Mar 24, 2013

Magnitude 6 earthquakes strike Kuril Islands and Vanuatu


Well that was quick. With solar activity and alignments pointing to a major earthquake watch in the coming days, we get to 6 pointers right away. And keep in mind the USGS has been consistently downgrading (or just not reporting earthquakes, like the Canary Island swarm)the Richter scale numbers on earthquakes. We should keep our eyes open for something big in the next few weeks...

Kuril March 24
March 24, 2013 KURIL ISLANDS - A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of far-eastern Russia early Sunday, the US Geological Survey reported. The quake, which hit at 0418 GMT at a depth of 9.7 kilometers (six miles), was centered 269 kilometers from the eastern Russian city of Ozernovsky, on the southern tip of the Kamchatka peninsula. The USGS said an underground formation there called the Kuril-Kamchatka arc is considered one of the most seismically active regions in the world. Since 1900, seven powerful earthquakes of magnitude 8.3 or greater have occurred along the arc, the USGS said. Four hours later, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck near the South Pacific island enclave of Vanuatu. –Global Post
Tremors continue at El Hierro, to the tune of over 160 in the last 24 hours. The scenario of an eruption in the near future is becoming increasingly likely: Volcanic tremor continues, suggesting magma is still moving although mostly laterally for the time being to an area just north of the western tip of the island. Small local (including at least one deep low-frequency event) earthquakes dot seismograms at and around Mammoth Mountain volcano (CA) (station MRD), and the Long Valley mountain was rattled by a very shallow 3.1 magnitude earthquake (at a depth of 5.8 km) on March 24. Meanwhile, low-level swarm activity continues at Coso Volcanic Field (CA). -Volcano Discovery
Quake swarm rattles Nevada: The earthquake swarm continues to move the California side of Peavine Mountain near Bordertown. According UNR’s seismology lab, equipment detected more than a dozen quakes Saturday and another dozen Sunday morning. They are mostly too small to feel with the largest recorded at magnitudes of 2.1. The swarm includes more than 150 of the small earthquakes, and has lasted a week. –KOLO