Jul 9, 2012

More Scientology Scams and Crimes - Narconon

Narconon is a program that advertises it's success in freeing individuals from drug addiction by natural methods.  Methods like spending months in a sauna.  It's actually a front group to recruit members for Scientology, the cult of Hollywood stars. The video below is an Australian expose of this particular branch of Satanist L. Ron Hubbard's cult.

This video covers some of the unfortunated folks who died going through Scientology "auditing" (brainwashing)techniques, or were simply murdered. The main center they are discussing here is located in Clearwater, Florida.
This video covers the basic teachings and origins of Scientology. It leaves out the fact that Hubbard was a devout Satanist, who like his one time friend and world class rocket scientist Jack Parsons believed in combining the occult with technology. Parsons was literally blown to pieces in his own basement, but did get NASA's JPL named after him. Hubbard was more publically cunning, and used Scientology to amass great wealth, and eventually harassed the IRS (it's true!) into giving them official status as a church.