Mar 12, 2013

Signs In The Sky: Demon Comet Tom Horn Spoke Of To Appear Today Near Moon When Final Conclave Begins

It is interesting timing, isn't it?  A comet named for the god of fear appearing as the conclave meets to determine the next (and possibly last) Pope. 

On March 12 and 13, the comet Pan-STARRS (Pan-demonium, all the demons) will appear close to the moon, possibly even silhouetting it according to stargazing columnist Geoff Gaherty, an astronomer with the Starry Night Education night sky software company. Then on April 3, the comet should be in the same part of the sky as the Andromeda Galaxy. Although the comet won't still be visible with the naked eye, stargazers with telescopes could still get a nice view of the comet and galaxy, Gaherty explained. Pan-STARRS has already put on a show for stargazers in the Southern Hemisphere. It is one of several comets in the night sky expected to dazzle observers this year. Last month, amateur astronomers managed to photograph Pan-STARRS and another celestial wanderer — Comet Lemmon — at the same time to document rare photos of two comets together in the night sky...

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