Mar 13, 2013

Signs In the Heavens; The Final Conclave; Revelation 13 and 3-13-13

This article brings out some interesting research concerning the election falling on the first of Nisan, which in the Old Testament times was New Year's Day.  Modern Israel celebrates this on what was originally their seventh month, usually falling somewhere in September.  Lots of fascinating (occult) coincidences. 

The Final Conclave coincides with Nisan 1, the Ecclesiastical Year of 2013. This Hebrew year is a leap year, and has 13 months. Pan-Starrs Comet becomes visible to all the earth the exact same day which coincides with the Gregorian date: 3-12-13.

The Pan-Starrs Comet will come into view for the Northern Hemisphere March 12th. Oddly enough Pope Benedict XVI changes the Constitution of the Vatican to allow it to commence 3 days early, and it is the very day that the 8th General Congregation of the College of Cardinals chose to seat the 2013 Conclave. How many signs now have occurred this February which itself is based on the Latin Festival for Purification?

And now Pan-Starrs March 12th:

All of a sudden we have all of these comets and meteors passing earth unexpectedly. What is really going on? This comet migrating throughout the galaxy is being hailed as the galactic event of the eon.The comet will pass through the constellation of Pisces, the Latin term for fish:

3-13-13 is the earliest date that this conclave would name a pope. Let's take a look at Revelation 13:13

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. (this is said of the second beast, the False Prophet)


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