Jul 12, 2012

Another Zombie Attack in Florida


Man broke in, 'permanently disfigured' homeowner

While naked, Jeremiah Aaron Haughee, 22, jumped from a roof and bit a homeowner in the stomach in a 'zombie-like' attack, according to reports.
Photographer: St. Johns County jail

ST. AUGUSTINE — Another bizarre zombie style case of craziness.
CNews reads;
A naked Florida man leapt from a rooftop and then bit a chunk of flesh from a man’s stomach early Saturday, police say.
St. Augustine police say they were called at 4:30 a.m. when a man was spotted destroying lawn furniture. He then allegedly climbed on a roof and jumped on the hood of a truck. Police said two residents at the house awoke to investigate but the man tackled them and bit one of them in the stomach as they held him for police.
It took five officers and several Taser zaps to subdue the man, and three officers were kicked or bit during the arrest, police said.
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