron, Moses brother
6 - Isaiah the prophet
7 - Peter